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Sen. Hillary Clinton's Bill Would 'Buy' Puerto Rican Votes w

Nov 21, 2005 11:24PM PST

In what critics could likely call a "vote-buying? move, Hillary Clinton has proposed a bill that would provide some Puerto Rico residents with child-credit refunds on their Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Puerto Ricans pay no federal income tax.

The bill ? sponsored solely by Clinton ? could pay out more than $50 million over the next 10 years.

Political insiders say Clinton?s motive is obvious, the New York Post reports: "Puerto Rican support is crucial to her re-election ? and a potential White House run in 2008. Puerto Ricans are born American citizens, ready-made voters when they move to the United States.?

and this is ok? hmmm

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(NT) (NT) bump come on peeps this is ok
Nov 22, 2005 6:45AM PST
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Not enough content in the article to judge
Nov 22, 2005 7:04AM PST

The notion of refunding from SS and Medicare taxes does seem odd. I would have to ask how can this be done without reducing the potential benefit.
As for buying and selling of's an old and oft used invention by too many on both sides of the aisle. It's the essense of our political selection system and exists in many forms. That would nice to be rid of, IMO.

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especially since
Nov 22, 2005 7:08AM PST

they dont pay income taxes there like charity

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(NT) (NT) No terrorists left to pardon?
Nov 22, 2005 8:38AM PST
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Don't give anyone ideas
Nov 22, 2005 8:46AM PST

or you might see someone suggesting ballots sent to Gitmo aren't just for our soldiers.Wink

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(NT) (NT) It was Bill that pardoned the terrorists
Nov 22, 2005 8:47AM PST
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Nov 22, 2005 8:48AM PST

It wouldn't shock me to find the DNC was sending absentee ballots to Gitmo

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She should have sponsered a bridge
Nov 22, 2005 12:26PM PST

She alone sponsered it? Do you think she'll be the only one allowed to vote on it?

Puerto Ricans pay income tax on their Puerto Rican income under the Puerto Rican tax code. They also pay withholding taxes. If a Puerto Rican has income from the U.S., he pays U.S. income tax on it.

There has been a tax refund for poor Puerto Ricans on Social Security and Medicare in effect for a number of years. Bush had proposed ending that so that the money could be used instead for tax cuts for the very wealthy. However:
''The Bush Administration this past week said that it had not dropped its proposal to exclude Puerto Ricans from the refund of Social Security and Medicare taxes to workers with children.'' I don't know where that stands now.

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tey pay no federal income tax
Nov 22, 2005 12:32PM PST

so why should they get a federal return?

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Helping out others
Nov 22, 2005 5:43PM PST

Thankfully, the United States helps out all kinds of people who don't pay federal income taxes or live in the United States. You may remember such as the tsuanmi and you may remember foreign aid. Some people even go to the extreme of thinking that the United States took on an obligation to Puerto Rico when it declared Puerto Rico to be one of its colonies (the last one) and under its control. As to why a majority of Congress thought it appropriate for the United States to help out Puerto Rico financially, it may have something to do with even Congressmen having a concern for helping out the poor in addition of subsidizing and cutting taxes for the rich.

Puerto Rico is a famous tax shelter where companies can exploit the workers.

"The 936 section of the United States Internal Revenue Tax Code is implemented. This new code allowed American companies to make profit in the island without paying taxes. Banks on the island experienced an unprecedented growth."

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Seems theyve been trying to get the PR vote
Nov 22, 2005 1:10PM PST

for years, one way or the other. It would surely give them a better chance of winning. If I have any say about it, theyll never vote.

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Some people just can't dig beinig a Christian
Nov 22, 2005 5:20PM PST

and wanting to help out poor people.

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(NT) (NT) With other people's money
Nov 22, 2005 7:54PM PST
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Yeah, we should only help the poor....
Nov 22, 2005 10:35PM PST

....with their own money.


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They can use yours.
Nov 22, 2005 11:03PM PST

The "War on Poverty" has cost many billions of dollars and done nothing for the poor expect increase their numbers. Is that what you want?

It is good for Democratic politicians though.

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Libertarians vs everybody else: talk about the outer fringes
Nov 23, 2005 12:11AM PST

You people should be honest enough to quit calling yourselves Republicans. You people should quit calling yourselves Christians. There isn't a true Republican around, there isn't a true conservative around, and definitely there isn't a true Christian around, who who advocates eliminating foreign aid, who advocates eliminating Christian values, who advocates eliminating helping the poor, who agrees with your selfish, grossly unChristian position. Some of you criticize atheists. I think you make atheists look like saints. You practice extremism carried to the extreme.

Thank God you people are huddled there in your own little pathetic corner acting like someone is listening to you.

George W. Bush - Republican Party 51.0 286
John F. Kerry- Democratic Party 48.0 252
Ralph Nader 0.3 -
Michael Badnarik - Libertarian Party 0.3 -

There are some people who want to reduce our foreign aid. They are opposed by the great, great majority of Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives. But quit it already? Make the U.S. the pariah of the world? The rest of the civilized would vomit on us if your corrupt ideas were in play. Throw Christianity out the window? You've got to be kidding.

U.S. foreign aid is approximately 0.18 percent of gross national product, the lowest of any G-7 nation and far below a 0.7 percent United Nations target that 22 of the world's developed nations have agreed to meet by 2015.

Does the U.S. need any support from any other nations? Apparently, you don't think so. You people are so unrealisic, so far removed from what the civilized world accepts as fundamental, that it's hard to imagine how you got involved with the twenty-first century.

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Have you noticed....
Nov 23, 2005 12:18AM PST

...that when assistance is given to the poor in other countries it's called "foreign aid" but when it's given to the poor in our own country it's called "Socialism?"


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(NT) (NT) I'd be glad to have foreign aid called socialism.
Nov 23, 2005 12:34AM PST
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I can't help but wonder...
Nov 23, 2005 12:28AM PST

I can't help but wonder if Josh K will respond to your "You people should quit calling yourselves Christians." statement. ("Judge not lest ye be judged" post)

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A link to my post for context's sake
Nov 23, 2005 12:42AM PST
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I also wonder
Nov 23, 2005 12:52AM PST

why you post such a meaningless statement.

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Nov 23, 2005 1:01AM PST

pot calling the kettle black ?

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(NT) (NT) i was gonna say it lol
Nov 23, 2005 1:42AM PST
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(NT) (NT) judge not as your judged
Nov 23, 2005 1:42AM PST
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Sorry you don't like Liberty
Nov 23, 2005 12:48AM PST

Your way has been tried over and over countless times in countless places and failed miserably evey time.

One definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

By the way, I have never claimed to be a Christian, a Republican or a Conservative.

The rest of your pathetic foot stamping rant I'll ignore as laughable.

bye bye

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By the way...
Nov 23, 2005 1:17AM PST

How many votes did your Communists and Socialists get?


If number of votes is your measure of legitimacy, then you must love George Bush, right?


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gramps np we will let you lead the way
Nov 23, 2005 1:41AM PST

how much will you give i know your gonna give all your money.

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let them work
Nov 22, 2005 11:47PM PST

oh thats a 4 letter word

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Wanted: Mark in the fuit orchards, picking fruit
Nov 23, 2005 12:14AM PST

You don't know what work is.

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Mark just may be the Frank Burns of SE
Nov 23, 2005 12:16AM PST

FRANK (looking over a group of Korean peasants): Why don't they just get a job like everyone else?