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Security Center....again

by TONI H / September 17, 2006 5:02 AM PDT

Clean install of XP Pro SP-2....there is a firewall setting under local connection/properties; however there is still no Security Center available to put in exceptions if needed. Where does Security Center come from? Is it an update to SP-2 that is added once you can get to the internet?

Derek's laptop has all drivers for Gateway installed clean and has disabled the firewall that shows up in Local Connection/Properties (Gateway TechSupport via email has been really good about helping; however, Cox Cable insists that Derek should have Security Center in order for them to check his settings there because they keep telling him that there HAS to be some type of firewall preventing them from seeing his computer or his bad. They can ping his modem, but no further. Derek can't ping his modem from his end at all, and yet twice he was able to get on the net but after the first page opened up, could go no further, with Page Cannot Be Found).

He went to Radio Shack this morning and got a new CAT6 cable and it still doesn't work. He figured that if all the drivers installed and he can't ping the modem out, and Cox can't get past the modem to his computer, he must have a bad cable (he says it was really beat up looking)

Cox tech support won't help him anymore until he gets the Security Center, but if he can't get on the net how does he update SP-2 to include it?

He has on-board's seen by XP, the Gateway Drivers installed correctly and he had the right ones according to Gateway Tech Support. Where could the problem be? It was working just fine at the apartment two weeks ago (also Cox Cable) and stopped immediately when he moved into the new apartment 1/4 mile away...with all original stuff still installed and running just fine. He formatted the drive and started clean and has no antivirus (which Cox also blamed at first), no firewall, and NO other programs installed at this point except XP Pro SP-2 and drivers.

He's happy as all get out that the computer is again running very he wants to solve the problem of the net after two weeks already.

Any suggestions? How do you test an on-board LAN to see if it's actually functioning since Device Mgr claims it is?


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Where does Security Center come from? (answer)
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / September 17, 2006 5:09 AM PDT

It's a service that must be running. In the Services control panel try...

Scroll down to Security Center and double-click on it > In the "Startup type:" box use the arrow to scroll down to choose "Automatic" click Apply and reboot, or, click Apply and click the button that says Start.


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It's not there in his list of services
by TONI H / September 17, 2006 5:23 AM PDT

He was on the phone with me when I read your reply and he has Security Account and then Server. Security Center is missing in action....and there is nothing in Windows Components to install it there either. this an update to SP-2 that must be downloaded without people realizing it since it doesn't appear to be in a clean install of SP-2 anywhere, and he didn't have it with SP-1 either.

This was a brand new legally purchased XP Pro SP2 cd he installed. It's going to run out of time to activate it if he can't get on the net in the next couple of weeks now...or he'll have to do it via the land phone.


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Definitely not in XP SP1.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / September 17, 2006 5:36 AM PDT

And what is this about a new legit XP?

Those are known to be hacked to remove such items in an attempt to keep the OS from checking in.

-> The most common reason a new install of XP can't get on the net is drivers from my experiences. No one seems to remember that Microsoft doesn't do that.

If this was any type of install over some pirate copy then those hacks are likely to still be in there.


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Drivers are installed
by TONI H / September 17, 2006 6:02 AM PDT

I mentioned the legit copy of XP Pro because his original Gateway installation cd was destroyed from heat during moves from Pensacola, Fl to San Diego, CA and unusable. When he tried to run sfc /scannow on his system, it wouldn't accept the new XP Pro because it wanted the SP-1 disk originally used, so he decided to format the drive and start from scratch after downloading all the required drivers from Gateway's site for reinstall later.

He still has no Security Center, which is the same situation that he had with SP-1 before.

Still unable to get on the net with Cox Cable though and they keep insisting that there is a firewall somewhere blocking him from getting on even though the XP firewall is the only one installed and it's been disabled.


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That 169 address is telling us...
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / September 17, 2006 6:09 AM PDT
In reply to: Drivers are installed

The network didn't succeed in getting an address. That's almost always cable, network card or driver issues and not a firewall.


