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Samsung YP-T9 Play transferred music file

To all Samsung YP-T9 owners:
Please help!

I have transferred music files to the player using the drag-n-drop method (both in MP3/WMA format), but the player do not recognize the songs. The transferred Music files are not visible in the player. But if the player is connected to the PC, then it is visible and can be played through the computer.

Kindly advise what to do! BTW, the music file are not protected.

Thanks for your attention!

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Reporting: Samsung YP-T9 Play transferred music file
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I dont know what you mean by drag and drop, but I put the music on the player by making lists in windows media player and then used the sync tab and transferred the files there

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Thanks for your reply!

Drag-n-drop means using Windows Explorer to copy files from one source to another destination. Anyway, I forgot to mention, I also did use WMP Sync tab to transfer music files. But the transferred files are still not visible in the player and therefore I was not able to play n listen to the music.

Any other ideas why?

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Not compatible

Drag-and-drop songs won't play on the YP-T9 because the YP-T9 isn't drag-and-drop compatible. That's why it doesn't work as a flash drive or with Macs. You have to sync all the songs trough a program like Windows Media Player. Read the review on the YP-T9, I think it says that.

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Thanks for your reply!

I not only use drag-n-drop but also WMP sync. Anyway, i have already found the transferred files. It was located under the File Browser Function --> Music folder, instead of under Music Function. Why? Maybe the player treats it as an ordinary file instead of music file.

I'll just have to be contented to have the music organized as such for the meantime until i found a way to organize it under the Music Function.

Thanks again for your attention.

To all other YP-T9 owners:
Just want to know if your transferred music files fall under the Music Function --> Music Folder, or just like mine under the File Browser --> Music Folder? If yours is under the Music Function --> Music Folder, kindly advise how you did it.


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Yea, luzzieh, I am having the exact same problem.

I am using the Samsung Media Studio which came with the YP-T9 to sync and get the music files onto the player, but once I do they are never located under "Music", I have to go to File Browser. Is there any way I can get around this?
Even when I created an album and went through all the steps in the instructions to add a playlist to the player, I still cannot access the playlist through Music>Playlists or even Music>All Tracks without going to File Browser. I COULD add it all to my favorites playlist, but that's only 100 songs max. HELP, anyone!!

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By syncing the player n PC, the music files are saved in the File Browser --> Music Files. I think that is how the player works.

Regarding Playlists, I have not tried that yet. because what i did was save all the songs in just the one file -- Music Folder, without artist/album classification. That way i can shuffle the songs during playback. But the problem with this is that the album art is not shown. If u want the album art to be shown, u classify it. The problem with this is that shuffle playback is not possible.

I am still trying the features, on how to do it - album/artist classification, shuffle playback, album art n playlist - all-in-one.

As for why u only hv 100 songs in Playlists, because when u save a music in the Music Folder, n u also hv it in the Playlists again, the player considers that as 2 songs. more space = less songs. My opinion, but maybe i'm wrong.

Anyway, will get back to u for update

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Somehow I fixed it by updating everything. We made sure we had the newest DirectX and also upgraded to Windows Media Player 11 (this helped BIGTIME).
On the new WMP you can right click and go to 'Advanced Tag Editor' and add album art there and it will show up fine on the player.
Working beautifully!
Except now I am just trying to work out video, I can't transfer anything over without "error" or freezing up. The cool sample vids that came on it are gone because I formatted it when trying to get it to work. bleck. Once I figure it out I will love this nifty little device, but right now it is driving me crazy.

BTW Merry Christmas!!

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Does the new wmp help you with the album art? Ohh did you remember when you purchase the player samsung promise you a 30 day trial subsribtion music service, did anyone have trouble with it?

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hope this helps.

Have you donwload the media studio 5 provided in the samsung website. once donloaded click on the video tab and right click video theres should be option to convert the video to fit in the t9 player.

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Re: hope this helps.

I tried what you suggested, but there is no such option.... please help!

I also tried converting the videos to an mp4 file, but there's so many different kinds... can anyone specify which one exactly i need to convert it to? Thank you in advance.

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convert videos

once opening the samsung media software; look closely at the three little icons indicating music, video, and pictures. In your case click on the video icons or tab or however you like to call it. Then simply drag-n-drop the video onto the screen. Now right click the video and it should say "convert" choose it and click on the T9 model (since that is the model you have) and press ok.

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I didn't notice untile reading my last last post that I was repeating myself. I haven't tried using other software to convert video file fit for the T9, but I'm not sure if mpeg 4 and xvid are the same thing but I'm pretty sure xvid is the way to go.

The following link is a software call Super; where I use to convert vids download of youtube to view in realplayer 10. If you able to convert videos look under program files-eRightSoft-super-Output, to retrieve the newly converted file.

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Thanks for the software, I will definately check it out!

And if I remember correctly, it was the xvid thing that I used too, once I eventually figured it out...

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My WMP was already an updated version when i sync the audio files, and still the album art is not visible in the player. But the album arts are visible from the Windows Explorer and WMP. That's why I concluded that syncing the files includes all information, but seems not.

