Doe's anyone have any tips for seo for my new site ***://sleightofhandzone
I am trying to get it to rank higher in google and as it is my first try any help would be much aprieceated

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Clarification Request
Please tell me seo new technique 2016.

Please tell me seo new technique 2016.

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seo new technique 2016

Hi Friend,

There are Few techniques that you can use for SEO in 2016 like
<1> Broken link building
<2> Guest Blogging on relevant and high authority sites
<3> Email outrich
<4> Blog coment on relevent and high authority sites
<5> High Quality Directories like Dmoz and Somuch
<6> Social bookmarking
<7> Innerlink with proper keyword

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SEO Techniques

You can you following techniques for SEO...

1. High PR Directory Submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Blog Commenting
4. Blog Creation
5. Press release
6. Email Marketing

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You start doing SEO for your website this is the best way to do rank your website in search engine and promote your website.

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You Start doing SEO for increase your website ranking, you start forum posting, but when will you starting forum posting, you don't Use copy paste.and you create high quality backlinks

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Start seo for your website,update you content often,don't copy and past the content,optimize your keyword density and also optimize your both tags,start link building create high quality links.

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Re: Seo

If you want to rank high then you need to consider these primarily:
Press releases
Social media marketing
2 to 5% keywords density in your web pages content
Write user engaging content
Do guest posting
Create some presentation and upload in Youtube and comment on some posts that are related to your video
Blog commenting but never spam
Always check your quality back links through web analytics tool

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keywords density

How can I write for press releases as I don't know how to write? if there any website available that could be helpful.

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Re: press release

Press releases are read by journalists that decide what they publish. I can imagine they won't publish it if it has keywords like the name of the product on every line. Just write plain English that they publish without much editing.

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And ...

as a web development company you don't write press releases for your customers. They write their own or have it done by a PR-company.

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press release

Thanks for the great suggestion

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Doing seo for your website is good to rank your website in search engines. Seo will help you to get best rank in search engines,use unique content for blog posting,update content often,don't copy the content from other sites.

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SEO 2016 techniques

if you are going for seo first do local business claiming activity accordin your website physical store address then socially spread it by social media accounts and platform and your site in top directories website. do blogging of your services and knowlede related to your products. also submit inforgarohics and images in image sharing can also gives commenting related to your service but never give you website directly otherwise they will spam you and you can also take a part in forum discussion board same as blog commenting never give your website link directly.

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New SEO techniques

SEO techniques keep changing over time. Here you will find some useful information regarding new SEO techniques
In the coming times, content from social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will gain more importance on the SERPs.
We all know that videos are a great way of keeping audience engaged and entertained. But do you know that by using enough videos, you can improve the ranking of your page on the SERPs.

Mobile Optimization Became Crucial

Content Aggregation will get Bigger & Better
If you have any confusion about why you are not getting ranked on Google you may take a look here to get clear idea

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If you need to rank high of your website then,
title and content should be unique
mention keywords where they matter most
remove anything that slow down your website
use permalink link structure with keywords
use keywords in a image
use heading tags
use sitemap
your site should be mobile friendly
use on and off page optimization
social media marketing
use seo site checkup tool for on page SEO optimization.

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They link is not working kindly give the website address correctly

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SEO Strategy 2016


Helpful for SEO Strategy 2016

1) Proper Website Design and Development
2) Responsive Website
3) Add Unique content for Services then started SEO.
4) Create meta title and description separate for used each pages.
5) Broken link building
6) Guest Blogging on relevant and high authority sites
7) Blog coment on relevent and high authority sites
8 ) High Quality Directories like Dmoz and Somuch
9) Social bookmarking
10) Innerlink with proper keyword

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Broken link building has limited scope

Great list of SEO check list
what i am not agree if broken link building is helpful every-time , the scope of broken link building is very low and it just help in case the keyword and business you are targeting is famous or in rush for boring and new niche it does not work and intended Wikipedia link building has broader scope if done with honesty .
EG. my business of PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh has almost no broken link scope and i am trying it from quite some time i just got couple of link with that and than nothing and no link opportunity .anyways great list by you

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SEO Strategy 2016
Videos Submission: We all know that videos are a great way of keeping audience engaged and entertained. But do you know that by using enough videos, you can improve the ranking of your page on the SERPs. Moreover, Google has started giving attention to blended results/searches. So, why not grab this opportunity to appear on the first page of search results by including an engaging video in your content? According to, videos get 50 times better organic page ranks in Google as against plain, static text results.

Your site must be mobile friendly: In order to really impress your customers and the search engines, you need to have a mobile webpage that is easy to use, quick to load and offers a way to purchase or sign up to your products and services.

Presence in Social Media: Generate and enhance the customer interest on your SEO by posting and commenting on them. Share and let others share too.

