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do the serial codes and cracks really work , i never tried it coz one of my frend told me that those types of sites contains viruses, worms, trojans and all kind of stuffs that can make ur computer in doom. is it real that those sites are spreaded with viruses, if so why r they doin so. if those are carrying so much viruses and stuffs do they cant be banned by anyone?

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Dangerous and *illegal*...

The shraring of product keys, serials, cracks, warez, etc is piracy and therefore illegal according to the laws in just above every modernized country. Depending on how much you pirate the penalty could range from a very hefty fine (tens of thosands of dollars) to a prison term. For that reason alone I'd stay away, oping instead to by the small cost of the software from a legal source.

Aside from that, your friend is right...most of those sites and downloads are loaded with malware, and to top it off the cracks can frequently cause seurity issues with the software.

The reason the sites are still around is that most of them are fly-by-night...the authorities track them down, so they shut down, move elsewhere, and start again. They also hide in countries where the laws are not as stract, buying them more time before they have to cut bait and run.

The same goes for downloading copyrighted software and music using torrents and P2P software...downloading copyrighted content is illegal and you run a high risk of a massive infection in the process.

In short, STAY AWAY.

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Massive Infection

...''massive infection'' is right! I'm in the process of cleaning a system that was full of cracks. It took seventeen (17!) posts for the user to post his one ewido report online in a forum thread. The machine was so infested that would barely run.

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I've never had a problem

I'm one of those people that won't buy it unless I can kick the tires around for a while, see how it works, and compare it side by side with something similar or that has the same function. That way, I get what I know best suits my needs. As such, I've downloaded litterally tons and tons of cracked or hacked software so that I can find out if it really is any good, or if it's all advertising or hype. I've found some really big surprises that way, where something I would have never expected to be any good was the best of the group, or something that was mainstream sold in stores really sucked. To date, as long as I've had proper AV software installed, pop-up blocker active, etc, I haven't had one single problem with misbehaved software or anything getting installed on my system that I don't want on it. Zero, none, nada. I do 2 things that help ensure that is always the case. 1 - I use a good AV and keep it updated. 2 - I don't use Internet Explorer. Actually, I don't any more but I have used it a lot as well. I found Opera 9 and loved it and haven't gone back, and it's helped prevent a lot of potential troubles. I've installed it on a couple of PCs for friends who just keep getting mal-ware from web sites and pop ups, and it's really helped reduce that to almost nothing.

Anyway, I agree with the rest of the postings that you should not download software or other items illegally. I wholeheartedly urge people to download things to test. Just don't test it permanently. Once you determine if it's what you want, get the real thing.

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No problems

I agree as long as you have anti-spy and anti-malware and do a scan on the material downloaded to see if you want to buy, it has been fine for me, I have had to delete (shift delete, so as not to put the baddies into the recycle bin) files which were indicated to include trojans, etc but provided you check before you open, I have had no problems

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Cracks are an invitation to trash your computer.

Unless you want to format and reload all your software, stay as far away from cracks and free music download sites as you possibly can.

The previous poster said that as long as you have your AV up you should be o.k., well, what about the viruses for which the AV hasn't had a new definition written for it yet? Like I said, just stay the heck away from it.

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Yes, but only if you're dumb

In such sites you can only get viruses, worms or trojans if:

1. You use IE6 <- a ton of such sites use IE vulnerabilities and immediately install things on your pc.

2. Don't have a good Anti-virus program <- typically good (some of the free anti-virus programs are good) anti-virus programs can detect files that enter your pc. If your's is outdated then sure, you'll have viruses and worms, so update it!

3. Stupid (for a lack of a better term) <- some sites immediately show you a window asking you if you want to save a file, even though you haven't clicked anything. Typically saving or opening those files in that scenario is inviting spyware, adware, viruses or worms into your pc.

Though i'd never recommend going to such sites in the first place. It is illegal. And I do deny that i have gone to such sites and got any file from such site.

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serials and cracks?

