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Sarah Palin Is Back & Getting Noticed

Could the fun be starting early this year? Let's see, now Obama wouldn't be a lame duck till November, right? The first primaries are in March usually. Looks like potential candidates are approaching the starting line, checking out the starting gates, getting ready for the upcoming race.

She's sure a lot easier on the eyes than Obama.

She looks good in almost anything. Wink

Sarah Palin is going rogue
again, confounding the press and delighting fans on a family bus tour
that could be a prelude to an unconventional White House campaign -- or a
branding exercise for Palin Inc.
The 2008 Republican vice
presidential nominee has kept reporters scrambling across three states
for three days, refusing to publish her schedule while traveling the
countryside in a flashy, painted campaign-style bus.

And it paid immediate dividends with coverage from reporters who chased her like paparazzi after Angelina Jolie.
"This is a very well-orchestrated media hype that has created buzz
well beyond the standard bus tour," Republican strategist Ron Bonjean

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Reporting: Sarah Palin Is Back & Getting Noticed
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she's getting ready to release her own movie

Of course she's getting attention. If a person stands up in the middle of a room and starts shouting "look at Me !!! " then she will get all the attention she wants.

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More than you evidently...

You seem to spend much of your time in SE doing exactly what you claim she is doing...standing up in the middle of a discussion and shouting "Look at Me"...but, unfortunately, you have little to contribute to a debate.

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OUCH !!!

You go girl !!!

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So, would you rather I say...

... that she has proven to be a glory hound who can not stick out a job even though she made a sworn commitment to it?

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Point by point

Glory Hound????

She left her job because there was more emphasis being made on 'defending' herself and not enough on her job. As if you haven't already heard all this three years ago and probably 'discussed' it here in SE ad nauseam

She is very much aware of current events...and the 'read' comment is beneath even you.

Her looks...better than most...definitely better than BO

Her previous job performance was actually excellent as Governor of her track record and you would know better than to speak before yanking your foot out.

Her public 'performances' is much better than BO' least she doesn't need a teleprompter (she can only hold so many notes on the palm of her hand, you know) and she doesn't talk from not only both sides of her mouth but also the back of her head like BO does. She shoots from the hip to the delight of many and nobody is confused over what she has to say. Even the 'liberal' press has to interpret what BO has to say, even WITH a teleprompter.

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point by point

Yes, Glory Hound. She loves the positive attention and quickly collapses under criticism.

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Actually, regarding the quitting

from what I read and heard at the time, her claim that as long as she was governor she would be so tied up with investigations and legal battles that she couldn't govern effectively has some merit.

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re: quitting
her claim that as long as she was governor she would be so tied up with investigations and legal battles that she couldn't govern effectively has some merit.

I don't doubt that this is true. However, consider that Clinton held the highest office in the country while being investigated for multiple corruption issues, womanizing, and possibly lying under oath. Some of these investigations started only months after he took office. He finally was impeached, and he yet stayed in office the whole time. Palin, was not leader of the free world, but governor on one (small) state. She was not being impeached, only investigated. Yet she felt she could not do her job under those circumstances and her answer was to quit. What if she faced the same type of investigations that Clinton faced? She has been involved in private business development deals. I'm sure some trumped up charges could be raised against her. After all, she always said the investigations in Alaska had no merit so what is to stop this from happening again? Will her answer be to quit once again?

Look, I actually have no problem with the woman. However, she has made multiple claims of competence and expertise in various fields, yet she withdraws every time she is pressed to answer demanding questions. If one claims to be able to kick everyones butt, then sooner or later one will be asked to put up or shut up.

I don't blame you for voting for McCain. I might have voted for him myself last election, were it not for his choice of running mates.
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Interesting also.....

.....that this bus tour was planned with the intent of making it difficult to impossible for the press to know where she's headed on any given day. She REALLY fears having to answer questions. Heaven forbid she'd get another "gotcha" question about what newspapers she reads or something really tricky like that. And if any reporters do manage to catch up to her, I've got money saying she'll play the Victim Card.

