...are you looking on T-Mobile? Here's a service provider that could come crashing down at any moment, thanks to apparent indifference (and investment in infrastructure) from its parent, Deutsche Telekom. Heard they lost another 93,000 customers in the U.S. last quarter; don't see their bleeding dissipating anytime soon with the way they're currently headed.

The Vibrant already has reported problems with its GPS (Samsung says a fix is on the way). As for the MyTouch Slide...well, it's an HTC phone which means its usual paltry amount of built-in memory (depend upon your removable storage card...A LOT...assuming you can learn how to store apps to it), and a relatively wimpy CPU; frankly it's not a phone that I think would carry a power user through their 2 yr contract without aggravation, but that's just me spewing.