Is it possible to tell which are the least dangerous or/and the best sites to find serials and cracks??
I would like to be able to try and compare programs before buying.
Thanx a lot

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Such sites and their downloads are illegal, period. We do not condone piracy, even if it's only 'short-term piracy,' and any postings as to where to obtain illegal downloads, serials, etc will be deleted on sight.


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it works?

if it does not caused any problems to u then does the serials and cracks really work for a software, if so which site will u recomened.

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As John said, it is illegal talk, and won't be tolerated here, or ANY decent public forum.

I'm not a moderator, nor do I work here. But this thread is at risk of being shut down with these requests for warez sites.

I even went into a "grey area", but recommend everyone to try to keep it somewhat clean.

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i know now those sites contain tons and tons of viruses and malwares but what is their aim by sending u a virus or trojans .... do they hav any gain???

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* If it's adware, they likely receive revenue every time you click on a pop-up ad as part of a referral service.

* If it's spyware, it could record credit card numbers and forward the information to the author.

* If it's a browser hijack, it could trick you into thinking you're at your bank's website when you're actually on just transferred the entire balance of your account to them.

* If it's a trojan they likely receive back-door access into your PC. They can now browse your files, control your computer remotely, etc. If they control it remotely they can turn it into a zombie, which they sell rights to to other hackers in order to carry out massive Denial of Service attacks on popular websites.

* If it's a virus, it's usually just for the fun of it. Some, however, can encrypt your files with a password and then demand money for the password so you can get your data back...the latest type of internet extortion.

So in short, it's usually for money, but sometimes it's just for kicks.


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Here is a couple of hints.....

First of all I am totaly aggree with all the posters here that it is wrong to use this sites, how ever
if you want to realy test the software before you buy it you need a full working copy not the cripled demo version that appears to be doing what you need untill you try to do something serios on it and it's craps out on you.

AV and other utilities are good but not perfect
and there are other things you can do nowdays to prevent being infested.

my current strategy is to use virtual pc programs.
you can load the VMWare server for free now and create a test VM that you can use to access any sites worry free. create and setup the VM like you want . then make a copy of it and store it in a safe place. then just use the copy to go to the sites you need worry free. download the files and even try to install it and scan the files untill you are sure there is no spy or other wares in it. you can even use it to check the applications in it. then onece you are done, delete this copy and make a fresh one..

Maybe not very simple but very safe...

good luck

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Guest Account

You can use the guest account as a testing ground for the crack/keygen you download.

Run the key-gen in the guest account, store the keys onto a text file and come back to the admin account to use it.

In case of any infection, it cannot harm your system as guest account does not have any priveleges. You can just delete the guest account and all the files to get rid of the virus/trojan file.

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didnt understand much from ur advice but i think its good, let me check once more what u typedHappy

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More problems from ''Legal'' software!

Over the years I have had far more problems from the copy protection and other schemes in software that I have purchased than I have ever had as a result of any ''cracks'' or downloaded software.

I am not an ''IT pro'', but I have been doing software development for many years. As an employment ''perk'' I have a personal MSDN Universal subscription to play with (about $3K/year, paid by my employer) with access to essentially all of MS software for test purposes.

In all that time I heve developed the strategy of using the ''cracked'' versions of most software that I own simply to avoid the problems caused by the latest ''infallable'' and ''unbeatable'' anti-piracy measure.

What these schemes mean in plain English is that they use some ''secet'' and untried quirk of the computer system. Inevitably this leads to new and unexpected bugs!

The Sony/BMG debacle is a good example of this, although it is far from the most destructive hat I have seen.

I am waiting for some varient to infect an auto CD player and cause the brakes to lock up! All of the pieces are thre for this to happen.

The all time worst that I have seen was a scheme that was sold to my then employer to include with their software which wrote a ''signature'' to an area of the Windows drive that was reserverd for use by Microsoft. Naturally no MS tools could see these sectors! Worked fine too until MS started to actually use these sectors in SOME versions of Windows! Remember there are several hundred versions out there if you include non-English versions - that is WHY they support MSDN distributions!

The result was to cause Windows to scramble the hard drive data over a period of several months! Even the backups were useless by the time this was caught by our IT guys.

