Thanks!...I picked up this 50"4K about three weeks ago for under $500 new so far good. Thing is I have been all over the net looking for reviews on this unit can't find nothing on it. I performed the settings you posted and have to say much better. The one thing I had noticed was the yellows seem to have a slight greenish tint to them. Your recommended settings seems to have helped. When I found this unit and knowing it wasn't a "topend" 4K I mean like say 1 or 2 g,s. I wasn't expecting to get a unit of that caliber for the price I payed for the unit but I have to say I am very impressed with this Sanyo 4K. I have owned Sonys, Samsung's in the passed and have paid 3 times as much and the Sammy crashed after 18 months of use. Again thanks for posting your setting on Sanyo 50" 4K,s. Hope I get 4 to 5 years use out of it