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Screenshot Utility

Dec 27, 2005 4:03PM PST

Is there any application to take screenshots of a computer screen and automatically save them to a specified location, allowing for multiple screenshots to be taken without repeatedly going to Paint and pasting each screenshot there? I found plenty of screenshot applications on, but none of them specifically mentioned this feature. I preferred putting the question here before trying those apps. Thanks a lot for your help!

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If you want
Dec 27, 2005 6:08PM PST

If you want multiple screen shots on the same page, you can

press alt+print scr (at the same time)

open wordpad or an email

and paste them there.

I don't think this is what you're looking for, but it might help.

Hope this helps.


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What I use...
Dec 28, 2005 1:24AM PST

I like the free program ScreenHunter, which lets you give the location the screenshots are to be saved to, state what format (BMP, JPG, or GIF), define an automatic naming sequence, choose between full-screen, active window, and rectangular area, and even has a timed capture feature (set it to take the screenshot is X number of seconds). It's malware free and very easy on system resources. Screen Print & Capture is another good free alternative that's little more advanced, but not quite as simple to use.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you!
Dec 28, 2005 1:41AM PST

ScreenHunter is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you very much!

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Thanks John... Neat software and so easy
Dec 28, 2005 2:42AM PST

I have noted that you are full of these nice little tips and additions. I read your posts for the learning experience. Grin


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What I used ... IrfanView
Dec 28, 2005 12:56PM PST

(I like what mousey said, so much, that I copied his words, and put IrfanView in, as the program name... Happy ).
I like the free program IrfanView, which lets you give the location the screenshots are to be saved to, state what format (BMP, JPG, or GIF), define an automatic naming sequence, choose between full-screen, active window, and rectangular area, and even has a timed capture feature (set it to take the screenshot is X number of seconds).

All that AND IrfanView also saves in 15 other file formats; you have time and date info added to the file (useful when you set it up for timed snap taking); the snaps can include the mouse cursor if you want; you can make a desired hot-key your trigger.

Now ScreenHunter may also these same things, I have no experience with it. It is just that when it comes to do most graphic things that I need to do on a PC, IrfanView usually does it.

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Thanks for the suggestion....
Dec 29, 2005 4:32AM PST

Hi Chuck,
Haha...I liked the ''similarity'' of your and mousey's post.
Anyways, about IrfanView, I have actually used that myself in the past (although I downloaded it for its image editing abilities rather than screenshot-taking features), and I didn't really like the interface. I admit the software is amazingly good for freeware, but I just didn't find it particularly useful due to interface issues.
But glad to hear it works for you and many others.
Thanks again for your suggestion.

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Dec 29, 2005 5:02AM PST

I've used IrfanView in the past as well, but didn't know it had the ability to take screenshots...interesting tidbit I overlooked. However, plagiarism is a serious offense...don't make me show you how I got that username. (Think of practical jokes I might or might not have done about 20 years ago.) Devil


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Dec 29, 2005 6:26AM PST

Used IfanView for a long time never thought of using for screen capture before.Tried and it works great.

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Screen Shots
Dec 29, 2005 1:48PM PST

I purchased Screen Shot Deluxe V3 and I am very satisfied with all the neat screen shot functions available.

Don't remember the price but it was reasonable for all it's functions. It has the usual functions of hot keys, timed shots, etc.


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Screen Shots What I use
Jan 5, 2006 8:21PM PST

Over time I have used may screen capture programs and the best by far (so I have found) is SnagIt by TechSmith. It isn't free but for all it is capable of it is worth the outlay.

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Get SnagIt
Jan 5, 2006 10:11PM PST

SnagIt is the greatest screenshot utility ever created. You have the option to capture anything on the screen including a DirectX application. You can capture a region, a scrolling window, an object, or the entire screen. The file can be edited with their editor. It alows sending to the clipboard, to a file, or emailed. I've only touched on a few features. It can be purchased from TechSmith at

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you dont need any fancy program just.....
Jan 5, 2006 10:30PM PST

press "print screen SysRq" button then click start then click run enter wordpad press ok then click edit then click paste then click file then save to anywhere that suits you.
it is realy easy once you done it a few times hope this helps steve.

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Wow ... it works !
Jan 5, 2006 11:32PM PST

Thanks for the tip, I tried it and work! ... but how can I convert from Wordpad to a JPEG or GIF format?



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You don't save in WordPad, use Paint
Jan 6, 2006 4:49AM PST

If you save a picture in WordPad, the file is a WordPad file. And while it may contain a graphic, the encompassing file format is still something that is not really a graphic format.

Instead of pasting into WordPad, just open Paint and paste there. If you are using WinXP (and some earlier versions of Windows) you will have the ability to "Save As" JPG (or JPEG - which is the same, just an abbreviation difference) format.