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by jonah jones / September 17, 2006 6:10 AM PDT
In reply to: Drivers are installed
a firewall somewhere blocking him from getting on even though the XP firewall is the only one installed and it's been disabled

i may be wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but will security centre work if the firewall is disabled?

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Security Center
by TONI H / September 17, 2006 7:04 AM PDT
In reply to: Catch22?

hasn't ever even shown up in taskbar or Control Panel since the new installation.

How do you test an on-board LAN for a laptop since you can't exactly disable it in the bios or Device Mgr and install a new PCI card in one?

He's replaced the CAT6 cable, checked all network settings (they are all the same as mine and I'm on a LAN for satellite modem), disabled the firewall, disconnected his modem to set it back to defaults, and although Cox claims to be able to ping his modem successfully from their end, they can't see his computer beyond it, and he can't ping the modem from his end at all.

The only thing left other than accusing Cox Cable of lying regarding the pinging of his modem at this point is to somehow check his LAN onboard and I don't know how he would be able to do that except to hook up his wife's computer to it and it needs a new power supply so it won't function right now.


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i doubt if Cox are lying
by jonah jones / September 17, 2006 12:54 PM PDT
In reply to: Security Center

the problem is between the laptop and the modem, as long as the modem is connected/powered up they should be able to ping it...

again Toni, what happens if the firewall is enabled? will security centre be listed in the services panel?



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How does he test his LAN port
by TONI H / September 17, 2006 8:27 PM PDT

on the laptop since he can't disable it to use a 'drop in card' to a PCI slot easily (or CAN he have a separate LAN card installed in one using a PCMIA slot?) I just did a google search on separate cards for laptops....they seem pretty expensive and he may not want to spend that kind of money considering the laptop is already 4 years old.

Again...can you tell me how to tell him the way to test what he already has onboard? Then he can make a decision about what to do about it if it's gone into the toilet.

The LAN connection to the modem was working two weeks ago just before the move to a new apartment 1/4 mile away. I don't think that short trip would have jarred something badly enough to break it...he took the laptop on his 7 month deployment to Iraq among other places and nothing happened with it.


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Toni, there are four ways to start it...
by Edward ODaniel / September 19, 2006 10:35 AM PDT

so have him try one of these four:

Method One - Click Start > Control Panel > Security Center

Method Two - Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Security Center

Method Three - If the Security Center icon is visible in the Notification Area (by the clock) it can be clicked to open Security Center.

Method Four - If there is an alert balloon (Fig. 01) visible on the desktop, clicking it will open Security Center.

Now, going beyond those 4 WSCUI.CPL is the control panel applet and if it doesn't show up in the Control Panel he can type it in the Run box and it should start up.

Now, if he still can't access it through one of those normal methods have him look in his %systemRoot%\system32 directory and see if he can find wscntfy.exe (should be 13824 bytes) which is the executable for the Security Center service. When he finds it have him double click it to start it up.

If double clicking doesn't start the service it will have to be started either with SC.exe or Netsvc.exe (although possibly net start wscntfy.exe might work too)

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Network connections
by Darrell Johnson / September 17, 2006 5:12 AM PDT

in control panel. He can disable firewall there.

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what does ipconfig say?
by jonah jones / September 17, 2006 5:20 AM PDT

it sounds like the IP169.*.*.* problem?



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What problem is that, jonah?
by TONI H / September 17, 2006 5:25 AM PDT

I know he can run ipconfig...he told me that...and for some reason 169 rings a bell.


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the google on IP 169
by jonah jones / September 17, 2006 5:41 AM PDT
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I've been reading some of the
by TONI H / September 17, 2006 6:07 AM PDT
In reply to: the google on IP 169

solutions tried. According to Derek, when he first encountered the ipconfig of 169. Cox told him that they were filtering out the 169. and rebooting the computer gave him a legit ip address. He's now getting a number that they recognize, but he still can't connect.

