Seeking recommendations to replace Epson WF 3530

My Epson WF 3530 died and I would like to replace it with something comparable. It basically started giving me a "paper jam" error despite there being no paper jam, and this error isn't clearing.

I wanted to get another Epson WF 3530, but even though I paid $430 for it in August of 2016, I cannot find another one that doesn't cost at least $100 MORE today.

I want one that has a double-sided scanner with automatic feeder, wireless capacity, and good color ink printing. But the replacement doesn't necessarily need to be another Epson. This is because they seem to have very poor warranty. This leads to my last request...

Would welcome recommendations for extended warranty options as this previous printer died after 2 years and the warranty was only for 1 year.

Can you please recommend a good replacement?


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Reporting: Seeking recommendations to replace Epson WF 3530
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What about their Ecotank line?
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Ecotank line

The EcoTank line doesn't have dual sided auto feeder scanning. I scan in a lot of articles and other papers that I need to have scanned automatically on both sides or else I'll be standing forever flipping papers. It's like the technology for printers is going backwards. Also, these only have one year warranty and I'd like something longer, if possible.

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Time to ask them directly what model works for you.

I see you top posted so let's see what folk say there.

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seeking recomendations

Try this it dosent cost anything.
Unplug your printer from the power source
let it set for a couple hours
Hold down the power button for a least 60 seconds
plug the power cord back in and test.

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I tried the recommendation from Shepbob, still get error

Sigh. I tried this, but unfortunately the error came back. I was so excited because it did actually ask me to set the date/time again, so I thought it was a true reset. But no, after I reset the date/time the error just came back. Paper jam. There is no paper jam!

Can you please help me find a comparable printer? I really want the dual sided scanning from auto feed, and color. Otherwise I don't care if it holds as much paper. I also want something I can get a longer warranty for, or figure out a way to get it in a way that I can extend warranty. Either through a store I buy it, or the credit card I use, if not manufacturer.

The WF 3530's cost $100 more at least now than 2 years ago. I loved this printer. It did everything I wanted, and well, until that stupid error. Please help!

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A buddy worked on printers for years.

All it takes is a paper scrap to find its way to the wrong spot. Since the printer is dead why not get it on your work bench and get a vacuum to all spots you can get to. Then get out the canned air to blow out where you can get the nozzle to. TEST it again.

Last thing. Remember it's dead. Remove the trays and what you can then drop the printer from about 6 inches and have it land flat on all four feet. And test. This last one is only done when all the usual has been tried and it's headed to the recycle center.

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I will try to kill it back to life, but...

Hey thanks R. Proffitt. I will go vacuum and spray it, and see if it helps. I am pretty sure I did those things before as well as hit it a few times, but I didn't quite drop it from that height. I have been told I can get help buying a new one tho and I just got a job in which I can expense it (contracting). So I would not mind getting a new one while I have the chance. So in the event your recommendations won't fix it (I will update) can you please also supply some recommendations for a new one.

Again, things I'm insisting on are the dual side scanning from an auto feeder, and color printing. I do not care about how much paper it holds at this point or anything fancy about the colors (as I don't print that much color anyway, I usually print stuff in black and white but do print some color a couple times a week, not professional, just regular home stuff). I don't care about faxing as I use other services. And I would like to be able to extend warranty more than 1 year manufacturer's that's usually given. If I can't fix this one I want to buy another one but all the reviews are horrible, no extended warranty options seem to exist (that are reviewed as actually being honored), and this actual printer to buy again costs at least $100 (often more if I can find it even) than it cost 2 years ago. Do you think buying one from an actual store would help extend the warranty like bestbuy or officemax, or buying it with a particular credit card (like amex)?

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I didn't mean expense it as much as deduct it, and my budget

I didn't mean expense it as much as deduct it, and my budget is about $350, give or take $50.

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sprayed it and dropped it, on a cushy chair 'cause i didn't

I sprayed it within an inch of its life and dropped it albeit on a cushy chair 'cause I didn't have the heart to drop it on the floor. But same error, sigh Sad.

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When I have a dead product

That's going to the recycle center I get to try those last you gotta be kidding me methods.

As to shopping, Epson has a sales line:

Sales & Product Inquiries

1 (800) GO‑EPSON (1‑800‑463‑7766)
M‑F 6am‑ 8pm PT
S 7am‑ 4pm PT

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