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"Setup cannot copy file: iastor.sys" - Help!!!

Okay, here goes..
I am having serious trouble reinstalling windows. My system is:
P4 3.8
1gig ram
MSI 925XE Neo board with Intel 925XE chipset
2 Maxtor 250gig hard drives in RAID 0 (stripped) (i think)

I seem to be missing vital files for the Intel 82801FR SATA RAID controller.
Whats happens is; I run my recovery disk, press F6 to load the controller drivers and insert the floppy. I then choose the SCSI adaptor from the list (82801FR). It then seems to load the file 'iaStor.sys'. After then pressing enter, setup loads some more files then gives me the option to delete the existing partition and then select the unpartitioned space. I then choose to format the partition using NTFS. Then it formats and shows this info;

c/partition 1 (new Raw) 478742 free space
478742 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on iaStor (MBR)

Once the formatting is finished i recieve the message;

Set up cannot copy the file: iaStor.sys
To skip press esc
To quit press F3

When i skip the file it says;
Setup cannot copy the file: iaStor.inf
When i skip this it says;
Setup cannot copy the file:

If i continue the installation, the pc blue screens when windows boots up.

What the hell is happening here?!? I have mutiple floppies from various sources containing these files (i think) but none of them work.

These are the files i have on the floppies;

iastor - system file - 457kb
iaahci - security catalog - 8kb
iaahci - setup information - 3kb
iastor - security catalog - 8kb
iastor - setup information - 3kb
txtsetup.oem - OEM file

I think these are the files i need but they just wont copy. I hope to god that someone can help me with this because i am well and truely stuck. And, as i'm sure i've made obvious, i'm a complete newbie and already feel well out of my depth. All i want to do is play FEAR.....
If anyone can help i'll be very grateful.

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Looks Good So Far

In reply to: "Setup cannot copy file: iastor.sys" - Help!!!

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(NT) (NT) setup cannot copy the file

In reply to: "Setup cannot copy file: iastor.sys" - Help!!!

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I found a way ....

In reply to: "Setup cannot copy file: iastor.sys" - Help!!!


I have same problem on installing F6 prompt based setup on Win XP. I found a solution like that way: I used nlite 1.0 RC3 from for integrating SATA Drivers to my XP CD. I build up a floppy disk with Intel ICH6R SATA RAID drivers included and integrated these driver to my XP Install CD. Now I don't need any F6 prompt for installing SATA drivers and Windows installation works fine.

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Ask this question.

In reply to: I found a way ....

Isn't about time Microsoft fixed this issue?

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This is not Microsoft issue....

In reply to: Ask this question.

I thing this is not Microsoft issue. There is so many company building these kind of chipsets.

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Let's compare Apple and Microsoft.

In reply to: This is not Microsoft issue....

Both make an OS.

One glides on. The other requires a lot of searching and work.

-> Given decades, why hasn't Microsoft provided a decent OS installer?


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After slipstreaming the Raid Driver I still get errors.

In reply to: I found a way ....

I'm trying to reformat a family member's Dell (somebody shoot me) and I at first was getting the iaStor.sys error. That was easily solved by downloading the raid drivers and then slipstreaming them into an ISO using nLite.
Now I opened a whole new barrel of monkeys. Windows will now fully install and get past basic configuration, but when it goes through final reboot sequence and then loads windows I get to a desktop w/ no windows bar @ the bottom and a single error in the middle of the screen saying "File dspdsblr.exe could not be found. Please check your spelling is correct and try again". If I click ok it goes to blue screen of death and I cuss at that pile until I feel like trying to compile ANOTHER ISO... So far I've been doing this for about 8 hours and I'm at my wits end. If anybody has any suggestions for getting past this dspdsblr.exe error I'd most appreciate it.


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Are you turnbrend ?

In reply to: After slipstreaming the Raid Driver I still get errors.

You probably should have started your very own post.

Sadly, nLite installs are hard to find support for. Since it's a Dell (which one I can't find in your post) I usually use Dell's install for the supplied OS and it works. Your story is a bit light.

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ICH9R load problem solution

In reply to: "Setup cannot copy file: iastor.sys" - Help!!!