Use long tail Keyword: Try to narrow down on the needs of specific customers by using descriptive. Long tail keywords also help your brand to generate more specific content, which in turn helps you to attract your most desirable customer.

Content creation: Content creation is super important if you want your website to rank higher in search results, but not just any old content will do. Referrals are also important when it comes to SEO. If your referrals are from high quality sites like Huffington Post, The Herald Sun and Facebook, it is also likely that your website is going to get ranking preference.
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Local search engine ranking is a great help for business. Local directory listing sites can help a lot too.

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To Improve your website Traffic & Keywords

Hi There are Two methods in SEO to Promote your website traffic and keywords position. They are following down.

Off Page Techniques:

1. Directory Submission
2. Bookmarking Submission
3. Local Listing
4. Blog Posting
5. Article Submission
6. Blog Commenting
7. Forum Posting
8. PPT Sharing
9. Photo Sharing
10. Video Sharing
11. Info Graphics Sharing
12. Press Release Submission
13. Competitor Back Links
14. Social Media Optimization
15. Question & Answer Submission

On page optimization:

1. Site Analysis
2. Keyword Research
3. Keyword Density
4. Title tags
5. Meta Tags
6. Meta Description
7. H1 Tags
8. ALT Tags
9. URL Structure
10. Internal Linking
11. Original, Effective & Keyword Reach Content
12. Sitemaps
13. Robot.Txt
14. Blog installation & posting
15. W3C Validation
16. Track of target keywords

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SEO Techniques to Improve Website Traffic

Hi, Your information is very useful for SEO beginners

You have mentioned clearly regarding to on-page and off-page seo techniques

We have used these techniques for a website and they are getting more traffic to their websites.

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1.Analysis website:
If you already have a website and now is the time to do keyword SEO work, at this point they return to the analysis of our website has what, meet the standards of google yet, The website is sure to connect as well as help the bugs of google are easy to find, there are guides to help build the links, as well as the path of each page in there is not good, You should carefully consider the problems that you give to ensure google that your website is good.
2. Research keywords:
After analytical work to point out the problems that web sites are having, as well as the advantages that our website is having with it, are the keywords that we aim for. The new website is quite simple, because words as well as words for the new website completely, and for webstie who have seniority on the internet, we have to study to give the target keyword to .
3. Evaluation of competitors:
Indeed, targeting the keywords, we should also study what our competitors do, and the strengths of the opponent's love is that, by doing so, we know the opponent uses the What is the trick to the top, this learn a lot offline. Why do Seoers (SEOs) start to do SEO or start to learn about SEO? You have to think about going to school somewhere, or at the expense of money, what is SEO is learning from. Many different sources, exactly google study, learn google algorithms, learn the algorithms well and your website meet the rigorous standards of google the website to top it all. Where to find out where algorithms are by any method that is effective and does not understand the result, is the study of competitors, competitors are using what and have success or not, should be successful so they are new Top, I also apply as they are also on the top and so I ran and stick to them, when they stick to them then then do differently to overcome them, so that I will go up Top only
4. Hand on the implementation of our website optimization:
The last three steps we have been researching and evaluating the work that we are going to do to be sustainable, now is the time to do it. Website optimization work has a lot to write about it, if I get the chance, I'll write more details about optimizing a website, but in general, optimizing is doing the work. How website, keywords, how long the interpretation and keywords how to fit the algorithm of google, the path is friendly article, the categories are arranged are appropriate or No more and many more questions about website optimization.
5..Introduce website with search engine:
If you really recommend it as a free web site service, if not introduce to many people for free web site services, then pay anyone to know, accompanied by pay it what it is. Mind, no interest, how to find potential customers. A fairly simple example is to help you why we have to introduce website to the search engines. For example it that. A website with extremely high quality products and cheap discount is the site, previously when I did not know anything about SEO, this page is just a product display, who is watching who is watching who? Buy it buy it and the situation is quite bad goods are cheap quality, but pay to know who pay, who buys, a pretty big problem for the inventory of pretty much many beautiful models Not known, along with the cost associated with it, is a major problem for AdZone Technology Limited. But fortunately I think of you, why not introduce to google, after introducing it with the search engine, the number of visitors to the site is quite crowded, and the situation is over, products Favorite customers and very loyal to the product as well as online sales website
6. Next is to build links to other websites.
Why have to build with other websites, you hear the phrase "sold you have a ward" that is the sentence that we apply to the construction of back links, With the same website, just one. The back link is that we already have a lot of potential customers, so why not put together links to find potential customers, with it also brings credibility to google, Many websites have links of our website to prove that our website is quite reputable, with the prestige from other websites to help your website to top up in a sustainable way.

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