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I am a business school student working on a netnography project for my course. I am seeking insight on the motivations of HP products users, current and former, through the following questions:

- If applicable, what about HP products do you like, and why?
- If applicable, what about HP products do you dislike and why?
- What else about HP (customer service, advertisements, innovation) do you like? Why?
- What else about HP (customer service, advertisements, innovation) can be significantly improved? How?
- Do you believe that HP really understands and meets its consumers needs in terms of product offerings and otherwise? If yes, how? If not, why and how can they improve?

I would really appreciate your help and consideration in responding to these questions as constructively as possible so I can pull actionable insights from your answers.

I am new to forums and ask that you direct me accordingly if there is a more appropriate forum for my questions as I want to be in obedience of the rules and respectful of your time.


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If you are looking at HP products look elsewhere. The have no tech support. Their staff is a bunch of clueless people in India that are not trained to help you with your issues should you have any. Look at the tech support group of any company BEFORE you buy into misery. I own 4 HP computers and I do like the products but they have never been able to help with any problem I've ever had. They are a mess. The most simple issues turn into nightmares with HP tech support. Dealing with them is like a bad trip to Vegas.

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read this
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Have many HP products.

The consumer grade printers are two year affairs but many can't figure that out or accept that.

There are laptop models with a certain chipset and some video cards (PCIE, PCI) that fail far sooner than anyone expected (hp dv6000, dv9000 for example) but the bad thing here is that HP had no exclusive on that issue. You could have picked up machines and cards from other makers and experienced this failure.

At the office we have one of the dv6000 models and have removed it from front line duty. It's living on but we will not trust that one.

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HP Printers

What have you found out about HP printers? When I was looking for a printer I was thinking about buying an HP because they say their printers are more efficient on ink. Is this true?

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Just like horse racing the winner changes with each race. I can see what folk would gravitate towards such claims but such a claim could only be true for that day and when some other maker makes an advance or cuts their prices then they are the best until the next change.

Here's the best cost cutting move. Don't print unless you need to. Many print frivolously.

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Hope this helps. I need to vent.

I bought my first HP notebook 6 months ago, having had three Gateways, a Sony Vaio, a Toshiba, Mac and K-pro prior to that, as well as a few others I can't recall. (yes, I was probably computing before you were born) I was happy with Gateway but switched when the company shrank, tech support ceased to be available for my old model, and they no longer made a tablet pc. I went with HP based on product reviews and have been shocked and stunned ever since. First, the battery life is incredibly poor. Second, I discovered the computer stops working when exposed to the light of a desklamp for a few hours! (something that was definitely not advertised nor mentioned in the manual, but which tech support appeared to treat as normal) Then, a couple of weeks ago, the unit stopped working. I was told to send it back for a motherboard replacement. Since it was still under warranty, I mentioned a few cosmetic problems that I thought could be taken care of at the same time, although didn't warrant correction on their own -- a chipped 'n' key and what appeared to be an internal scratch on the screen. A few days later I was contacted by a "customer representative" who said there was evidence of a spill and this "suspended" my warranty; HP would charge $759 for the repairs. The HP (definitely not customer) rep could not break down the charges or allow me to choose to have the only the functional repair done, nor would he allow me any time to consider my options -- I had to pay the full amount right then or have the broken unit returned to me. I am amazed that a company that treats its customers this way can be as successful as it is. (or maybe that is why it's so successful) I later took the unit to a local repair place that charged me $200, and was told at the shop they see mostly HPs, that the products are inexpensive but problem prone. Horrible, horrible company.

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My 2-cents and maybe more

When the people that were the H and P of HP retired or died, the company when from techie run co. to a business grad run co. They only think of dollars and that's what alot of business do today. They unfortunately in such cases cut corners or allow practices so that cut customers at the knees as complaints cost money to resolve. That is very apparent with the India support side. But that's natural India was builder of many HP devices parts for a long time, once the support side got onboard, things at least to the customer seemed to suffer. But to HP, the support costs were cheaper. HP now must sell in volume to make-up for their poor decisions and also because of price is forced to. Prices for many PC systems and devices have greatly fallen but these are offset by volume sales. One wicked way of getting more money out of customers is the back-end or "consumables", that's where ink cartridges come in. They practically offer the prineters for free or low cost. They will get money later once you start to buy the replacment ink carts or yet another printer if the usage is exceeded or life cycle has been to involve its cheaper to buy new printer with starter ink cart than replacement ink carts alone. Now, you see the business side of HP ever more present to condemn or appreicate if busines grad.

tada -----Willy

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HP computer, technical and customer no-service

Do not purchase HP. I just got off the phone with a consumer relation person named Natasha. For their company foul up, they offered me a 50% repair or $75.00 off shopping at their store. I purchased a HP 8150 Media Center in August 2007. I also purchased a 5180 printer. The computer never talked to the printer. The computer was sent to their repair facility in Texas. They stated they replaced the motherboard and TV tuner. Don't know about the tuner, but they definitely did not replace the motherboard. Same problems as when I sent it in. Only recently when hard drive crashed did I find out the motherboard was not replaced as they stated. When talking with Natasha, she treated me like I was stupid. I must admit I do not know computers, but I do know customer service issues. They fall way short in computers and customer service. Buy some total off brand before buying a HP

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HP products

We mainly used E Machines till they stopped trying to resolve issues. The last time we had a tech firestorm 4 emachines, a printer, and 3 tvs died. We researched and decided on HP for our main system and compaq for the stations. So far the HP has worked fairly well. The Compaqs are average. I have tried to work with HP support, saddly the lack of support seems to be the norm now. Thankfully we went with Lexmark for our printer. The one we purchased quit feeding after 9 months. Called support, no questions beyond the norm, and 2 days later the new printer arrived at no cost whatsoever. The HP products we have are used an average of 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week. They seem to be holding up, though a system restore has been needed on all 4 systems during the last week. We have had these systems for just over a year now. Hope this helps.

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