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security on Yahoo mail Beta

Hi to the experts. On the old Yahoo mail you could delete an incoming message by clicking on its title and subject only, without opening it. I did that with most unidentified-sender messages. In the Beta version you must click on the title, but then a few sentences of the message itself appear on the screen. Does this mean that I "opened" it, with the possible malware creeping in? If yes, is there a workaround or another solution? Thanks - Amos

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It's still Beta

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

this means the final has not been released.

suggest you pose this question to the folks at Yahoo.

Unlike Outlook Express where you can actually read the mail without opening it, this is server based and as far as I know, such a method does not exist.

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Yahoo! Mail Help

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

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All mail or attachments?

In reply to: Yahoo! Mail Help

Hi - as I read it, the scan is done on attachments, not on the messages themselves. And Norton is theone I discarded a year ago, as useless. Sorry - Amos

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We've come a full circle

In reply to: All mail or attachments?

As stated before Yahoo Mail is web based, that is to say mail sits on the Yahoo server until it is d/l by the user.

If as you say, Yahoo scans email only, not attachments, then you may want to consider using a personal e-mail client like Outlook Express.

Your anti virus can then be set to scan attachments.

In the alternative, talk with the folks at Yahoo to see what if any suggestions, they can provide you.

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Yahoo help

In reply to: We've come a full circle

David, I've been tearing the remainder of my hair out over conversations with Yahoo: they seem to have unintelligent robots replying to queries. You ask about the reading pane, they come back with bookmarks, you ask about popups and the answer is spelling checks. If it isn't mentioned in their Help or FAQ sections, you may as well stop trying. Have you had a different experience with them? - Amos

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In reply to: All mail or attachments?

Norton is also the one most people use, as best anti-virus.

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If you utilize the reading pane, yes...

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

In Yahoo! Mail Beta if you utilize the "reading pane" then yes, you are actually opening the e-mail so if the sender injected code to find out if the e-mail has been opened and the address is live the response would be "You've got a live one...spam him!" The simple solution is to click View from the main menu bar and uncheck the Reading Pane. Then you'll only see the sender, subject, date/time, etc, enabling you to click it or right-click it and delete it without alerting the sender, opening the e-mail at all, etc.

Hope this helps,

P.S. I've been using Yahoo! Mail beta for over a year now, through all of its ups and downs.

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Thanks John

In reply to: If you utilize the reading pane, yes...

Will try it. But are you sure that the Reading Pane (which is too narrow and therefore a pain) is not being downloaded to my comp and only remains invisible when I use the View option but sits somewhere in a file or folder? Is there a way to find out? - Amos.

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I'm positive...

In reply to: Thanks John

Unchecking/hiding the Preview Pane doesn't just remove it from view, it disables it. I don't believe it was addressed in the Yahoo! Mail Beta FAQs, but you can test it yourself. Clear out your browser cache/temporary internet files, cookies, etc. and then sign into Yahoo! Mail Beta. With the Preview Pane disabled, single-click (NOT double-click...that will open them) on a number of e-mails that you know contain graphics (spam, for instance). Once you're done, view your cache/TIF, cookies, etc and verify there are none present for the contents of the e-mail.


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Try an email program instead...

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

I have SBC (or now AT&T) Yahoo DSL as my main email account and I tend to use my web browser to read mail most of the time, but installing a free email program instead to your desktop, could help out alot with your issues.

I have tried Windows Live Mail Desktop (Beta) and it was horrible at first, so bad that when I went to try and send any email from the program, it couldn't do it, and it was constantly getting errors and having to shut down. I installed a newer version a few weeks ago and didn't have any problems at first, but I had also downloaded and installed Mozilla's Thunderbird and liked it so much I uninstalled the Windows Live one after 2 days...

I am using this on a system which has Trend Micro's PC-Cillin 2005 (Dell version that it shipped with) and that is set up to scan all incoming mail (web based is one option and then another option for pop3 based -basically saying any mail that you are reading through a program and not web browser. Thunderbird itself has good settings that you can adjust to how much you want it to secure your email and pc by letting you choose to "block loading of remote images in email message", "block javascript in emails", "check mail messages for email scams" (which blocks some aspects of the message in the preview window - my guess by not downloading those parts- until you click on the button that shows up at the top of the message, where is says that the email might be a scam and the button says "not a scam" so that you are confirming that it is ok to then allow full access to the message), and there is also the "allow anti-virus clients to quarantine individual incoming messages".