Fortunately sanity prevailed (after my LOUD objections) and we never shipped this scheme despite having paid the vendor around $20K for it.

Not all the crooks wear ''black hats!

My present solution?

I have a separate COMPUTER for new stuff including purchases and downloads, etc. (you can buy an old one for under $100), one for games (NO business or financial data on this one!) and a third for my business and finanacial stuff! All of them have the complete set of firewalls, AV, anti-spyware etc. In the past 6 years that I have used this scheme I have yet to have a meltdown caused by malware on the two ''protected'' machines.

We are not allowed to discuss sources for this ''evil'' stuff, but like anything else in life if you seriously search for it you will find it.

Usenet is a great resource!

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You said it!

Within today's filty greed comes a whole new world of difficulties for the legal money-spending consumer.

Sony's rootkit fiasco is a good example.

I have read a few reports that claim these companies would suffer no losses if they lowered their prices to something reasonable, and didn't spend billions on anti-piracy technology. I wish I could remember where I saw these reports.

I have legally purchased some expensive PC games that WON'T RUN without a patch or hack to remove some of the copy-protection. And they certainly don't want you to have the right to make backup copies. Their desire is for you to insert the expensive disc EACH time you play, knowing you will eventually scratch it. Then off to the store for a replacement, thereby doubling their profit. $60 a pop can really add up.

I can't blame anyone for protecting their interests, but I'm getting totally fed up. I haven't purchased a retail DVD, PC game, Music CD, and even software disc in quite awhile. I buy used locally and on eBay.

I love the prices then.

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Not always illegal

I use Bittorrent for major files. That includes XVID converted movies I already own on DVD. At 700mb each, many will fit on a hard drive.

I despise digging through my 200+ PC game discs each time I want to play one. So, I scour the internet for "no-cd" cracks. I crack all my legally-owned games so they launch with one click, and no disc.

I also use various cracks and programs to make backup copies of games, software, and movies.

My desire for obscure hacks and cracks sends me to many scary places, even Russian sites.

I've NEVER been hit with anything bad in any of these places. It simply requires the right security.

Mine starts with a 4-port router. Then I only use Firefox, with the extensions; AdBlock, Adblock FiltersetG Updater, Dutchblock, and the most important, NoScript. I also have SpywareBlaster installed. That's basically it.

I run NO anti-virus, but cannot recommend anyone else to take that risk.

I sometimes scan with Spybot, Dr. Alex, Ewido, AdAware, Hitman Pro, and even Kaspersky online. NOTHING is ever found. It's almost a waste of my time.

Some people think I'm just lucky, and will be hit badly in due time. Well, I've been waiting three years for it. All the while I go where everyone else says to stay away.

Also, I'm very familiar with many internet toxins. I work on about 50 company computers and many other personal ones. I've seen my share of viruses.

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I should add..

I also use CCleaner once every few days.

And all three email accounts are set on "text only", even though I only get a handful of unwanted emails a year. I just block them as they come.

And yes, you should be very careful out there. I am apparently the exception, not the rule.

I buy, fix, build, and sell computers. I usually install many free security programs. Sometimes they come back within a week completely poisoned. Of course I can't charge them the national standard price for format and reinstall. I gave up wasting my time on eradication. Some viruses take 12 hours to remove, and still Windows isn't quite right.

I also take their toxic no-longer-bootable hard drives and install them in my good PC's for file retrieval. I'm careful, and have never regretted it.

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The risk is yours!!!!!

Apart from the fact that often these sites will endevour to get something on your PC (e.g spyware, browser 'helpers'! or other mallicious software), and the fact you may be bombarded with hardcore porn....

It is illegal and companies are catching on fast, for example if you use a code from one of those sites to install Windows, the Microsoft Genuine Advantage tool will tell you it is illegal and you cannot then get general updates.

Then the fact that by not legally buying the software you are denying the person/company the reward for their efforts and depriving them of their livelyhood (do you want to work for nothing?). The less money they make the more they have to charge to cover costs.

and so it goes on....

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If you have to ask then you should not try it....

This is a case where the old expression, "Children, please do not try this at home!", applies.

