Saving upgrades before "system restore" xp.

I don't know computer slang, need help & the correct terms found in xp.

I lost cd-rom, endless attempts to get it back. "Go here, do this", & terms are not in the opened box/safe mode/etc.

I have backup on 3 discs I made, don't work.

Upgraded drivers in device, all of them.

I have a backup partition, insert disc1, nothing happens.

I have other issues, Abode reader, remove & the registry hits deleted, new copy, don't work. Get a "agree to" full screen oversized box, move the box up to see "accept" & "decline" boxes, only decline works /highlighted.

Fixable or restore to original? Problem is 2002 version needs over 200 upgrades, takes days to get secure.

I have removed programs & downloads/misadventures, then deleted any registry hits by name search.

The upgrades, Windows security essentials & downloaded files are my concern of reinstalling original OS.

Please don't post "fix programs". if its not in xp, pass my topic by.
Thank you.

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Reporting: Saving upgrades before "system restore" xp.
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Sorry, Your Post is Hard To Understand

First, you need to tell us the make and model of your computer..

You state "lost cd-rom"... Are you referring to the backup CD that came with the computer or the CD driv/player hardware on the computer..

You state: "I have backup on 3 discs I made, don't work".. What kind of backup discs? Why don't they work? (Are they bootable discs and are you trying to boot from them?) How were they made? Do you see error messages when you use them?

You state: "I have a backup partition, insert disc1, nothing happens." Generally, using a backup partition on brand name computers such as HP, etc. DOES NOT require a disc to be inserted.. You simply press the appropriate F-key to access the recovery partition and it re-installs the operating system and all drivers and software back to its factory condition..

You state: "Fixable or restore to original? Problem is 2002 version needs over 200 upgrades, takes days to get secure." I would restore to original in your case... Last week, I used recovery discs to completely restore an HP computer, using XP. It's original state took it back to Windows XP SP1. It took about 4-5 hours to perform the complete recovery which included wiping the hard drive with Dban, installing Service Pack 3 for XP, Internet Explorer 8, and all Windows Updates to date.. I also reinstalled Avira antivirus and a couple other programs for use with an additional DVD burning which was added after the original purchase.

Hope this helps and let us know more.


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Reply to Grif.

Thanks for responding Grif. I'll answer your ?'s.
cd-rom, it no longer works. There is no original computer disc, bought computer used.

I made discs, 3 dvd, from the utility for system restore. They don't work as there is no functioning cdrom.

I got backup in a partition 8gigs or so, this did not activate in the utility. Besides, my upgrades are not on there, no different that a start over restore. Try starting over without your original disc...its not 5 hrs, its more than 24 hrs. Thats only the hp & microsoft, now get system security, then clean out the obsolete programs, its days. Remember I don't have skills, jargon or remember where the controls are.

I confused backup disc with, I meant 2 differerent actions.

I use firefox & piriform. I do use the windows program remover, them ccleaner immediately. I had to upgrade to explorer 8 to download upgrades, rarely used or wanted.

Many of they mcs help downloads are deadend, few say why, "you need sp2 or greater", well I have sp3. Ok try to get sp2, "no support since July 2012" HP wants it hidden. When you get to the right page, you find 6-8 listed for xp, downloaded 2 @ 1.5-2 hours each, both wrong. Bet the remainder are sucker links too.
Even getting sp3 was an endless hassle of deadend stories, finally a month or so (last restore) later some hp program gets tired of stating you need it & presents a workable link.

Specs: xp pro, 2002.
sp3, build 2600.
hp pavilion 061
rc646aa-abc a1626n.

I don't understand safe mode, typing in commands, the instruction page is gone when I'm on a black page. Doesn't seem to have a back button.

Can I preserve all the upgrades & my files without dragging baggage into a renewed xp ? I only use mcs security now

Is there an OS thats user freindly ? I'm senior, memory issues repitition does not solve, (dementia or 'side effects' to those that don't got it).
Stuck with hp for now, I'd dump windows real quik. Don't need free, need layouts like foxfire or piriform...all command boxes on the same page? (in general). Linux & the like need skills , not suitable. Further this, I only use text, still images, camera program & play cd/dvd music. NO video anything needed.

Thanks for your help.

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First, Get The CD-Rom Drive Fixed ...

