I'm not sure, but if you have IE9 open with more than one tab, then that might cause the multiple Task Manager Processes entries.

I've just done some testing.

Firstly, is yours a dual-core or multi-core processor system? If so you may find more than one instance of iexplore.exe*32 immediately. I do on my quad-core system. I am assuming, but don't quote me on this, that this has something to do with multi-core systems and is normal.

But then I opened multiple tabs and the TM showed more than two instances of iexplore.exe*32, but not always the same number as the number of tabs.

Explanation? To my non-technical mind I am happy to say that each core is being assigned to one instance of tabs, and is also being allocated RAM to manage it. If a processor is capable of 'multithreading' then that may have some impact as well.

So the short answer is, this may be completely normal, and nothing to worry about.