Your advise to add the album art in the Advanced Editor Tag really helped me a lot. Thanks a lot! But now I need to spend time organizing my audio files due to this album art.

As for the video files, I have not tried it yet. Question: Which player did u use to convert video files? Was it WMP? If so, you better use the software that comes with the player instead. I've read somewhere that that is the way to do so. Maybe because the file format is that of Samsung, with the .svi extention. Why not try it?

BTW, u mentioned that u lost the video files upon format, do u want to hv those files again?

Have some question about your audio files:
1)Syncing the player with WMP - the audio files are saved per album/artist in the player. But leaving the files as it is save in the player, it seems that it is not possible to shuffle all the songs, only the songs within the album. Are you experiencing the same?
2)How do u browse your music files in the player? Is it by File Browser? The music files are still not visible under the Music feature, but can play it. How about you, same?

Thanks again!!!

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I am frustrated!!!

Still having problems with album art. Your advise to add in Advance Tag Editor helped me for just a few songs. Then after that, no album art again. I followed the same steps, but...

I am tired...

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album art

can you tell me the name of the tag editor, becuase I wish to add album art as well. thanks

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tag editor, album art, everything I've learned......

When you are in Windows Media Player 11, right click a song (in the library), and go to "Advanced Tag Editor". You can change details and artists here, and also go to the "Pictures" (or something similar) tab at the top and that is where I added album art. But I was too lazy to go through and do that to each of my 200+ songs so I did only a few...

Everything is working like a charm on mine now, after hours and hours of fiddling around. I can access my music by going to "Music" (finally!) and they are all separated out under artists and tracks and such. I added my music with WMP 11 because it was just easier for me, I find that the SMS5 works kind of slow.

Once I got music worked out, I tried video and that was a total disaster. Every time I would try to put videos in the library on WMP11 and SMS5 everything would freeze. I called costumer service for the third time in two days, the guy said don't use SMS5, but WMP11 instead. I said that wasn't working either, and we went in circles until I finally got off of the phone and figured it out myself. Solution: Uninstall SMS5 and its components, reinstall it, and make sure you check Yes when it asks to update. Took awhile to do, but works great now.

I also learned quite a few nifty tricks concerning video:
I have Mozilla Firefox, so I downloaded this extension:

which allows me to obtain any video I see off of the internet (google video, youtube, myspace...), only it is downloaded in .flv form.
I then downloaded this freeware:

that allows me to convert it into MPG4 (mpeg) form, so I can bring it up in SMS5 or WMP11 and it will sync fine onto the player. Yippee!

And with regards to the 30 day trial subsribtion music service, I had no idea! I will check into that and see if it came with mine and keep you posted.

Oh and yep, I did lose the sample video files and wanted them back, but a few clicks on google video found them. Thank you though!

Also, I don't save them in the player per album or artists... I just switch to All Songs view and sync it that way, so they shuffle great now that they are located under the Music fuction.

Oh and something ELSE I learned about WMP11, every time I would try to sync, it would sync EVERY song and photo file on MY ENTIRE COMPUTER onto that tiny device. Somehow it fit, too. Anyway, you change this by turning off "Automatic Sync". I can't remember how I did that, but it's in the WMP11 help file...

OK and last thing: Album art= Did it just like disappear? Mine still shows up on the few I added it to. I did notice though that you have to do each individual song even if they are in the same album, with the same album art picture...

I hope I have been of any help!! Any questions just ask.

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EDIT: "Music *******" means "Music function", spelled it wrong and got censored, LOL.

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cool thanks for the tips

Tnaks for goin' detatalil for us, i cannot download wmp11 because i'm running a pirated version and of course they detect it. Certainly i hope wmp11 would sync everything nicely; even better than real player.

the shuffle mode is buggy, when i back track to the previous song, it does just that and the sequence is there. I hope by putting all audio file under one designated album would cure that.

Is there a bookmark for audio books?

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audio books

Oh, I hadn't even thought of putting audio books on there... I have no idea if you can bookmark your spot, but it would be cool...

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hi, thanks for your almost detailed info.

1) Album Art - finally, got it working. It will take lots of time just to get it organize.
2) Music - a) All songs classified by Artists/Album are visible under "File Browser" -> Music, only. Not visible under "Music" -> Artists/Tracks/Albums/Genres. The only songs visible under "Music" -> Artists/Tracks/Albums/Genres are those 2 free songs that came with the player. b) So, by only choosing an album under "File Browser" -> Music, can the album be played under "Music" -> Now Playing, for the meantime until doing the same process again and choose another album from "File Browser" -> Music. As such, the only songs that can be shuffled is the album under "Now Playing" instead of all the songs in the player. Help!! If you can browse/play all your songs under "Music" -> Artists/Tracks/Albums/Genres instead of "File Browser" -> Music, please give a detailed info on how it is done if you have the time.
3) Lyrics - how to have the player show the lyrics. Have used Advanced Tag Editor to input lyrics, but the player doesn't seem to recognize it.
4) Video - have not tried this yet.

Need all the help i can get. thanks

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Re: YP-T9

On Music, Yes I know what you mean, that's exactly how mine worked when I first got it. What DirectX version and Windows Media Player version do you have? I didn't do anything too complicated to fix mine, and I don't really know how I fixed it, but once I...