When the CD-Rom drive works, your recovery discs may work fine, or since you've not mentioned any other major problems on your computer, this may fix your entire issue. (The Adobe issue can be fixed later.) Problem solved. If you can't replace the CD drive yourself, take it to a good local computer shop.. It's not that expensive and a failed CD drive is common.. It just needs to be replaced..

The instructions for using those discs on your computer from HP are below. It also lists the option to run a full recovery from the Recovery Partition on the hard drive.. NO need to have the recovery discs in that situation.:

Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows XP)

UNLESS, the hard drive is damaged.. Because you mention problems with using the recovery partition, it may be there is a problem with the hard drive.. The computer DOES have some age on it.

And remember, recovering a computer by performing a clean install is not a thing for the faint of heart.. I've helped many do it.. Please recognize that you may need help also. Ask a knowledgeable friend or relative to give you a hand..

As to downloading and installing service packs for XP, use the links below. They should help.. It shouldn't take a long time to download the full installers, as long as you have high speed internet.. If you don't have such, ask a friend to download the files for you and put them on a CD. You'll want them on a CD for use after the recovery..

Windows XP SP2 Installer

Windows XP SP3 Installer

Hope this helps.


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Need help to restore the cdrom.

I tried that link several days ago, I forget results other than no result. Maybe its for a different os than mine. I may be wrong on the os, I have "windows media center edition professional version 2002", in system configuration utility I have "windows xp professional". Same or different ? Half of this & half of that ? It is a used computer, made of parts by a U student.

I think its a setting blocking cdrom, maybe in services.mcs. Or I've deleted something. How to find out ??? If I insert any disc the light activates, flash/blinks like normal, so I doubt its a physical failure. In services I block what I think is privacy holes remote _ _ _ & others.

Service here is $80 & up, depends on the "business" decision, "a one time sucker" or a "lucrative repeat milker". A 10 year hp xp falls into...

Hp & Microsoft is up to date, all the drivers are too.

I defrag every day, nothing wrong with the hard drive.

I need the cdrom & how to disc or store the os upgrades & my text files. I go thru hp & mcs & deadend either in a utility box that does not list whats stated in directions or stumped in "safe mode" black pages because instructions are in slang, not the items to type in. Also the other "need sp2 or greater" when I HAVE greater, sp3.

I don't believe I'm the first here with this problem. Instructions must be in these forums. I just don't know the correct search words/strings to get that info in this forum.

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I Still Recommend Replacement of CD Drive

Flashing lights mean nothing if the laser is no longer functioning in the 10 year old drive.. Replacement should then cause the drive to function as its supposed to and you could then perform maintenance or recovery steps as you'd like.

And yes, you have Windows XP Media Center Edition.. The link is correct.

Defragging will do nothing for your problem and you don't need to do it daily.. Maybe once a month or so.

Hope this helps.


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Wait a second.

" there is no functioning cdrom. "

" I only use text, still images, camera program & play cd/dvd music."

Something's not right here.

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I don't understand your post. I only use text (email & download instruction files, may or may not have pictures). Just sayin my computer use. Kinda hard to play disc music right now.

Your above link did work, I have a part file too in downloads from yesterday. Results in "do not need as system has a newer version installed". sp3 as stated. why is sp3 not recognized ?

I did have a version downloaded/installed with no popup telling me it won't work. Got tricked on a new cdrom repair search with a domain limit of "" right after the above download. Linked to a mcs recommended site "driver tool.exe", turns into "mypcdrivers", think a moment...its a mcs link, got to be ok...start its download...wait, now a sign up story, ok, 30 bucks sucker...hard to get rid of, so I rolled back as I have all the upgrades, dates etc in backup...but they are gone, only the two I made yesterday. Is the above maulware ? Norton was attached too, gone now I hope. I use essentials security & monthly mcs testing & all mcs popup suggestions.

Who's in control ? 1 of 2 .exe would not delete from the registry, other 4 files did. I recently downloaded instructions on finding a hidden administrator, get there in safe mode, can't remember all the instructs to play in the "black pages". I guess find it & hand wright them, try again.

I have done 3-5 clean installs on this computer. I find it disappointing not scarey. Disappointed I fell sucker to another gimmick like above.

Wish I had music, day 3 gone by.

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