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I am building a website and looking to direct users to my homepage, where the call to action is. I have kept content to a minimum on this page, I am creating a lot of content on other pages of the website that is helpful to my users. My question is, does this content help with SEO of the homepage even though it is not directly posted on that page?

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Content is Important

Content is one of the most important thing as far as SEO is considered. One needs to have quality content on the website. As in your case you have very less content on the homepage and want the user to be redirected to this page, so you need to have the keywords that you are targeting in your URL, meta title, meta description as well as the content for maximum people to reach it.

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I would guess not as much

A search engine generally starts at the homepage, follows the links you have, and indexes all of your other pages by crawling deeper and deeper. What you're doing is kind of reverse, since all your interior pages link to the homepage. If nothing links to the interior pages from the homepage, I would search engines know they exist?


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Re: SEO question (content)

hi @jwhit16 ... The content you are writing on the internal pages will be helpful for SEO but it will not be as helpful as the one that you are writing on the main page.

Why not add more content on the homepage? For your homepage, you should start by choosing your keyword. This calls for you to do your research and find the keyword that most people are using to look for products or services that you are selling.

Although, you will be writing your content in order to increase the ranking of your website, you should make the content readable.

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Duplicate Content Will Harm Your Keywords Ranking

SEO is basically a tricky process and in SEO Content Optimization is very useful for gaining keywords ranking and bring your website on top of Google.Duplicate Content would affect your rankings and may penalize your website. You first have to published good content on your pages espically on Home page where the users direct visit. You need to put Content In Title, Meta description of every pages so that Google recognize the Page is about what.

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Duplicate content

Yes i would accept your point. The duplicate content is very harmful for SEO. and also don't take the content from copyright website.

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Content is soo Important for SEO

For SEO part, Content is the most important part. The Quality content is the king of the every SEO Website. Without the quality content the website does not promote in search engines. So every SEO Executive must concentrate the Content Part.

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Yes, In this case you have to add the relevant Meta data and link of home page on the internal pages which contains more content. And also you have to know that the search engines index the website internal pages too but the traffic is considered to be on the home page indirectly.
Thankyou. Wink

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Content for SEO

Content for SEO, but it's <b>HOW you write your content<\b> that Google looks for a top ranking, otherwise it is just plain content.

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Yes content is one of the main aspects of SEO. If you have unique content and included your keywords then it would help your website rank up on the search engines when a particular keyword is searched for

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Lots of interior pages will not be the solution.

Search engine rank is page by page. In other words one web page in a site can rank top of page 1 while a different page in that same site can rank on page 100. Each page gets ranked individually. Your homepage will rank on it's own accord and other pages in the site will have little to minimal impact on the home page and each of those interior pages will also have to rank on their own accord.

I see a ton of posts in here indicating the content is the main SEO factor and this is somewhat misleading. The main SEO factor is backlinks. Rest assured, a page could have lousy content and yet if it were to have an amazing backlink profile it could rank extremely well... while on the other hand a page could have stunningly superb content and yet rank very poorly if it has a lousy backlink profile. To go to the extreme you could literally have the best content in the universe and that page could literally be banned and not even listed on the search engine due to a backlink profile that got flagged and penalized with a manual penalty!

In all fairness to the comments here concerning content quality - yes quality of content does matter albeit more indirectly in terms of SEO. Quality content is more likely to earn an impressive backlink profile as opposed to lousy content. Quality content and on-page SEO all by itself will not guarantee eye popping search engine performance and especially in terms of a competitive keyword.

All of this in turn has created an entire industry of backlink building. Let's say you have a landing page advertising a service to unclog toilets. A sales pitch to unclog toilets is not likely to go viral by any stretch of the imagination. The solution: build backlinks to that page and get it to rank. Hire it done, do it yourself, choose to go blackhat - choose to go whitehat it's all up to you...

Is this really a great thing? IMHO no it's not and I would humbly submit that the search engines are too heavily reliant on backlinks for ranking. The good news is they (the search engines) are working on ways to make backlinks less of a factor and this will be a very welcome thing indeed as it will serve to better level the playing field.

Will Backlinks Become Less Important in the Future?

Don't just take my word for it. Brian Dean is a respected and successful SEO expert and he has shared about his dismay after publishing amazing content and then watching it fail on the search engine. (I have also had this very same experience) Brian even has a clever nickname for this technique and he calls it "publish and pray." If you want to gain more insight into the details and importance of backlinks you should go and check out The Ultimate List of the Web’s Best Link Building Resources

If you really want your home page to rank my suggestion to you is to focus less energy on building a ton of interior pages in the hopes that will cause the home page to rank and focus more energy on creating high quality content, good on page seo, and then do what you can to build a good backlink profile (whitehat backlink profile that is). Best of luck to you!

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not recommended

This is the not the recommended technique you are using but if you can't have the content on your home page then it is not the worst technique either. I would suggest that you should also add some content your home page may be at the bottom , keeping the font size small so it doesn't have much space.

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