port labeled AV/S: lets you connect to external video - like your TV - for playback. Not in your manual: If you want to use this to connect to a computer, you will need a digital/analog bridge like those from Canopus.

According to <http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-VP-DC161-XEU-Format-Camcorder/dp/B000F4TC3W>
this camera does not have a FireWire port. Most DVD-based camcorders do not. So, no, this is NOT "where this fire wire business that [you've] been hearing about comes into play".

Did you finalize the disc? RTFM. This must be done before the computer *can* use the disc.

You will need a DVD ripper (software download - I use HandBrake). Is the optical drive in your computer a DVD drive? You say it is, but what DVDs have you played in it? Perhaps those discs were only CDs? What kind of computer is it? What operating system and version are you using? You may need to use ISOBuster...