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Hi. I have a year old very cheap basic Acer computer connected to a six year old 55" flat screen TV via HDMI. My problem is that none of the screen resolutions on the computer fits the monitor. the largest one (1920x1080) which is also the recomended one, is too large. 50% of the tool bar is below the screen. The second largest one (1680x1050) which I am currently using, is too small,  that is to say, too narrow. The top and bottom seems to fit the screen perfectly but there is 5 cm of black on each side.

My video card is Intel(R) HD Graphics, the latest drivers are installed. I tried to find a place to change the resolution directly on the card but can't find a place that lets me.

And as if to rub it in, I keep getting notifications several times a day saying that this is not the optimal resolution and asking me to change to 1920x1080 which is too large. Up until last year I had an older computer connected to it and it had no problems adjusting the right resolution.

I have no Idea if this next part is relevant, it probably isn't, but here it goes. This has been a problem from the beginning when I had Windows 8.1, but I recently updated to windows 10, or my computer did by itself without asking that is, and the only difference I notice is that before, in win 8.1, the black bars on each side was covering room i could use. I could move the mouse outside the screen and it disappeared behind the black bar, and icons could also be hidden there. This is gone after the win 10 update. Now the mouse stops at the edge of the black bar and won't go behind it.

Any and all answers are very much appreciated, and please, when you respond keep in mind that I do not know much about computers so explain to me as you would to an idiot. (I probably am one anyway).

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Re: TV

What's the native resolution of the TV? You forgot to tell that essential detail.

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Facepalm! I always forgets something no matter how thorough

The TV is 16:9. I've tried to change that too, but it doesn't solve it. The 16:9 is the closest to right I get.

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Same here. OK, what fixes it?

I have a Sony HDTV and at 1080 output half the start bar is off screen. What fixes it on that TV is to go to the HDTV Menu, screen settings (not on the PC!!) and select "Full Pixel."

Your model TV may or may not have this.

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Thanks, for the suggestion but I just checked and mine did not have this option.

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Let others have the details.

It may be called by another name. Post the make and full model number or better yet a link to the maker's web page for this model.

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Make and model

It is called Sandstrøm. It is a make that is owned by a Norwegian electronics chain-store. It is supposedly made by Samsung components, but that is not confirmed, It has not got a web page but here is what I found on the chain-store site:

Sandstrøm 55LS9705
Screen size 55"
HDMI-version 1.3q
Resolution 1920x1080
100 Hz

I looked through all the options on the TV menu and could not find anything that does what you said. And like I said in the original post, my old computer automatically adjusted the resolution to fit the TV so I believe it's a computer problem.

Is there any way to manually set the resolution? I mean type the numbers in myself instead of choosing from a list.

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Rare. Google didn't find a manual.

Do you have any links?

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Only this. It is not in sale anymore so this is just an old price-check web page. Like I said, the company that makes it does not have a web page.

The deal is that this is a TV that a Scandinavian electronics chain store had custom made by this company (Sandstrøm). But the guy that sold it to me, who is a close friend that worked in the chain store back then, so I trust him, Said that hardware-wise it is a Samsung TV. Just not a particular model of Samsung.

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Too bad there's no manual.

I've lost count of the times I note the full pixel setting and the member says it's not there. Then we dive into the manual and find it's under another name. Samsung has a "just fit" or such name.

As it stands it looks like a dead end.

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As I can not figure out how to upload screen shots here, I only get "invalid url" I will list the features on my TV menu;

We have the main menu which consists of:


Of these the only relevant menus would be Picture, Options and Setup yes?

The Picture menu consists of the following:
Picture preset Personal
Brightness 50
Contrast 90
Saturation 65
Sharpness 4
Color temperature Normal
Screen mode 16:9
Auto format On (I cannot change this)
Noise reduction On
ECO Dynamic back light Auto
Light sensor On
Motion enhance ---

On the Options menu we have the following:

Subtitle ---
Decoding page language West EUR
Digital teletext language Norwegian
SPDIF Delay 0
T-Link Off
Network update On
Comon interface ---
Location Home

On the Setup menu we have the following:

Language ---
Tuner mode Cable
Country Norway
Channel install --- (I cannot change this)
Organiser --- (I cannot change this)
Input setings ---
Decode --- (I cannot change this)
Diagnostics --- (I cannot change this)
Shop reset ---

Do you see anything that can be it?

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Are there other connection...

that you can use beside the hdmi...maybe VGA? Sometime vga might give you more option on setting resolution.

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The TV does have VGA actually so I can try that. But I actually hope that's not the solution as the computer is in a different room from the TV with the HDMI cable going through a hole in the wall. If I have to use VGA I have to make a bigger hole. Which I kinda don't want to. Silly

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About pictures. is a good read if you want to try changing video settings on the PC. To insert a picture on these forums the picture has to be on the web at say Imgur or other sites that supply a web link ending in png, jpg, jpeg etc.

I've seen more failures in the video control panels than successes. That is, it rarely works out.
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Sadly, no luck.

Thanks for trying, but I tried everything mentioned in that link and nothing worked. And that custom aspect ration mentioned in the link, I don't see that anywhere no matter what resolution i set.

But from what I gather from some of the responses there, this is a common problem with this graphics card provider. So that's probably where the problem is.

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OK your TV is probably a High-Def TV which mean its

720P or 1080P. So the typical resolutions on PC are 1920 x 1080 (which is 1080p) and on some 15: you see 1368 x 768 which is basically 720P. Aspect ratio which is 16:9 for most TV's and PC's and that is basically defining is the screen is a reactangle shape or square. If the 2 numbers are far apart id represents more of a ractangle and if the numbers are closer together the picture is pmore square like the Surface Book 4:3 aspect ratio. Also when you have a black border around your picture this is affected by the aspect ratio. Typically on the 1080p TV it your video player on the pc is set to 16:9 aspect ration there will be no border and the picture will be full screen. The size of the text is adjusted in the Control Panel under display. Set custom Text Size (DPI). Dots per inch. I have a Surface Books that is set to 200% as the default as the screen resolution is 3000 x 2000. Typically if DPI is set to 100 which most people use the text gets smaller the higher the resolution. The text size can then be adjusted using the DPI settings.

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