1) Updated my computer to the newest DirectX (even though it said it was up-to-date, I redownloaded the newest one and installed that just to make sure because its in the Samsung YP-T9 system requirements)

You can get the newest DirectX here:
In the center of the page under "Important Stuff" it says "Get the Latest DirectX Here". Go there and follow the steps it gives you to download and install that.

2) I updated my Windows Media Player. I had WMP10, so I upgraded to WMP11 and you can do this by going here:
and clicking "Download Now" in the center advertisement and following the steps from there.

Upgrading WMP helped me immensely, and it seems that once I upgraded WMP now Samsung Media Studio runs better too, but I don't know why this would have that effect. Anyways, I use both programs to transfer music onto my device, depending on my mood. I don't have to tell it where to go as long as I put my music under the "Music" tab on YP-T9, or just sync it over on WMP11 (going to SYNC at the top and just dragging music from the left, the library, over to the right, the sync list). It just files it into the correct spot on my portable player automatically, I don't know how it does this and why it didn't before.

Now my music is located under all the correct files that it should be. I can go to genres, artists, albums, anywhere, and it will take me to that list. And if I get to a song by going to Music>Albums>White Blood Cells (White Stripes), for example, than pick a song in that group, one neat feature is when I skip to the next track, it will only play songs in that album. When I just want to be able to skip to any random song in the entire music library on my portable, I just go to a song though "All Tracks" usually.

It works flawlessly, and the only thing I did was make sure every program I use with the portable is up-to-date, even if it was re-installing updates just to double-check. I didn't tell it to put my music in any specific location, or anything. It just does it by itself when I Sync it onto the player.

I really haven't ever heard of a YP-T9 recognizing the lyrics and showing them, I know mine certainly doesn't. It would be a cool feature, though, but I don't think these support showing lyrics.

If you are planning on trying it in the future, I have found that WMP11 always works smoother and faster over Samsung Media Studio when transferring videos onto the player.

I hope I have cleared up anything, and let me know if any of this worked for you!!

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Hey guys drag-n-drop method works

I simply open the T9 and drag and drop all my music and which the player recongize it when I open the player. For album art, playlist, and etc I usually use real player and sync the specific function onto the device. BTW drag and drop videos is faster than drag and drop music; weird. And like the previous person who helped you, I'm sure the T9 does not display lyrics. Also for faster album art input; drag or select the tracks you want to have the same album art by right clicking choosing (jpeg-files only/specific pixel) edit tag by using realplayer 10 or wmp11. I strongly suggest realplayer needless to say it works for me.

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sign up for Urge.

hey as long as you getting wmp11, sign up for urge and dl all the free songs you want to put it in your player. But prepare that the songs will expire and wont play anymore on the pc, however the songs can will always be play on the player.

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thanks for your reply on 21/01/07 (that post was already closed so can't reply to that). sorry it took me these long.

1) Music - I finally got it right, except for the lyrics.
2) Video - just tried it, source video is from VCD using Samsung software, didn't hv a problem converting but very slow. As for WMP11, hv not tried it yet. Likewise, hv not tried video from other source. When i do so, i'll refer to your post again and will post for help if i encounter problems.

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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Samsung yp-to music lists

Thx for offer to help all of us less technical.
Like others I created album on Samsung's Media sw and cannot locate album(playlist) on player.
Are you suggesting that this doesn't work and to use Window media player synch in place of Samsung's SW?
Specifically how were you now able to access playlist thru the Music menu? Didn't understand your answer and it appears to be most common problem for all of us.
Thanks in advance.

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drag n drop - samsung ypt9jab

listen i kno im late as this discussion thing is from december i hate this stupid samsung music studio crap i just hit my computer n i kno that my MP3 PLAYER IS IN THE AUDIO DEVICES SECTION then i open the files to view my music and drag n drop them individually i find this method easier for example: i had a dif samsung mp3 but it broke samsung tried to make this yp-t9 like an ipod so this stupid player alphabetizes my music which hate i just always go under file browser and there i store all my folders which i personally create like "instrumentals ta help me study" ..n here i drag n drop my beats or "alternative" n here i drag my madonna dont use the studio................ ....BUT NOW IM HAVING PROBLEMS WIT THE VIDEOS HOW DO I GET VIDEOS ON MY DEVICE??????any suggestions?

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1) Drag n Drop - u r able to use this method because YP-T9 is also a UMS (Universal Mass Storage), which means it can also serve as an external drive. but the disadvantage of using drag-n-drop method is that u cannot play music continuously, or in shuffle mode.

2) Video files - I use the Samsung software to transfer video files. Click the add file, right click the file to convert, then transfer. For now, I have only tried transferring from my VCDs. I copy the file to my PC, change the extension to MPEG, add file to Samsung player, convert, then transfer. Will try other format some other time.

You can also search forums, there are postings that might help u. Just type in "YP-T9" under Search forums, check out the very detailed posting by cwoolbright, or just browse everything under "YP-T9" to learn more.

Hope we all help.

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