Sad, really, that people fall for this stuff.

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RE: Heaven forbid she'd get another "gotcha" question

word on the street is, she is under contract with FOX and can/will ONLY answer questions from FOX. That should help with the 'gotchas".

Princess Di died in crash with paparazzi chasing her...You'd think Palin would learn.

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Real simple

"I don't waste time reading newspapers". Ends that discussion and hits one area of the media all at the same time. The last newspaper I read was the twice weekly local that comes here. I don't take either Washington paper nor the Baltimore Sun. They don't interest me. If I need news, I check online resources and watch TV news reports on a variety of channels.

What's the last book I read? "you mean cover to cover, or just browsed"? I'm not one to waste my time reading fiction. If I make it past 10 pages without nodding off asleep it's probably only because the book so bored me I got angry at wasting time on 10 pages of it. Reading a book is like self hypnosis to me. Yet, I read a lot, just not novels. If I want entertainment or something to waste time on, then I turn on the TV or pop in a movie.

Magazine? One from Forbes comes here. That's it. I don't even pick them up at the doctor's office, I find watching the other people there more entertaining.

What are the two least used media nowadays? Newspapers and Magazines. So, if you want to "stump" someone with a question, what should it be? "What is the last newspaper or magazine you read"?

For me it would have been a simple question. "I don't spend time reading either".

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Maybe you can find the answer to it since I've been able to.

Are there ANY political candidates in the HISTORY of running for ANY office (male OR female) who were asked by ANY reporter what books/magazines they read?

If you actually looked at Palin's face when asked that question you would know immediately that her reaction was "What is this bulls..." along with total disgust for Katie for asking such a ridiculous question.

Can you imagine ANY reporter asking BO what HE reads? It hasn't happened yet because they bow to him as often as he bows to foreign officials....

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RE: Can you imagine ANY reporter asking BO what HE reads?
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Quote from your VERY interesting read/link: Presumably, it is taking Obama a long while to get through the book's 720 pages. It is also possible that he does not read that many books when not on vacation. In a conversation with the New York Times' Michael Powell, he admitted that one of the challenges of the presidency is that "you have very little chance to really read. I basically floss my teeth and watch SportsCenter."

I suspect that you didn't bother to read the whole article you linked to......or you would have searched for another that more suited your purposes.

Evidently, the ONLY way anybody knows what BO reads is because the WH releases a list of BOOKS....not newspapers, not magazines, nada. And even then, he has to take a freaking VACATION in order to get anything read. Fortunately, he takes ALOT of those. The article also states that he is reading those particular books in order to appear more 'presidential'. Good one......

Perhaps Katie should have requested a reading list from Palin prior to the interview since that question was never asked of BO during his campaign and the press corps(e for BO) waited for the WH release of that info waaaayyyy later. Now tell me again, WHY conservative WOMEN are treated so differently by the liberal media?

Thanks for the laughs.........

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You asked
Can you imagine ANY reporter asking BO what HE reads?

I answered.

Then YOU went off on a tangent..exactly what you accuse others of doing.

I responded about Obama...I didn't start talking about Bush reading about a goat

I'd rather hear you laugh instead of the crying, gloom and doom.
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Wrong JP

I specifically asked:

Can you imagine ANY reporter asking BO what HE reads?

I answered.

No, you didn' replied that nobody HAD to and gave a link to press stories about how the WH (AFTER he was elected already) released a list of BOOKS he either had read, was in the middle of reading, or planned to read when he finds time during his vacations.

The point being...NOBODY in the liberal media ever asked him during HIS campaign what he reads...but felt a real need to ask Palin. It's a constant double standard with liberals....beat a conservative woman to death with inane garbage, but let a liberal male off scott-free every time.

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RE: Wrong JP
I specifically asked:

Can you imagine ANY reporter asking BO what HE reads?

OK I'll try again

the answer is Yes.

OK you asked, I answered.

