saving my music !

recent purchase of new computer ...Lenovo.. w/ windows 10...

tho the old hard drive was supposed to be transferred with my I-Tunes ibrary, there were some ? "corrupt" ? files ...
how can I get the music on my I-pod (16,500 songs) into the new I-Tunes library on the new computer ...
obviously w / o losing decades of songs !!! ? and being attempted by 60+ w / marginal technical skills Confused

help !

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Reporting: saving my music !
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A little explanation.

iTunes and the iPod work very well together but they only work in one direction!
From iTunes TO iPod.

Without the aid of third party software, in this case iRIP, connecting your iPod to your new computer, one that has zero tracks in iTunes, will result in the loss of ALL the tracks on the iPod.
iTunes will replace all the tracks on the iPod with all the tracks contained in iTunes, which in your case, is ZERO.


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i should have mentioned

since those "corrupt" files kept the geek squad from getting my original I tunes library onto the new computer I gave them the external HD I used to backup my files...however...that was / is a bit of a mess, in that it was pretty jumbled and i'm finding now, likely incomplete ...point being ... I am currently missing approx. 500 songs and the others require quite a bit of, if I do the "i rip " will it recognize songs that are already in the n e w I tunes on the new computer ? ie; not double them up ?

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I'm going with no.

There is no Nirvana app that does exactly what folk want in this case. While I applaud iRip for creating a great way to get content back that folk forgot to backup, it has no magic powers to not duplicate and get all the categories 100% right.

Next time? Plan for the disaster.

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o k so Now

have been sharing communiques w / I rip "ninja" and seems like there are "issues" with windows ...and for me it's " windows 10 " ...exactly what goes wrong , I don't know, but I know I do not want to chance losing the library off the I-Pod ! so once again I ask if there is assistance anyone can offer ?
to clarify,
tho I have backed up my music on an external HD, it now appears to be short of about 500 songs, and it was not as carefully placed the 1st few years as it has been for the past few ...the I-Pod has it all, and in the proper configuration ...

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Then no.

While I've never seen an issue with Windows 10 and iRip when following the directions there are folk that don't get it that we are in disaster recovery mode and what we recovery won't be as pristine and cleanly organized as before.

At least iRip does get the content back.

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something other then i rip ?

gave the "trial version" a go on my laptop...figuring I could test it all w / my Nano and not lose anything I could not replace ...well , the I rip said it was downloaded but then started asking for codes and serial #'s...bottom line is not so user friendly for this non tech type ...anyone have a better choice ? I have been looking and there appears to be a few programs that do this ...

easiest ? safest ?

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Where did you get this from?
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How to find alternatives.
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other choices

the "ninja" at little app " I-Rip " admitted the problem I had in the installation on my laptop was likely the " issue" that was indicated with regards to windows 10...obviously there are some bugs to work out ...

so again if there are similar scenarios encountered and good results from another or otherwise , it'd be appreciated .....

tho I did back up all the music on an ext HD, it is over the course of 7 years , and early on, admittedly sloppy...

as my I-pod has it sequenced the way i'd like...I was hoping to just get it all back in to I tunes in that configuration of
playlists and album artwork ....

thanx again

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Let us know how it turns out.

And to share a little nugget here.

The iTunes library is PER USER. That means if you restore from one iPod to say your Windows ACCOUNT called "MYCORONA" then if you are unhappy with that you can create a new Windows ACCOUNT such as "TRIALBYFIRE" and login there to try again until you get it just right.

By now you get the idea there was no attempt by Apple to provide a clean restore from iPod to Apples or PCs. At least they documented many times over the years how to backup iTunes.

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