If you use any of the previously mentioned screen capture programs, you should not have to go through the extra steps (copy, paste, save) to get your snaps into the JPG format.

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YES, paste to Paint to Save.......
Jan 6, 2006 9:28AM PST

Once you have pressed your ''Prt Scrn'' button open Paint and ''paste'' there using the ''Edit'' button at the left end of your Paint Toolbar. Then select ''Save As'' under the ''File'' button just to the left of the Edit where you want to save it to and what format (Bitmap, JPEG, etc.) you want it saved in and click ''Save''.


To edit what you have captured, make a COPY to work with so you don't mess up the Original. Edit in Paint as well. Or if you have another graphics program you like to use, then use that.

I hope this clears any 'mud' left in your mind after reading some of the other answers. Grin

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Print Screen Deluxe...WUGNET says 'Best of the Best'
Jan 6, 2006 4:17AM PST

Since everyone is mentioning their favorite screen capture's mine ... "Print Screen Deluxe" by American Systems in the business since '94. I've been using it since it first came out and the current version is 6.0.

It's a full-featured program allowing the user to set the screen capture key (or use 'Print Screen' from your keyboard); to set a default file type and directory to store all screen captures; to name, print the entire screen or just the active window; to select freeform or a shaped object capture (oval, rectangle, etc.,)of a portion of the screen captured, etc., etc., etc.,

By far the best I've tried.


PS...Here's some further info from an independent organization .. Windows Usergroup aka WUGNET".

"The Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows XP. Each week Microsoft and WUGNET feature a Windows shareware application demonstrating the very highest programming standards possible today. Each application selected for this award is exhaustively reviewed under all operating situations and of the applications submitted...less than two percent make the cut. It is our intent to showcase only the very "best-of-the-best" applications.
Print Screen Deluxe by American Systems

Download Print Screen Deluxe (3.3 MB) Buy Online with Secure Server - $29.95
Print Screen Deluxe is the original and still a top-of-the-line screen capture utility. It provides a fast and easy way to capture, print and save your screen. One keystroke does it all! With one keystroke you can capture and print the entire screen, the current window, a selected region, and more. You can capture your screen instantly, or after a time delay. Includes a thumbnail viewer. Add arrows, text and use the yellow highlight tool to add comments and to notate your captures! Supports 25 file formats. Live Update will make sure that you always have the latest version.

Print Screen Deluxe saves you time by printing your screens and windows in one keystroke. It works seamlessly with your MAPI compliant Email software to Email your screen shots. There's even a time-delay function that lets you position screen elements before the screen-capture takes place. You can also shrink, and stretch your image, and perform many image enhancing functions on it such as Mirror (both vertical and horizontal), Gray Scale, Gamma Correction, and many more. 25 graphics image formats are also supported! This is the screen capture program you owe it to yourself to try.

- Capture, entire screen, active window, window, auto scrolling window, Clipboard images and text
- Capture images in the shape of a rectangle, round rectangle, ellipse, triangle, polygon, or even a freehand area!
- Capture your menus too!
- Auto Scroll. Allows you to capture the an entire web page or other document when much of it is not visible.
- Automatic Thumbnail viewer .. see all your captures
- Auto Save mode allows you to set a default directory where files are saved, You can reset the counter and delete the contents with the click of a button!
- Notate your images with arrows, text and yellow highlights
- Time delay screen capture
- Save images in 25 file formats
- Capture to an animated GIF (movie) file

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Screenshot Utility
Jan 7, 2006 4:18PM PST

You might like a program named PRINTKEY,
i think i got it here off CNET a few years ago.
it is a small program and i keep its icon on my desk top. When i want to copy anything i simply click the icon, click once on the page that pops up then pick out what i want to save or print. You pick what you want with a square that you stretch to the size you want. you can get the whole page or any large or small spot you wish. i use wps to save or simply click print.
the others mention also sound good but this works for me an its freeware. Just type in printkey an click search, you will find it. There is also a pro version that costs. i have not tried it, free is always good.

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'lil late now, but noneoftheless, I recommend ScreenPrint32
Jan 10, 2006 3:12AM PST

ScreenPrint32 v3.5

Note, there are also other versions of ScreenPrint, but these are more featured and shareware.

-It's freeware
-saves in 4 different popular formats (GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG)
-can capture whole screens, active windows, predefined areas (e.g. the bottom right quarter of the screeen), or user defined areas (like someone's head on a site)
-capture and send to printer
-save with specific naming scheme
-save to a location or prompt user for location

Good stuff and easy to learn and use.
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May 2, 2008 10:51AM PDT

I have tried downloading your "32 v3.5" and it will not I doing something wrong or are you not setup for vista??


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It's not officially Vista compatible...
May 2, 2008 12:14PM PDT

But perhaps Gadwin PrintScreen (freeware), which does support Vista, will do what you're looking for?