Saud Musaibeh, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, scoffed at the claim of police collaboration, saying it was impossible that any police officers would cooperate with extremists, given that they have been fighting one another for more than a year, with many killed on both sides. "The police have been their target," he said. "You can expect anything from such liars who depend on killing, destroying and cutting off heads."

Saudi analysts believe that the kidnapping probably happened as the Web account described, but are skeptical about the claim that policemen helped the group. They noted that police uniforms were easily obtained anywhere in the kingdom - raids on militant hide-outs usually turn up a few - and the radicals have proved adept at painting vehicles to match those of the security services. The suicide bombers who struck a residential compound in November, for example, were driving a fake armed forces vehicle

Sounds like al Qaeda has taken lessons about making gratuitious and irrational claims from the DNC. Devil