If you also have the spam blocker for Yahoo turned on to Medium so that it catches most spam in the spam folder instead of your inbox, it makes it easier as you just click on the spam folder name itself and see the list of messages (to check for any that *should not* be in the spam folder before you delete them all), and once confirming that you don't need any of them, just click on the trash can icon next to the folder name and it will delete all those spam messages at once. When you go to you inbox folder, again, scan the email headings for anything suspicious looking or that you don't recognize, and if you see something that is spam, you do not have to click on the message itself to click a spam button or delete (which would risk you buy opening the message) you *should* be able to just click once and hold down the mouse button (so half a click as you should not hear a click until you release it) and then DRAG the item to the sidebar list, and deposit into the spam (or deleted items) folder... This is also how you can move items from one folder to another currently (since the "move" option at the very top where all the other options are does not actually work yet). Also, I think in your settings you might be able to change what you see in the preview window, as in if it will go to a new message or show the last one you were looking at etc). I have it so that I always see my last viewed message (making it easy to keep looking at the email and switching to a different tab in the browser and back again), and when you have this setting, I believe that when you go click on the inbox folder (say you are looking at/in the sent items folder), it will then show you the list of emails, and the bold new ones, but *should not* actually show any of those emails in the preview pane until you click on one of the messages itself to then view that message... Though if you do delete a message while looking at it, it will delete it and automatically show the next message, but that can sometimes be turned off in the settings/options as well, I think it did that for Hotmail and maybe Lycos at least.

I know this was long, I always talk and write too much... But I hope it helps some...

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I use Yahoo mail & have it set to come into OE

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

I use Yahoo mail and have it set to come through my Outlook Express program. It works great that way.

I do not use the preview pane and I have my AVG set to scan all incoming attachments as well as everything else.


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Deleting items & not opening

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

Here's what I do
1. Use Ctrl-A (select all under More actions) to select all, then hold Ctrl and click on, to unselect, the messages I want to keep, then Delete the rest.
2. There is now (at least on my screens) a flame column at the right to blow away spam without opening
3. Last & least understood by me, In Options, Mail Options, there is a choice Mark message as read: immediately,After 2 seconds,After 5 seconds. I'm not sure if this is time to actual "opening" or just a view setting.

I always use one of the 1st two options since 90% of my mail is spam (mostly forwarded from another email address of mine).
Hope this helps

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In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta







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spam-bots! (reposted for btljooz)

In reply to: GET RID OF YAHOO A.S.A.P.

spam-bots! by btljooz - 11/25/06 6:25 PM

No matter WHAT e-mail client you use, whether web-based or on your own
computer, you WILL get garbage in your inbox that gets past the
filters. Spammers have gotten wise to filters and have figured out ways

This is PRECISELY the reason I ONLY use Y! mail (NOT the beta, garbage)
so I can simply report it as spam and block that particular address
from sending any more mail to me.


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My apology, shclarkson

In reply to: GET RID OF YAHOO A.S.A.P.

Please accept my apology. I did NOT mean that in a "nasty" manner. I guess it LOOKED that way, though. I apologize for upsetting you. I REALLY didn't mean to. Sad

[For those who don't see what went wrong, I made a remark that inadvertantly offended shclarkson and that particular post was deleted and replaced MINUS the offending sentance.]

I'm only trying to educate people, in general, from the experiences I have had in over eight years of home computing including experience with e-mail and spam during this time. THAT'S all. I only hoped I could help in some way. I, again, apologize for forgetting that a joke is not a joke when it hurts someone.

However, now that you have a new address, the spam-bots simply haven't had the chance to catch on to it. ...YET! That's one of the many probable reasons you aren't getting spam there right now. AND, all you have to do is fill out ONE form for a website with your addy that (unbeknownst to you) sells your info and the spam will come to that addy. -OR- they'll figure it out by one of the many programs they use to "auto-dial" e-mail addresses just like the ones telephone solicitors use to "generate" phone numbers.

