many of them also download tons of spyware and other Malware. Run Adaware SE & Spybot 1.4 scans if you have them. Let fix all. (If you don't have , there are links for them on this sites Virus & Security Alerts page. See in Bob Profitts post "Anti-Parasite Suite" pinned on 1st page). You could also get free 30 day trial versons of trojan specialty scanners from or Trojan Hunter from
Additionally : Have you tried a system restore point(or are they also corrupted by the trojan)? How about the settings in the Display in control panel? Any changed (especially the resoloution numbers)? Did you remember to disable/unload your AV before installing drivers to prevent corruption?
Hope something here helps ! Happy
P.S.: Could it be an awful coincidence death of monitor?