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Samsung vs Toshiba 50' DLP

Hello, I'm new to this whole HDTV thing, and have been trying to learn as much about it as I can. I'm currently looking at these two DLP TVs:

Samsung HLS5066

Toshiba 50HM66

I'm not looking for top of the line, just something nice to play X-box 360 and watch a few movies on. I will also be wanting to hook up this receiver

I have tried to search these two TVs, on the web and have not found out much about them. I have gone to look at them in the store, and I can't see any difference in quality between the two along with the other TVs near by.

My question is; which one would you recommend and why?

Thank you for you help, as I can't decide.

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Reporting: Samsung vs Toshiba 50' DLP
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Both are good 720p DLPs Tosh and Sammy are neck-n-neck.

The Toshiba is on sale per the web site so it wins buy the lower price.
It would be hard to the tell the difference between the two sets.
The AV receiver is fine, what are you using for speakers????
For Sound systems I recommend 60~70% of you budget for the speakers and the remainder for the AV receiver. John

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No h.d.m.i. digital input and only 720 no no. 14 months I bought the Toshiba 72HM195 d.l.p. beast paid $4300 for it now on sale with stand $3000 . #3000 might seem high but your taliking about 72" 1080P with 2 h.d.m.i. ports This monster hooked up to my new Blue Ray player looks as good as the best movie theater in town, But if your budget is only $1000 then go for it Its going to be the biggest bang for the buck stewe

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Thank you

I would get a bigger TV but, I live in a small house and anything bigger than 50 is too big. I also don't feel I need 1080:

1) The difference between 1080 and 720 is very small (and not worth the extra cash right now, in my eyes).

2) X-box 360 doesn't display in true 1080.

3) I don't have a blue ray player.

For speakers I have not really decided, for now I'm going to be using my brothers Theater Research. But I have been looking at Paradim or Klipsch. How do you feel about these 2 brands?

Thank you for your insight.

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I think you will love both the t.vs you have mentioned I do love my Toshiba great customer service and warrenty repair service can be done at any warrenty service center If you get the Toshiba there is one thing you should know. and check out Some of there lamps were factory defective So I would Call Toshiba and give them the model and serial # If its the old lamp they will replace it and give you an ubdated one and extend the lamp warrenty an extra year. Like I said you are really getting a great price huge picture and very affordable. As far as speakers go let your ears do they buying remember they will last a lifetime and if you get a great speaker system they will thrill you forever stewe

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I have heard about the lamps in the Toshiba TVs, and thats one of the reasons why I was not too sure about the TV. But I didn't know about calling them and getting a new bulb, thank you for that info.

All I have to do now is stain my newly built entertainment center.

Once again thank you for help and insight.

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mr bock you forget to stain your snack bar

Forgot to tell you but if you go to the Toshiba web site and look up your model # it will tell if your set has the defective lamp My updated lamp is now over a year old and still blazing bright Also replacing lamp is a snap one screw on side of t.v. lamp slides out with quick disconnet then slap in a new one, also for the best possible picture possible use h.d.m.i. for your satellite or cable system and d.v.d. player I like my Dish Network hi-def system because you can get the Hi-Def package and VOOM for only $15.00 extra per month and you have the option to set up an outside antenna for your local hi-def stations which should give you tons of hi-def to watch post back and let me know how everything works out with you stewee

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HIS SPEAKER ADVICE IS ON TARGET. YOU Must take the time and audition them yourself. Speaker advice is all conjecture and personal. Reviewers and C-Net members are only sharing our opinions!

Speakers must be auditioned by the primary listener. Hopefully in a decent enviroment.

Best wishes,

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Don't let the lamp decide for you,

because Toshiba make the lamps for Samsung also (at least it was..a couple years ago).

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Ditto about speaker advice.

Paradigm & Klipsch are both fine brands.(Confession-I have Paradigm.) Other traditional brands in the group include. JBL, Polk, Infinity, & Boston Acoustics.

I might add specifically for well regarded quality & value (in addition to Paradigm) PSB, Epos, Monitor Audio, & Energy are worth auditioning if available in your area.

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Samsung 5087W
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Nice receiver choice. It'll do the job for you without

breaking a sweat. We are, however, tantalized about your speaker possibilities. Even if you'll make do with your brothers' for the time being, after you recopver financially, I feel you owe it to yourself to seek out listening to a set of Paradigm or PSB Canadian speakers or Monitor Audio British units. They will nearly amaze you as to performance at an affordable price point. If available in your area, check them out.

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