I did a quick Google search for Sandy Burkey thinking it was relevant to your question, but couldn't find anything relevant. What is Sandy Burkey?

Back to your question, try this;

1] Shut down both the computer and the printer.

2] Disconnect the printer from the computer.

3] Boot up the computer again. Uninstall all printers.

4] Goto Services from Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. Scroll down and look for Print Spooler and highlight.

5] Open the Print Spooler dialog window, (either double click or right click and Properties).

6] STOP the Print Spooler service, then Disable it.

7] Reboot the computer, and install the printer software.

Cool Connect the printer and see if that has solved the issue.

You may need to re-enable the Print Spooler if that is not done by the reinstall, and set it to Automatic.