Setting up wireless/security cameras?

Okay, I do NOT know a lot about setting up wireless but do know the basics on how to log into a router, secure it, etc, so I'm hoping to get some much-needed help/advice here.

Basically, my boss owns an office park - about 13 acres all around. I am more of a web designer rather than a technical person, but he's saddled me with setting up wireless around his compound and then using it to run several wireless security cameras.

I could be wrong, but from what I've read, it seems I would need a single router that acts as the main router and then a few more as access points that would feed off the main router/each other and blanket the area. If this is correct (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or offer better suggestions), how many would I need to cover a 13 acre business park?

I am basically winging it here and hoping to read up on how to set these cameras up. They will be here in just a few days and he wants me to find everything we'd need to cover his area so we can order it, so if you guys have any advice on what I would need/suggestions/prices/etc, it would be a GREAT help. Any help on setting the cameras up once I get them would be great help, too, as I may follow up with some help. I hate being saddled with this but it is what it is.

Thank you so much!

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I'd also like to add that technical terms are not my strong suit. If ANYONE can talk to me like I'm a four year old, haha, that would be preferable. I know I haven't given a ton of information but I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to get me started and be able to maybe walk me through some of this once we get this stuff set up.

Again, this will be MUCH appreciated!

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Sorry but your first post was spot on

But with your second post I have to write you need to have this done for you. No 4 YO can do this.

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Let's forgo the 4 YO

It's more about planning. No engineer I know will commit to a field plan unless they went with overkill. That is, more WAPs than needed. As you know that channel interference is to be expected, no one would ever commit to using WiFi for surveillance today. It's OK for the occasional or casual setup but you would have heard that many times by now.

And to tip my hat so to speak I've been a designer of camera and surveillance systems for over a decade and while the WiFi camera is a nice idea. But put up a few and you discover some issues.

Be sure to take one WiFi camera and try a few tests. The first test is one that I found many systems to fail.

1. Set it up and then remove power from the camera. Apply power and does the recording resume?

Some software fails horribly at this.

2. Get a new camera and can you configure it without touching the camera.

This one isn't as dire as item 1 but you may find cameras that lose their configuration and you have to bring them in.

Item 2 can create an ongoing maintenance issue.
Hope this helps,

PS. In other words, if surveillance is critical then you want to get wired and use the old non-WiFi wireless links.

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wireless/security cameras

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