I DON'T LIKE THINGS IN MY EARS! I like head phones!!!!
Ear buds are destroying the hearing of millions of (mostly young) people.
I have a small MP3 player that use on my commute to work, it came with ear buds which I threw away and got a set of Panasonic light weight head phones. One on the other riders(who has an iPod) on the train asked me why I don't use ear buds? I replied, just listen as I unplugged my head phones and handed them to him, he took out his ear buds and pluged in the heard phones and listened for a short time. He said WOW! They sound so much better than the ear buds, the bass is much better and they don't fall out like ear buds do. I replied, now you know why I use them.
As far as I'm concerned the Sennheiser wins hands down. john