He was leaving to go out to dinner with Heather so I told him to power down (Pull power plug from wall for both modem and laptop) and leave it for a few hours while eating and try it again later.

If this doesn't work, he'll be calling Cox again tomorrow and cancelling service that he can't connect to and going with DSL instead. He's tired of fooling with them.


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Here's something to know about. NIC addressing.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / September 17, 2006 6:16 AM PDT

Some cable services lock the connection to just one NIC address. So when you get your other machine to hook up, it promptly fails since it's a new machine. Some cablecos time it out in 4 to 24 hours and magically it just fixes itself.

If you had a router, this becomes a non-issue for adding machines. But good to know about.


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by TONI H / September 17, 2006 7:12 AM PDT

Derek started writing down the IP address whenever he would do an ipconfig...the first couple of times, he had different ip numbers show up (which would be normal since it 'should' change each time you reboot the computer and run the ipconfig....once it was the 169.xx number and Cox was on the phone with him at the time and told him not to worry about it because they were filtering it out.

The last three times he has used the ipconfig command after rebooting the computer, the number has stayed exactly the same....and they should change, shouldn't they?

When he comes home from dinner, he'll call me and reboot the computer after powering it all back up as jonah suggested, and I'll have him get the ip address again. If it stays the same again, is it possible that somehow he's locked into the Cox ip address and can't get out of it and that's it's somehow redirected to that 169.xx number without it showing up? What recourse would he have to get them to get him specific ip address, subnet, and default gateway numbers instead of leaving it at default 'get one automatically'? He had asked about that before and they told him they couldn't do that because if they give him those numbers and somebody else is using them at the time, he won't be able to get on the net...duhhhh.....he can't get on the net anyhow so what's a small inconvenience once in a while of tripping over somebody else using it?


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Which is why they lock it to one NIC address.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / September 17, 2006 7:27 AM PDT
In reply to: Surprisingly

I haven't read if they have more than one machine.


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cable services lock the connection to just one NIC address
by glb613 / September 17, 2006 9:45 PM PDT

My cable company is that way. If you try to connect a different computer, router or cable modem, it will lock you out. The only way to change is to contact the cable company and have them reset your profile.

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there was an article about Lan connection to WINXP
by DarCLew2 / September 17, 2006 2:10 PM PDT

Problem connecting to Internet - IP address
This was on
Darrell Lewis

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Went to search for security center and found mine
by DarCLew2 / September 17, 2006 10:50 AM PDT

It is in Accessories-System Tools. I have it in my Control Panel also. It was installed along with the Firewall icon in the Control Panel. Mine had disappeared when I ran sfc /scannow, I had to delete SP2 to use my WINXPCD (it is only SP1). It may be a similar issue. I have a Desktop Gateway.
Darrell Lewis

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A shot in the dark
by null. / September 18, 2006 7:35 PM PDT

What about LSP issues

Don Erickson

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by Themisive / September 20, 2006 7:49 AM PDT
In reply to: A shot in the dark

It could well be that his security centre needs adding.

Tell him to put his XP disk in the optical drive (after making sure his BIOS is set to boot from Optical). before he does this though he'd better back up any date he does'nt want to lose (e-mails, word files and the like) since this re-load will destroy his data.

I assume he has programme disks. because he'll have to do a new install, get those programmes back, THEN re-install his data.

I asume he has SP2, Security Centre came with that automatically, however It may be a help if he contacts MS and see what they say.

Personally I would be inclined to check the firewall but would be more inclined to think that COX are the ones at fault, not Derek. For instance I live in the UK, and have just got a BT Total Broadband Hub, this serves 2 computers, mine and my son's. Whilst I have had some problems with connection speed, I hve had nothing like Derek's problems, so the answer I strongly suspect is to change cable company, or even go for a DSL connection

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