Dabbling with crack and serial sites DOES have some risk. I know this because I have done it. It is a way to test software before buying it. I have often found that upgrades costing $50-$100+ to be completely useless for my purposes.

HOWEVER.... I also have a practice of making a full disk image backups, AV and anti-spyware update and scans, registry cleanups, etc on a routine basis.

As an FYI. The web site itself will usually be just annoying, spyware downloads, pop-ups, etc. The viruses and trojans are usually embedded in the serial/crack software itself. Which you are downloading freely OF YOUR OWN CHOICE.

If you play with fire you will eventually get burned. Just make sure you are ready for it.

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I"m a novice BUT this discussion has peaked my interest.

I am in total agreement with the other members in that we really don't need to promote methods to illegally obtain software, movies, music, etc. If you ask me, there's a better use of time and effort and the people who write viruses, etc really are on a power trip! Where's the moderator?

BUT, on a gentler note, and as a mother of two small boys who love computer games, I may see an answer to a problem that has plagued us for some time.

Most of the games and software that we purchase require that the CD be loaded to run, even after installing the software. I have gotten around a few of the "educational" software packages by first copying the disk to my harddrive and then doing the install. But, there are others that still don't work. It's time consuming and expensive - has anyone ever seen a CD after a three year old has handled it?

These are games that I paid for and takes about 2-3 minutes for them to be destroyed in the hands of little ones.

Now, the question is, how can I SAFELY get around that possibly without visiting any of these sites.

I've been thinking about this for some time
thank you much

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Good question

The answer depends on the games for the most part.

If they are mostly older simple kid's games, there are a few options. I purchased Farstone's Game Drive a few years ago. I was disappointed when newer cutting-edge first person shooters wouldn't work, but it might suffice for you.

Also, there is now Game Jackal. They claim it will run almost any game, but I had too many difficulties with it. They offer a free trial, and again, it might work for you. It's not expensive if you like it.

I, for the most part, cannot recommend anyone to seek all the cracks I use to run games "discless". It takes a lot of trial and error, not to mention the security issues (see my "Not always illegal" response in this thread).

Each game is different, and requires a different approach.

Sorry, but much of it is too complicated for normal computer users.

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Warning: Many Cracks aren't updated anyway

Here's how it often works. A new game (or other software) comes out. The crackers race to see who can be first to knock out a working no-CD crack. (Yes there are many other cracks, but these are the most "popular" as they mean that legal gamers don't have to swap CDs and of course it gets around a lot of copy protection so the illegal users take them too.) A cracker wins the race and the crack appears all over the place. There may be more than one version - the guy/gal who got Silver Medal might just have a crack which is smaller/better in some way. They move on.

Now comes the part where you might want to avoid getting the crack. The game (or software) company gets swamped with bug reports and complaints. They produce update patch number 1 (2, 3 through 100 :-P ). Now the crack may well work with that but more often than not the crack patch (or replacement .EXE file) will not work or works but without the update impprovements. So you can use your legal copy of the game without a CD but not with the latest patches.

In general, hardly any crackers bother with updates - the race is already over and there is plenty of new stuff out there to crack.

Like some others, I sometimes use no-CD cracks for legally owned games to avoid CD swapping and to maintain a kid-proof backup, but you ought to know the limitations.

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You are totally correct

That's why I only recommend game cd-cracking for the more experienced. I have spent countless hours in my endeavor.

I'll buy a game, install, download and install updates, and destroy it all when the crack I downloaded doesn't work. Uninstall all of it (some games are over 4gigs) to start all over with a different crack.

Thank God for Windows Installer Cleanup and RegSeeker!

I do whatever it takes with ALL my games to run them without the CD. That includes a couple without the latest updates because the cracks aren't written yet.

I'm so happy to just click Far Cry, Quake 4, Doom 3, UT '04, MOH's, COD's, Star Wars DF2 JK2 JO MOHS, SOF's, Postals, HL's, Halo, you name it. It's worth the effort.

I just click and grab my Claw controller for a journey anywhere I want without digging up the disc.

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