Screen keeps blanking out momentarily. (Win 8)

Strange problem.
The screen keep blacking out for a second or two. It isn't the monitor or hardware because this NEVER happens when I'm on the Metro Apps page. - Bizarre. I've been through to Task Manager and tried to cull everything that didn't look necessary. Didn't work. I've even done a "Restore" - no success either. The blanking seems more frequent when I start using the computer and after about 1/2 hr on occurs occasionally. I stress that there is never, ever any blanking if I either go to the Metro Apps desktop page or a metro app itself.
Really weird.
Has anyone a suggestion what might be happening?
Ian (Australia)

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Reporting: Screen keeps blanking out momentarily. (Win 8)
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Clarification Request
Is the monitor connected with HDMI?

It's a shame the make, model and connections are missing here.

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Harware info.

Has an NVIDIA video card. 4GB RAM. Just an IBM Clone. Not even sure what sort of motherboard I've got. I'll try and do a bit of research into the hardware and repost. I didn't think it was relevant because the problem never occurs when the Metro App page is displayed. If it were a hardware related issue, wouldn't the screen blank out whatever was displayed?

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I believe it's just connected to the computer with the digital interface (ie not HDMI). It's a BENQ monitor 1920 resolution.

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backlighting problem?

See anything on it, ghostly looking perhaps during the "blanking" period?

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Absolutely none. The screen goes - instantaneously - from what it's displaying to plain black - as if the monitor were turned off for anything from between 1-2 seconds, then it comes back on. It can be rapidly repeated or then again, it might not happen for many seconds. After a long period the 'switch off' might only occur ever 5-10 minutes.
It really sounds like it's a dodgy monitor or video card but it simply couldn't be this. If it were when the Metro App page displays, then the switch offs would be just the same.
Really curious.

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Sorry but that's what a new tech would think. BUT!

Dodgy displays can do odd things like this. There is a slim clue in your post so let's go down that road.

"seems more frequent when I start using the computer" and less frequent as it warms up.

THIS is a classic symptom of the BAD CAPS PLAGUE. You can google that to find pictures, stories and then can inspect for BAD CAPS on the boards in the display and PC.

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Bad caps?

That's what I initially thought but if it were bad caps, wouldn't the problem manifest itself when displaying Metro Apps too?
I think I'll take the monitor down to work and see if it works with one of my other computers. If it does, then at least I've ruled the monitor out. - I hope it is the monitor. Fixing the computer itself will be more of a pain. I've still hot this feeling it's some strange software conflict. I've had the bad caps situation with monitors on other hardware setups and the way the monitor behaves is different from this issue. Like I say, this us a really weird problem.

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Sorry no.

We have seen displays do odd things like this over the years and I was trying to avoid just tossing out the display over a Happy Meal price repair. But I understand folk don't want to look for this and wish you the best in figuring it out.

The symptom is there, so at the office we'd have done the inspection.

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Details are still far too slim.

I'll use whatever a person feels they can share but so far we have that clue about use and it gets less frequent as time passes. That's a classic Electrolytic Capacitor trait where as chips tend to get worse as they heat up.

Now there is something different about the Windows desktop in 8. They (MSFT) taps the GPU for desktop rendering so let's turn that off. and others note the off switch is hard to find. repeats the discussion so you are left to try other drivers.

As the exact details are missing I can't look for you.

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Re: blanking

Another suggestion: try another HDMI cable.

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Think about what changed

In my case, it began this afternoon. A thunderstorm was coming, so I thought maybe it was intermittent power outages, but nothing else was affected, so that couldn't be it.
Rebooted, still had the issue.
After wiggling some cable ends, I thought about this. What changed mechanically today?
Aha, I had moved the CPU case a couple of hours before to make room for some other equipment, meaning some cables had been moved slightly.
I've been using a cheap, but long, DVI cable I got on ebay several months ago with no problems. It has a 15-foot wire that is about 1/4 inch diameter. I flexed this slightly near the connector at the PC end, and presto... blank out. I moved it to a slightly different position, and it has been fine since. Near-term solution: don't touch it again. Long-term: get a better cable.

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Try this...

There's a known issue in Windows 10 that may exist in Windows 8 as well. I do IT for a group of about 150 users and we keep running into this. You can try running MSCONFIG and disabling the "Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support" and "Windows Error Reporting Service" services. Another reason I've found is that some of our HP monitors are recognized as having speakers attached when using a Display Port cable even though there's no speakers on them. Every time a sound is played, the monitor blanks out for a sec. I simply had to set the default audio output to the internal speaker on the machine. Another reason I've only read about is iCloud, and the only way I've seen to get rid of it is uninstall iCloud.

Hope that helps.

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Could be a software glitch with hardware combinations

Load the computer into Safe Mode and let it sit on the desktop.

If it does not flicker, then perform a hardware/software strip down (RAM, GPU, SSD, etc.) and try a different monitor.

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