For a school, I'd go with something better and even consider a router with a managed firewall. I offer some support to a small K-8 school. Their router is from Sonicwall and is managed remotely. It can block specific types of traffic, sites, etc. You'll want that capability. As for wireless, we added that separately. How we did ours was to purchase a number of APs with PoE capability, purchase a separate PoE switch and connect the access points through that. The PoE switch uplinks to a port on the router. The switch is also managed but quite simply. Doing this allowed me to connect that switch to an AC switching panel that allows the entire wireless network to be turned on and off separately. It's generally only turned on during school hours or for special use. This limits the time it's vulnerable to attack as the rest of the network is left on 24/7 for remote administration purposes and staff access to the school's NAS storage drive from their homes.