I spent so much time trying to solve exact same problem, the floppy which was created with Asus utility didn't work and I had same message "Setup cannot copy the file: iaStor.sys". Finnaly I found solution on http:/
They have a free downloadable file. Download it and unpack driver files and directories to the floppy drive.
These files actually the same files what Asus gives you for ICH9R raid.
After I copied these files and directories to the floppy Windows setup didn't give me these stupid errors. I waste too much time, so I thought it can be helpfull.

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I'm confused.

In reply to: ICH9R load problem solution

Your post confuses me.

You posted a link to http:/ but when I clicked the link I got a redirect to an online store at;

Why is that?

Also, that online store seems to have very little to offer on that opening page, except a copy utility and a promise of a Sudoku game maker in the future. That doesn't seem to be much of an online store to me.

I missed the link on the main page to the driver package, so after using the site's search facility I found the driver package you mentioned, but the price is $0 and shipping is $0. Why have an online store where the cost of something is free?

To obtain that package I had to "Add to cart", (a $0 price item), and then complete my shipping details eg name and address. Why?

Then on re-checking I found the driver package on the main page, available as a free download. Why does a store have a free download offer?

I don't understand this site, nor your involvement with it. Please explain to me why I should not delete your post as a site promotion advert.


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I don't care if that online store has little to offer

In reply to: I'm confused.

Mark, I don't care if this online store gives something for free, that's not my business. Why does a store have a free download offer?
I don't know, you ask them if you wish. You can find a lot of stuff for free these days online I guess.
I had trouble with raid drivers installation and found that download. I downloaded and created floppy disk, it solved my problem. I thought that it can be helpfull. Somebody had a trouble with Windows XP Setup installation, so I posted what I did to solve that problem.

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Yes, but BE CAREFUL filling out that form!

Hi, MB.

I'm glad that people can get help there, and it seems a good resource for those having such problems -- thanks for sharing it. But unlike some open freeware or donateware sites that are clearly hobbies for the site owner, these folks are in business. Mark is entirely correct in his instincts; redirection and having to fill out a form with some identifying information are both huge yellow flags, at the least.

Have you looked for and examined the company's privacy policy? I fear they may be selling the information they get from folks who fill out that form. Best thing to do is thus use a fake or throwaway e-mail address (if they check the validity and reject the fake one, that's another huge warning flag). If you have to give a real address, only use one that you wouldn't mind abandoning if it's flooded with Spam.
And it goes w/o saying that you should never provide any even more sensitive REAL personal information to a site whose trustworthiness has not been verified.

I'm sure you've already considered some of these issues, but I want to include this warning for all the folks who merely read this thread, and don't actively participate in the discussion.

Thanks for being a CNET member, and sharing your experiences.

-- Dave K

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Link didn't ask me any suspicious questions

In reply to: Yes, but BE CAREFUL filling out that form!

I am agree with you, you never know who you deal with on an Internet. In that case I looked at that site and for me it looks like somebody tried to create a site and just not finished yet. The link I recommended to download the RAID files actually doesn't ask you name or address. Probably products downloads, I don't know. It's understandable if they are not free, so probably something wrong with the site if it does same when products are not free.

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Creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

In reply to: Link didn't ask me any suspicious questions

I compared files what I downloaded and I realise that it's easy to make that floppy:

If you already made a floppy with drivers using utility:

1. Create folder $OEM$ on a floppy with drivers.
2. Create folder TEXTMODE in folder $OEM$, so structure will look like $OEM$\TEXTMODE
3. Copy files (not move, but copy!)

to the folder TEXTMODE.

Now Windows Setup will find all files fine.

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MB0102 is Genius!

In reply to: Creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

I was virtually banging my head against the wall trying to install WinXP Pro SP3 on RAID0 on my new ASUS P5Q Deluxe motherboard. I kept getting the "can not copy iastor.sys error, followed by a BSOD.

I followed the instructions posted by MB0102 and it finally installed.

Thanks for the help!

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Thank, not me

In reply to: MB0102 is Genius!

Thanks, but it was not me who solved the problem.
I found it on site.

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Quit promoting!

