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Sarah Palin's emails released

I assume that's under some Freedom of Information Act or some Freedom of the Press Act or constitutional law.

24,000 pages of emails!

I just have to wonder, is it time to call time on excessive use of the Freedom of Information Act or whatever?

Of course the newspapers and other media are going to find 'juicy bits', like "Her attempt to install a tanning bed in the governor's mansion in Juneau", but I'm sorry, isn't this all getting a bit silly?

Help us go through them to find the best stories. We'll be adding more as the day goes on. No. Thank you but No. I have a life.


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Reporting: Sarah Palin's emails released
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I think it's disgusting

and would find it to be so, so matter WHO they were going after, Rep or Dem....

The very fact that the Washington Post and the NYTimes have actually recruited their readers to deliberately dig for dirt on someone is sickening....wouldn't it have been nice if they had recruited those same readers to deliberately dig for dirt on ObamaCare when the bill was presented so it didn't have to be passed before we knew what was in it? Talk about hypocritical news reporting/investigating....but then again, it's the liberal media we're talking about here.

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Well no.

It's all media and not just limited to so-called liberal.

It just happens that Palin is the flavor of the month.


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What media

ever asked for every single email sent or received by a political person and then recruited their unpaid readers/membership to dig into everything on their (the media) behalf?

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What's the problem?

No one is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do.

They have 24,000 to read...what if a big story breaks today...Palins emails could go on the back burner before all the muck is raked.

Strike while the iron is hot.

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You're telling me

the right wing press wouldn't do the same if they had the chance?

And what's the betting they are not already trying to get emails and such for any Democratic politicians?


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Let's get all of Weiner's!
That would be a good fishing trip.
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How about, James...

James, how about Obama's e-mails from when he was a State Senator? I wonder how far such a request would get.

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What a great idea!

I think FOX should file a FOIA request for them. If not provided, then SUE!

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RE: I think FOX should file a FOIA request for them

yeah...That's the ticket.

Then people would have to say that FOX was part of/just like of the MSM.

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I'm sure they'd share with MSM

Wouldn't that be fair enough?

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Wouldn't have to "share".

One gets it..they all get it...You should know that.

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I think all newsorganizations should file an FOI against Fox

Noise, and then we'll find out who is pulling the strings and dictating editorial policy. Unfair and Unbalanced and Unworthy of attention.

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Newsflash Rob

Fox is NOT a government agency so you cannot file a FOIA motion with them....

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.....all those e-mails have turned up a whole lotta nuthin'. What little I've seen all sounds pretty banal and since I figure anything noteworthy would have made headlines by now, I'm guessing no news is no news.

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I did hear from one news source....

that the boxes of emails weigh about 50 lbs each. Then again, boxes of paper do weigh about 50 lbs each even if they don't have emails printed on the sheets but I guess that news outlet thought that was newsworthy Devil So far it is the most humorous piece of news I've seen come out of the whole affair.

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ream weight is how they rate the paper grade. It can be misleading because it's based on sheet size BEFORE cutting to used size, so that standard 8.5 x 11 inch weight would be based on 1000 cut sheets instead of a ream (500), since it's cut from 17 x 22 sheet. A case such at Staples or Office Depot is 10 reams or 5000 sheets. So if using cheap white paper of 20 pound, then multiply that by half the number of reams since it's already cut to size and that would be 50 pounds. (2.5 x 20) = 50 pounds. The better stuff at 24 pounds rating is 60 pounds per case/box. There's some handy ways that information can be used. I use it to know how much postage to add when doing a mail label online at USPS, so that mailing a 25 page document on 20# paper I know it will weigh a half pound or 8 ounces plus envelope, so I add an ounce for envelope. ($20 divided by 1000 sheets) multiplied by 25 sheets) = 0.5 pound.

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Good, and I trust

the media companies will think again when they consider this stupid exercise in the future.


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(NT) So Fox News is ignoring those e-mails?
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It's all disgusting

and I said that doesn't matter WHO's emails they are, nobody should be attacked that way in order to look for dirt. Even tho Fox has copies and are reading them, THEY haven't asked all their membership/readers/tv viewers to go thru them looking for dirt they can use against Palin. I'm appalled that any news agency would do that, and if Fox had done it, I would be criticizing them as well.

I have to wonder again....from what I understand, there was only one newspaper company that requested those emails via the FOIA. There were 24K plus pages worth. So how did all the rest of the media get their hands on them? Did the original news company make copies and send them all out, or did the rest of the news media piggyback the original request?

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If a newspaper requests something through the FOIA, they're requesting that it be made available, period. They can't request an exclusive. If they win the ruling, then any media outlet can see it.

And since Fox is going through them too, I guess they're now part of the "liberal media?"

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I trust Fox since they have them

to read them in order to dispute anything the liberal media finds that they try to smear her with....journalism should be about getting to the facts and the truth, and unfortunately the MSM isn't interested in anything near that with conservatives.

Thank you for clarifying how the FOIA works when it comes to requests...I had always thought only the party that requests it could get it and others would have to request the same info individually.

Poor Alaska...I can't even imagine the amount of time and cost involved in getting that many copies out to so many. What a waste of taxpayer money just to try to dig up dirt when there are so many more important things that that money could have gone to.

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RE: Poor Alaska.

Don't cry for them...They pay you to live there. Everyone gets around a grand a year.

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A whole thousand dollars??

That would make me want to move there! Wink

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Oh, and by the way...

....the New York Times did not ask their readers to look for "dirt." They asked their readers to let them know if they found anything of interest.

Did Fox actually say that they were only reviewing the e-mails so they could "rebut the liberal media" or are you just attempting to explain why they're doing the same thing every other major news outlet is doing?

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Must not be enough for some to do
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A few years ago

they wanted people to count craters on Mars.

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Looks British

That car looks like a 70's British version Ford. Caprice maybe?

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Not Caprice (that's chevy), but maybe a British Ford Capri or an Escort?

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The image behind the front wheel

I can't make it out but could be a logo. There were other British and French cars imported for a time such as the Anglia (Ford?), Humber, Simca, Renaults and others. The tiny chrome bumper doesn't look US though. But that fuzzy image might offer the best clue in a search. I'm sure doing that would be more interesting than scouring through Palin's emails.

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Try this one
Ford Cortina

Could be a different year but some kind of emblem is visible behind the front wheel and the shape isn't all that different.

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