I bought a generic mp3 player that I had trouble with on all three of my pc's: Win98SE, 2K, and XP. I got it to work using the steps below. You might want to try them. Good luck.


Windows 2000 fix for "Mp3 player not recognized". It asks for a file named actdisk.sys, which is not on CD Rom that came with my Mp3 player, and no information is available about it in the manual.



1. Start
2. Settings
3. Control Panel
4. Double click System
5. Hardware Tab
6. Device Manager
7. USB Controllers
8. Right-Click the one with Exclamation point
9. Properties
10. Driver Tab
11. Update Driver
12. Next
13. Search for a suitable driver for my device
14. Microsoft Windows Update
15. Next
16. Install one of the other drivers
17. Next
18. USB Mass Storage Device Microsoft Location: c:\windows\inf\usb\usbstor.inf
19. Next
20. Finish