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Setup did not find any hard disk drives install..IDE HD

Hello everyone, I have this PC and the current HD has a virus on it, so I am trying to format with a new copy of Windows XP SP1.

The hard drive is an IDE and the jumper is set on CS. But when it goes to install Windows, it tells me "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed"

I thought this was a problem with SATA Hds???? It's a built PC, the motherboard is a ASUS P5GD1-VM

Please help. Thanks so much!!!!

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Reporting: Setup did not find any hard disk drives install..IDE HD
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Just a little more detail.

If we use CS then we use 80 conductor IDE cables and for most cables the master is at the end and for many cables there is a color scheme.


"The three connectors are typically different colors and attach to specific items:

The blue connector attaches to the motherboard.

The black connector attaches to the primary, or master, drive.

The gray connector attaches to the secondary, or slave, drive."

We also must take care to not use the RAID IDE connection (YOU DO THIS RESEARCH) but use the IDE 0 (zero or lowest number connection.)

You might not be able to FORMAT an trashed drive. Instead remove all the partitions, boot the XP CD and about step 4 or so you can create a new partition and the XP installer will format it for you proper.

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Let's start over

ok, lets start over....I'm going to pull everything out of the PC. What should my cd rom be set on? (master, Cs, slave) and what should my HD be set on? (Master, CS, Slave)

Thanks so much

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Those are your choices.

As we can mix match cables jumper settings to your liking why not share your choice?

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so im going to set my hard drive to master and my cd rom to slave. Is that ok?

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Same thing

same thing happened....still says "setup cannot find....etc" The hard drive shows up in bios and if i skip over letting XP try to install - it goes right into windows like normal.

All i want to do is format the drive and do a fresh copy of XP. That's it. Why is this such a pain?


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Try both on master.

Keep in mind I can't find where you reveal what cable type or if the BIOS notes what drive on what channel and so on. There are thousands of web sites about IDE configurations but all demand we know the cable type and maybe more.

Share the details if you can.

Also, maybe the drive is toast? What makes us think the drive is good or for that matter ready for use by XP?

For example some trip up the XP install by formatting a hard drive before booting the XP CD. Which is not required since about step 5 we can remove old partitions, create a new one as pictured at


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Both on master, one to each IDE channel. This sidesteps an old issue where drives would not coexist on the same channel.

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Bothe set on Master


The HD is ok, i tried to put a new hard drive in and it does the same thing. I set both cd rom and HD on master settings and it still does the same thing....Sad

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I have to rely on you to share.

If the drive shows in the bios and more. I dropped a big hint that we can't format drives ahead of time and that step five at link. Also to avoid those RAID IDE ports, and try BIOS defaults.

After all this I'm going to write the machine IDE ports look to have failed. Not a word from you about the IDE cable types so I can't know if that is an issue.

Remember this is not tech support. No paid staff but people that will help but one thing. You have to try a little harder.

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wow...ok. My fault on the IDE cables.....what do you need to know? They are rugular ide cables....3 of them from the board....1 to the HD, 1 to CD Rom and 1 to the 3 1/2 floppy.

I have reset the bios 2 or 3 times. I understand this in not tech support...if you dont want to answer than dont.....but you need to remeber people are not as Tech. as you in this field.

No disrespect.

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What IDE cables.

We have 80 conductor, color connections and we have the old 40 conductor cables which can create havoc on today's machines and hard drives. A link earlier covered these cables so use that and the colors as written on that site.

As to the BIOS, reset is fine but what drives and what channels is it reporting.

As to tech support, yes this isn't it but when we reach a point it may be time to hit the shop repair counters. Here I hope you can read the supplied links and learn about cables, jumpers and more as we go. But if folk don't want that or rather "just fix my PC" then the repair counters are best.

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thx for the reply...

The hard drive is not showing up in bios.....just the cd rom now.

as for the IDE cables, they 80 conductor

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Good. I like 80 conductor cables. One more test.

Ok, we have the IDE (80 conductor) and you know the color schemes but no drive shows in the BIOS. Windows won't see that drive either.

Ok, is the power connected to the drive and is it spinning?

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I don't know what's the situation on the earth

I don't know what's the situation on the earth:
how many disks do you have,I sugget:
one disk and one dvd-rom: use a data cable and set the hardisk jumper with MA
and dvd-rom is SL.
It's not easy to use jumper cs for it's convenient for two hardisk with one data cable.

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