You didn't ask for proof, you just asked if I could imagine.
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LOL, JP is never going to get it right

Keep trying! Cry

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RE: LOL, JP is never going to get it right

you are LOLing and Cry at the same time?

What did I get wrong she asked if I could imagine something and I said YES I could.

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Presidents and candidates get asked....

...what they read all the time. I even remember W answering that question.

Her reaction was more "deer in the headlights" because she couldn't think of any. All she had to do was answer it and move on. I remember when Obama went on the Bill O'Reilly show and O'Reilly asked a very condescending question -- "Who are we fighting in the war on terror?" That was a real "DUH!" question but instead of sitting there silently or making an issue out of it, Obama just answered him and they went on to the next question.

The same thing happened when Couric asked her a question about John McCain's stance on a specific issue. The silence was deafening because she clearly didn't know the answer. I think that was the one she eventually replied to with "I'll have to get back to you on that."

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(NT) Hmm, remember any Democrats answering that question?
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I remember Clinton talking about what books he's reading

I don't recall whether he was asked or volunteered the information though.

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I tried something, Josh...

Josh, I pretended that a reporter just asked me what I read. The first one was easy, I was still reading it a few hours ago. With the one before that I had to wait and think for 3 or 4 seconds, and the answer was a science fiction book. For the next one back, I had to think for 8 to 10 seconds and it was a book about U.S. fast food chains.. For the next one back on the list, I had to check the bookshelf to make sure.
For the 1st 3 books, it took me well over 10 seconds to come up with those books. If I had been going through a TV interview, would you have called my delay like a deer in the headlights? Heck, with some quite normal people a question of what did you eat for dinner last Saturday can cause them to have to pause and think for a little while.
You know, something comes to mind about such book lists with political interviews. I can't remember "fun" books on them like Science fiction books, humor books like Dave Barry, adventure like Zane Grey, etc. etc.

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But even though it took you a few seconds.... were able to come up with titles. She wasn't able to come up with a single newspaper and had more than a few seconds to do it. Even if she didn't actually read them, she could have just thrown out a few names like the Anchorage Daily News, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

And yeah, politicians' book lists always seem a bit heady -- historical biographies and the like. Never anything light.

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Wondering, Josh

if someone asked you a question that you found to be absolutely insulting because it's a question that they wouldn't ask of anyone else, how quickly would you respond to it, and wouldn't you feel offended by it in the first place to where you hesitated because what you really wanted to do was be angry and respond that way...and knowing you were on television, wanted to reply in a way that wasn't insulting right back? That type of response would naturally take a few deep breaths and seconds longer to respond to, don't you think? This is a woman who had been repeatedly attacked prior to this 'interview' (which was supposed to be a professional interview and wasn't by any long stretch of the imagination), and of course she is going to be on the defensive mentally and waiting for that 'gotcha' question from a liberal media commentator. It's not like BO type interviews where he gives five or ten minutes for an interview with a complete list ahead of time of questions that he 'allows' and disallows others before agreeing to the interview....and then because he is so long-winded knows he can avoid most of the questions anyhow because he will eat up the clock with his answers.

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Oh waaa, waaa, waaaa Toni

I already addressed that in another post. Obama was asked a pretty insulting question by Bill O'Reilly; in fact it was the very first question in their interview. He smiled, answered it and they moved on. THAT's what a grownup does.

She wasn't "insulted." If she was, she could have said so. She hemmed and hawed and couldn't come up with a name. It was only later that she came up with the "I felt insulted" story.

And if "What newspapers do you read" is her idea of a "gotcha" question, that's just plain sad.

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I personally think that pols "pad" their reading lists

Of course, if they take the time to pad their lists... that means they are asked often enough to anticipate the questions "what have you read lately".

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Who are you reading?

In Hollywood they say

Who are your wearing?

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Seems like they're always being asked that question

How many times have you heard a reporter asking some politician what book is on their nightstand that they were reading?


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An interesting alternative explanation

and from some news correspondent, not her camp aides. By not catering to the media like most possible candidates, with her very passionate group of supporters, she makes herself the most sought after candidate.

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