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Seagate Free Agent 500G freeze W7 on start up or shut down

I have a system with W7 Ultimate on 64. Before that I used XP SP2 64 and the Seagate Free Agent run smoothly. After changing to W7 64, first it didn't saw the Free Agent. After installing the software from the Seagate website it was ok meaning that i could see the hard drive and work on it. After a week or so I started to have problems with W7 not starting up. After not being able to reinstall the W7 OR the XP and trying different things...I manage to understand that after un-pluging the Free Agent I could re install the W7 and since then it keeps having these problems: Not shuting down unless I un-plug the Free Agent or not being able to start W7 unless the Free Agent is unplugged. The Seagate Manager says the hard drive is fine after testing it on several occasions...
P.S. the Free Agent is connected with USB 2.0.
So...if anyone can help me please....

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Reporting: Seagate Free Agent 500G freeze W7 on start up or shut down
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I'd like to hear more about the install problems.

For example another problem computer found a failing DVDRW drive and who knows why that caused boot problems when a not by Seagate was plugged in.

Another owner was running bit torrents on the drive and it would not shut down till the torrents were killed off.

Your post is too light but tell more.

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The idea is simple: one day I shut down the compter, when I came back at home it was booting normaly, after the microsoft logo was formed it was freezing...after several tries to open the compter I decided to re install W7. It was freezing the installation every time I've tried that at "completing installation" step. The XP SP2 wasn't even able to launch installation: always got blocked after loading files. At some point I've tried to update the bios from an USB drive. At that time I had to unplug the Free Agent and after updating Bios I tried to reinstall W7 and it worked! Of course I thought it was due to my bios update!!!...It took me a few days to understand it was the fact that at the installation time the Free Agent wasn't plugged. Now, every time the system fails to shut down or start up I just unplug the power cord of the Free Agent and it works. But I don't think it's such a good idea and of course there are times when I cannot access the Free agent and I have to unplug the drive and then try again and it works....
So...any ideas???

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Seagate Free Agent 500G freeze W7 on start up or shut down

I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS and a Seagate 500GB FreeAgent USB external hard drive. When I first installed W7 64-bit the OS wouldn't recognize the drive, but after installing Drive Manager, I never had the problem again. I have never experienced what you are with the FreeAgent blocking startups or shutdowns. I would suggest contacting Seagate tech support about the matter as this may well be something specific to your FreeAgent drive and not a compatability issue with Windows 7.

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Thank you very much...I was hoping it wasn't something wrong with the Free Agent....

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For many machines.

We unplug almost all USB things during install because Windows (all versions so far) may not handle new devices until we install the drivers.

This includes motherboard drivers. I read you are apparently installing a clean copy of Windows 7 so it is up to you to do the proper install. Tell me about those motherboard drivers. Be specific with where it came from, version.

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What you learn about Windows and Drivers.

You can't ask windows if you have the latest drivers. It only takes some a little longer to learn this lesson.

The second part of this lesson is the driver update button in Windows is unreliable. Yes they have tried harder but let's not discuss that today.

WHAT I DO WANT TO ADD is a nugget that happened AGAIN this week. An owner had put .AVI files on their external and when they plugged in the drive most versions of Windows would lock up.

Fortunately the more seasoned of us know what that is about. There are corrupt JPEG files that can cause this too.

Microsoft's answer on this problem is "don't do that." Someday we all hope they'll find a cure for that issue.

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For what it's worth

I have on of these on my older XP machine but not my Win7 box. I did notice that this Seagate device, by default, spins down after a certain period of inactivity and this caused some hesitations in my system sometimes waiting for the drive to spin up again. I didn't want to use the included software but did download the latest version from the Seagate site and install it. Using Seagate manager, I was able to change the power settings to "never" and the drive no longer spins down. I did notice that the software loads a service which seems to be for sync purposes but I don't know if it affects the power settings. I do wonder if the spin-down cycle might be part of your issue so maybe you might look at the power settings and try not letting the drive stop and restart. Good luck.

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I'm using an Asus Rampage Formula (not the Extreme version) as MB. I'm not sure what driver information one would need. The W7 says I'm using the latest version for all the hardware I've checked.
And for the 2 video cards I've got the latest drivers from ATI...

About the power settings in Seagate Manager I was using 5h so I think it wasn't from there but i've changed now to never....

thanks anyone for all your suggestions and if anybody has any other idea, I'm here...

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