May 1, 2016 2:43PM PDT

as a result of financial difficulties,
i am an electronic gadget late bloomer;
mobile broadband or cellular phone internet service as part of
"talk, text, browse" monthly plans, which is better?
and i'd like to toss away "later" for a response that's "sooner"

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Clarification Request
First figure out which providers cover where you reside/work
May 2, 2016 8:46AM PDT

Otherwise, it's the cart before the horse, and something you should verify before worrying about which one is 'better' (for the budget?).

If you gave us a major cross street/zip code we could verify using the online map tools.

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That's something you compare and then choose.
May 1, 2016 3:04PM PDT

I'm on now. Works for me. And for phones I carry the LG G4 and have other models at the office. For some those 99 to 199 buck BLU models work well.

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mobile broadband for...
May 2, 2016 8:46PM PDT

...cell fones, but the area is a factor, just like at the worst possible moment, the "included megabytes in the 4G LTE speed" done got used up, "download unsuccessfull" greeting mine eyes;
and if i were in boston or dc or miami or cleveland or anywhere, usa, would the internet be as accessible as a home computer with aol, since these "coverage maps" are almost always fully covered hued with a few specs of non covered white, something i'd consider not the first, but grand prize.
years ago, i came across a commercial, guy was...somewhere on the planet;
ring ring ring goes his telephone, either the fone or his service called iridium, til this day what i then said coming to mind: "this is something i have to get"
wifi, in my experience, can turn off, making you "lose" what you were doing; a guarantee that the precise moment AND subsequent efforts to pick up where you left off would be "sorry, no connection"ly ruined

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Wifi usually does not 'turn off'
May 2, 2016 9:41PM PDT

Waiting for an LTE download to finish on the other hand can be painful.

Of course location matters. Is that not what we asked you(?)

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"wifi usually does...
May 3, 2016 2:19PM PDT

...not turn off" says it all, or else you would've said, before 'does not turn off,' never;
mr. gates or mr. jobs would never have invited me to their insiders parties, but still, i thought i was...passably clever.
i thought that, in this day and age, there's GOTTA be backup- think hospital emergency rooms;
they're not like ma's house on thanksgiving eve one year, some construction company accidentally going too deep in the street, cut thru our water line, a.k.a culinary doom.
anyway, residing in one of the boroughs of new york city, not the towns of new york state, across the street from a medical facility, where communication must be on, there are all types of open wifi networks;
some have strong signal strength, some are so so, most are weak, and of those that don't require a specific sign in, they tease you, dangle the open network "around" you, then snatch it back, much like you mess with a cat, string something, and when it approaches for closer inspection, you pull hard, you tug, you jerk.
to be fair, i don't legally subscribe to a particular wifi network, i just deal with what comes with my forty buck a month talk, text, surf plan;
dunkin donuts, a major-to-me establishment, has "free wifi available", but a minute and a half into whatever i'm doing, "connection lost" mocks me, staying on the fone's screen longer than what i was doing,
making me wanna toss mine budget smartfone into their trash can.
r. proffitt suggested a particular make and or model of smartfone, three letters, don't know if it's a phonetic rhyme with 'duh' or 'due', just know that it's all capital letters, a bee, an el, and a you;
unless that make and or model comes equipped with guaranteed stay on line technology OUTSIDE of a whatever buck talk, text, and surf plan, i really and truly think i am dino, he's astro, me still a caveman by the name of fred, him a galactic colonizer by the name of george, me stuck, not knowing what to do

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OK- I think I follow your issues
May 3, 2016 2:56PM PDT

You expect free wifi to be a sufficient replacement for paid, home broadband service. First mistake.

You are looking for a 'better' (=more reliable??) mobile data service(?) Keep in mind that even moving up from T-Mobile, or another discount service, doesn't necessarily mean that your needs would be suited. Some of it is trial and error for sure based on your very specific hyper-urban (=dense) location with thousands of simultaneous
users. Pop over to one of the sub-forums @ and inquire about service from your specific carrier at your nearest block in NYC. A little research on your part in this regard will be required. Otherwise, just pony up for home broadband service.

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This thread is a train wreck.....
May 3, 2016 11:19PM PDT

From the beginning this entire thread has been very confusing and has never gotten better with some useful input from some knowledgeable individuals. I am uncertain if the OP is wanting internet by a wired solution for the home, by a cellular connection or free wifi.

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Yes, but in the OP's defense...
May 4, 2016 12:10PM PDT

I find the whole environment confusing now to sort out, especially for those not exposed to any technology in their lives. I have to always be careful not to take any of this stuff for granted with the luddites that present the questions that we glance over quickly all the time Wink

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the luddite, confused...
May 4, 2016 3:01PM PDT his unsolicited alias, puts an end to cloudiness, parting the cumulus & cirrus both, embarking on a journey, finding himself at google dot com;
"what is a luddite," sans question mark, inserted in the navigation field, the definition coming back, loosely, "someone who hates the fact that cassettes and computers are turning into cd's and have something called rom"
the ONLY thing i hate or am afraid of, winking smiley face pepe7, technologywise, is that i simply can't afford progressions of it;
i, too, would like to simplify & multitask on a fone, i, too, would like to take "shot on ifone 6" ad-worthy flicks, and, i, too, would like to turn mine fone into a cctv monitor from anywhere i sit.
problem is, winking smiley face pepe7, i happen to be a half mine fault slash half other folks' fault late bloomer;
incarcerated, temporarily relegated to uncle sam's public assistance, living in an all male communal setting, magazines that were donated, not bought by me, had a whole lotta stuff that turned me on, me going, "christ, there's a whole lotta stuff out there, i GOTTA get with the joneses, forget about later, catch up sooner"
yes, i have a budget fone, no, i'm not allowed to have a home computer in a three quarter house, yes, i'd like to maximize the use of mine under a hundred bucks fone, no, i don't know if, in 2016, what i want is out there;
i ASSUMED that, technologywise, having broadband or THE most reliable & speedy internet, was available for those without a tablet or laptop or mac or pc, for some type of extra fee, pardon mine naivete, guess i messed up all opportunity to be the one calling a genuinely curious caveman a luddite, so i put a whole lotta mine...sensitive bio out on the cyberwaves just to- maybe foolishly- show that i WANT to get "there"

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No worries, amigo
May 5, 2016 6:59AM PDT

Sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation. I can only imagine how much has changed for you in the 'outside' world.

We get a lot of questions here from folks who are starting out like you with technology (that is always in flux). Don't be offended at the term 'luddite' since it is more of a good ribbing than anything else Wink

Truth be told you can try Bob's suggestion of buying a BLU smartphone (this is the name of the manufacturer, by the way). It would give you the opportunity to at least test the waters to see if the mobile broadband/cellular data speeds are adequate for your needs. You will however need to divulge which of the providers you are currently using (if any just yet) so we could perhaps assist at finding an appropriate handset with all the correct frequency bands (the US carriers often use a very goofy mix and the phones don't always include the required bands for good service at a particular location).

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For me, even with my work in cellular.
May 4, 2016 12:24PM PDT

I'm an engineer that lucked into cellular base station design, test, documentation, and later GPS Cellular vehicle tracking. Even with all that I don't know enough. Then what I know can be wiped out as the industry changes.

Not to mention location, location, location (over and over) matters when you want to get reliable service.

Then there's price.

For me in my location, Ting rules. Coverage is great and the unlocked GSM system means I can change devices as need be. Will the OP be so lucky?

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