In reply to: Thank, not me

Just kidding MB0101, I was just reading the previous posts and got a kick out of it. Actually, amazingly this solution works! I too tried to download the driver like you posted earlier and it didn't ask me for name, email, or ANY information at all. Maybe they have changed their site since the previous response. I have trouble accepting that microsofts windows installation is so poorly written it cannot find the file on its own and that you cannot specify where the file is located. Bad programming!

Anyway, I think you ought to just take credit for the solution yourself since you did find it. I already had the latest driver downloaded from Intel's own site, and I made an installation disk as they instruced and it still didn't work. Four hours later I read this post and then I copied the files I had downloaded from Intel to a directory named "$OEM$\TEXTMODE" and it worked!!! So thank you for your post, even if it did promote a site.

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THIS IS IT!!!!!!!

In reply to: Creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

MB0102 has it CORRECT!!! I have searched for this for a while. Anyways, I went a little excessive and with a Gigabyte MB used their utility and created the F6 raid floppy driver. I got the message "setup cannot find" later in the XP install. I then when back to my working machine, pulled up the floppy in a DOS window and did as MB0102 had suggested...with extra.
note:disk was already made, files are in root directory
a:\> md $OEM$
a:\> cd $OEM$
a:\$OEM$> copy a:\
rem this copies all of the root dir files to this sub-dir..then,
a:\$OEM$\TEXTMODE> copy a:\
rem I copied the files again to this directory also, as per MB0102's instructions
either way, IT WORKS!!!!
Thank-you MB0102

The reason microsoft hasn't fixed it...they don't have to. When you are that big, you don't have to care...they just show it.

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Right on the Money!

In reply to: THIS IS IT!!!!!!!

After spending several hours each night over the past week, I finally found what I needed right here on your message board. I just felt compelled to say thank you for the fix on the WinXP install on SATA drive. I was pulling my hair out over this issue. It seemed that with each fix I read about, a new issue sprang out of it. FINALLY I find this post and BANG!...just like that; I'm up and running. Thank you all so very, very much for providing this forum and keeping this post up for idiots like me to find! Oh...and about the Microsoft comment; my WinXP disc is a little older than SATA technology (I think); and I think the reason they make it so hard to figure out is so that you'll go out and buy their new upgraded genious actually...and a shrewd business scheme. Guess that's why Bill has a mound of cash and I'm posting thank you's on this forum. Happy Thanks again and have a good one.

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Difficulty creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

In reply to: Creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

I am having extreme difficulty trying to get Windows XP Professional installed. My computer is a Compaq Presario v6105nr running Windows XP Media Center Edition, which is working fine but the install was botched due to a reinstall I had to do.

I downloaded the six files -, iaachi.inf,, isator.inf, isator.sys and txtsetup.oem - onto the A:\ floppy drive. I went to make the $OEM$ folder from the root A:\ and made the TEXTMODE folder within the $OEM$ folder. I tried to copy the six files to the TEXTMODE folder (not move, but copy) but I got a disk full message (my floppy drive is 1.44 MB).

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I'm having same problem - no room on the floppy....

In reply to: Difficulty creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

What size floppy are these other folks using? I've run outta space just like you did. Anybody around who can answer this or offer a workaraound?

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Had same problem

In reply to: I'm having same problem - no room on the floppy....

Try making only $OEM$ directory and TEXTMODE directory but not copying driver files into $OEM$ directory, only on TEXTMODE, it worked fine for me.

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CNET and MC0102 Saved me!

In reply to: Creating floppy with ICH9R drivers

Thank you both for, 1 keeping this post alive and 2 posting the disc instructions that appear to have since been removed from the original linked site in this thread. This set up worked when I was trying to install the RAID drivers for an Asus A8R-MVP. Windows setup kept kicking back an error "setup cannot copy the file: M5288.sys."

After finally finding this post and doing a little experimenting, I followed all the directions in this post and copied over the m5288 system file and the txtsetup.oem file into the TEXTMODE subfolder (rather than the folders mentioned in this post due it being a different driver set), Windows installed without a hitch and my RAID 1 is working great.

Thanks again, I was losing my mind over this error. Cheers!

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I finally figured out the problem. A bad memory module.

In reply to: CNET and MC0102 Saved me!

I finally figured out the problem. A bad memory module.

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