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Screen video capture to live stream

Nov 12, 2008 10:08AM PST

There are plenty of tools to help you capture screen video to a AVI file (or some other format) so that you can then post the file on a web site, distribute it on CD, or whatever. But what I'm looking for is a software app that other programs will see as a web/video cam from which they can consume a video feed. But the video feed comes from my screen video. This would allow an app like Skype or any other app that consumes a video feed to see what's happening on my screen. If I'm still as clear as mud, then imagine it this way: It'd be like pointing a web cam at your computer's screen. You'd see what was going on there. However, in this case, you remove the camera and the software app emulates the camera and feeds the screen's video to whatever is consuming it. Does anyone know if such an app is available?

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Nov 15, 2008 4:25AM PST

try the free video capture program called debut (by NCH)

google for debut nch

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Nov 15, 2008 4:39AM PST

Thanks, however it does not seem to do what I asked about, so I'm still looking.

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take a look
Nov 15, 2008 4:56AM PST
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Take a look
Nov 15, 2008 5:11AM PST

Thanks again. I appreciate your efforts. I've asked this question in a couple of different places, but people don't seem to understand what I want. I thought I explained it pretty well, but maybe I'm not doing a good job of that. Think of it this way: If you pointed your web cam at your computer's screen, people could see what you were typing, the spreadsheet you were working on, the picture of your pet, whatever. So you could teach someone how to set up page margins in Word or how to work with layers in Photoshop, right? They'd see what you were doing on screen (they don't need to see you, they need to see your screen). However the quality would be questionable, I'm sure. What I want is a software program (program A) that looks like a web cam to any other software program (program B), but all program A does is capture the computer's video and feed it out to program B. Program B thinks program A is a std. web/video cam. It's not, but program B doesn't know that and doesn't care - it's still getting a video feed and that's all it cares about. But in this case, it's coming from program A and it's the video from your computer's screen. This would help when doing *live* broadcasts of a user group meeting. The video could also be recorded for playback later, but my interest is a live video feed (recording and playing it back later is fine, too, but I want both). If you know where I could find that, then that would be very helpful and I'd be very appreciative. Thanks again.

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Nov 15, 2008 6:06AM PST

so you need to share a desktop remotely (you should have said that at the beginning) The techies understand now

check out this-

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Nov 15, 2008 6:19AM PST

No, that's not it, either. I am a techie and I know there are options to do that. However, you can't share your desktop with 4 or 5 or 15 or more people without something like WebX, but they charge and I am in need of a free solution. The link you With or the camstreams site you posted, I can stream my video to a web site and then many people can view it live for free. TeamViewer is free, but it is also limited to one person viewing. So, again, I appreciate your perserverance, but we're still not hitting the nail on the head.

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got it
Nov 15, 2008 6:30AM PST
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Got it
Nov 15, 2008 6:44AM PST

You da man, B123456H (or is it WOman). I was not aware of that service. The others I've seen are charging. I talked to WebX about this and asked if they had a free offering for a once-a-month users group meeting (seems like it'd be a good opportunity to show off their offerings). Nope, pay or don't use WebX! I started focusing on what I was asking about, thinking a live stream would do it (which it would) and thinking someone would have developed the software I was searching for (I bet it exists somewhere), but I guess I should have just looked harder for a WebX competitor that was free. Thanks again.

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Nov 15, 2008 7:11AM PST

you're welcome!

i'm glad i found something that worked

all i did was google this- free alternatives to WebX

And yes you had it right the first time (i'm a guy)