I have MULTIPLE Y! addresses and have for YEARS. The only ones that get spammed all that hard are the ones I've used to sign up to different services with. Although, I do have ONE that I've not used for anything except correspondences about the land my Dad is trying to sell (I'm helping him because he has no computer). I haven't used it (on purpose) to "subscribe" for any types of 'services', etc. It gets spammed only because an "e-mail address generator" has figured it out just within the last year. But, it doesn't get all that much spam. Just a small handful in a couple of months. I simply report it as spam adding it to the BLOCK List of that account. I do NOT open it alerting the spammer that it is a viable address through their embedded "web beacons".

Because of my experiences and hard learned lessons from those experiences I now have a "junk" account on a website that provides e-mail services and I use THAT for forms that belong to sites that I suspect sell e-mail addresses. That way the garbage they generate goes to the "junk" account. I've let it fill up, bouncing the spam back as undeliverable.

Again, I'm only trying to help you understand more about the problems that you have had. Please forgive me for upsetting you. I sincerely hope I haven't done it again by explaining further what I've experienced and what I've learned from those experiences.

BTW: I'm only including this info in an attempt to clear the air. I live in the US as ya'll can see on my Profile. shclarkson's Profile states that they live in the UK. Things just MIGHT work different within the borders of our respective countries. I've a slight clue that that is a part of our unfortunate mis-understanding.

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YES, indeed, Y! NEEDS to hear your concerns "in person"...

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

Follow this link to their contact info:


While calling them may be expen$ive and snail-mailing slow, they DO _*NEED*_ to hear complaints such as yours.

I've been in Y! Answers and a LOT of people in there have voiced very similar concerns as yours. Simply use the "Search Answers" feature there and type in ' Yahoo Mail beta ' to get tips from others about this until you can actually get into contact with a "LIVE body" AT Yahoo in Sunnyvale.

BTW: A work around that you may try for is to rollback to 'regular' Y! e-mail and wait a while after it comes out of beta to try it again.

Hope this helps. Happy

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Delete Spam E-Mail Without Opening It.........SIMPLE!

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

Can't believe no one else posted this! All you need to do in the Inbox message pane is move (hover)(do not clic on it yet) your mouse curser over to the FLAME icon just to the right of of the message size and it will high-lite the whole message in yellow. A little popup says(mark message as spam [without opening it]). NOW you can clic the mouse and walla its deleted without opening it. You can continue to do the same to all suspious messages still in the inbox pane.

Another easy way to do it is simply hold the Ctrl key and Clic EACH message you want to delete or mark as spam (This hi-lites each message as you clic but doesn't open them) and when your done selecting each (you can also unselect a msg clicked on by mistake by still holding the ctrl key and clicking IT again) just clic on the Spam or Delete Icon at the top of the inbox listing pane. Badda boo bodda bing.....your done!

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It shouldn't

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

although it showed the message, it shouldn't download anything onto your pc. if you get alot of spam though, you should probably use the old version until it isn't a beta.

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Oh, YES.........

In reply to: It shouldn't

spam can and does transmit mal-ware. That's one of the MAIN reasons spam is so insidious.

Back when I was using Outlook I learned the HARD way. All I did was open Outlook, NOT the spam in it and all my anti-malware progs went off like rockets! That is why I only use web-based e-mail now. ...And I don't even trust them completely! Once burned, I've learned some really hard lessons from those burns.

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Yeah, But.......

In reply to: Oh, YES.........

Using Yahoo online makes it a whole lot harder for malware to get in. Both Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer will block it from downloading to your computer.

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security on Yahoo mail Beta

In reply to: security on Yahoo mail Beta

In Yahoo! Mail Beta, in fact, you don't have to click the subject to delete it.

Yahoo! Mail Beta has a link in the mail list. It sits between the message size and the followup flag and looks like a little flame. If your intention is to delete a message without viewing it, simply click this link. It flags it as spam and drops it out of your inbox and into your spam folder.

If you've set spam options to delete immediately, the action above may nuke the message completely. I'm not sure as I keep them for 30 days and they're sent to my spam folder with the rest of them.

Hope this helps.

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