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Samsung UN55C8000 Jumping Images

I am not that much of a tech guy. Accordingly, my description may be a bit vague.

We set up our new Samsung 55" LED 240 1080p 3D tv yesterday. We didn't realize we needed a new HDMI cord, so we could not turn it on while the install guys were there. After buying a new cord, we sat down to watch Lost (HD channel version) off of our DVR.

At first everything looked great. After a minute, the picture began to jump every few seconds. The sound was fine, but the picture would seem to jump. I can't tell if it is 'falling behind' and then jumping to catch up or pausing for a quarter second and then jumping. Regardless, the jumping was there on the DVR version of Lost as well as on live versions of NBC and CBS HDTV shows.

After a little sleuthing on the internet it seems to me like it could be a cord issue (bad HDMI cord). Am I right about that? If so, is there anything I need to know about buying the right cable?

If we replace the cable and it isn't the cable, what else might it be? Thanks in advance.

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Reporting: Samsung UN55C8000 Jumping Images
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re:samsung 55C8000

I say it's less the hdmi cable and more of a settings issue. Adjust your auto motion. Alot of people use Blur 10 and Judder 2. Some channels/shows don't like auto motion and you may either have to turn if off or turn it further down. Auto motion is still very new. If you have tried the channels with auto motion off and the problem still is there, it's either the channel has a problem,the box your using or the tv. My money would be on the auto motion or the channel.

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Thanks. That helps a lot. We're going to try a new cable anyways, as it turns out my wife paid $50 for that cord which seems a bit much to me given the ones at a fraction of that cost that get fine reviews. However, I'll try the settings, too.

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Not quite solved...

After replacing the cable and adjusrting the settings, we still have jumping. I'm going to try replacing the cable box next.

The jumping only seems to take place during major network shows and only during the shows, not during ads...

If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know...

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this might help but its not a solution

I have the exact same issue you're having, it's definitely the tv and not the cable. I found the only way to make it a little better is to turn off auto motion plus 240hz...which it's annoying since I have to turn it back on once i start watching sports channels...

Here's a better description of the problem that I found on amazon's un55c8000 review page...I'm very dissappointed after paying over 3 grand for a tv that I have to play with the setting for every channel. I'm hoping Samsung will come out with a firmware update or something.

"Video Processing/Motion Resolution: The C8000 definitely loses some points here. It's really quite sad because Samsung had absolutely perfected this feature on many of their previous high end sets. It seems like they just tried to do too much with this feature on the C8000. When I say that, I mean that there are just too many different adjustable settings that affect the video processing/motion resolution, and it seems this might be what caused some problems. There are 3 different adjustable settings that affect video processing and motion resolution. 240hz Auto Motion Plus, Smart LED, and LED motion plus. I believe that defect within the video processing must be blamed on Samsung trying to do too much with this aspect of the television. The biggest flaw I found is that this television is utterly incapable of properly handling 1080/24p content. As I watched my first blu-ray on this television, -- which happened to be Sherlock Holmes -- every time the camera panned over something, I kept thinking that it looked funny. I definitely wasn't seeing the innate judder of film. It looked synthetically smooth. Nothing like what I am used to from televisions that handle this content appropriately. Therefore, I used 2 different calibration discs with test patterns, and popped in several films that I know to have distinct camera panning scenes. My fears were confirmed, no matter which settings you use, or how you adjust the Auto Motion Plus 240 Hz feature, 24fps content cannot be properly handled by this television. This television also has a problem processing 1080i/60hz and 720p/60hz signals, which will cause stuttering/hitching, as well as very short pauses with sudden jerky movements. This means that you have to continue adjusting the Auto Motion Plus and/or LED Motion Plus features for every different program you watch on cable or satellite until you find a setting that works with that particular signal. It is extremely annoying, and entirely unacceptable on a television such as this. "

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Still a problem.

That simultaneously does - and does not - sound like the problem I am experiencing.

It was not the cable (same problem in 3 different cables).

However, when I turned off auto motion, the problem persists.

I am working with my cable company to determine if the problem might be with their service. They identified some bad wires, but have not yet fixed them - it'll take over a month from the date they announced the cables needed fixing until the date they are replaced. *Ugh Comcast*. I know there is some form of problem with the cable service as my internet has also been negatively impacted by service disruption and slow performance.

If the repairs they perform on my cable lines do not address the problem, my next step will be to take it up with Samsung. If this is not a problem that is resolved in the next 2 weeks, I will need to see about returning the TV.

The problem, specifically, is that the image jumps, even when there is relatively little motion on the screen, on certain channels. It only occurs during shows, and not during ads. It occurs most on ABC. It also occurs on non-HD channels.

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Still a problem.


In some cases, shows are compressed - either in the digital compression as they're sent by the broadcaster, or in some cases, the movie is "time adjusted", and this is also done by the broadcaster.

Usually picture quality tends to be more "block-y" with the digital compression, meaning the signal itself is compressed at a high compression rate. This means that the cable box (or TV) will have to uncompress more, and this can affect picture quality.

Time Adjusting (there are several terms for it) is a way of "speeding up" the movie so that edits to movies don't have to be so severe. I remember watching a network show (and I won't say which one) of Forrest Gump, and the movie was so noticeably sped up, Forrest's normal slow voice seemed... well.. like he was talking fast.

These are usually rare and dependent on the broadcaster.

Both of these are possible factors for why the framerate may be showing the symptoms you have. The other - as you noted - is a possible loss of data in the lines.

Keep me posted.


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Not sure if you understand...

You mention a few concepts:

1.) Digital Compression: The picture is not blocky. There have been a few seconds of blocky activity while I've been using the TV, but I chocked that up to a temporary transmission difficulty. The problem here is not blocks on the screen. It is a lag in changing the image that is just a millisecond or so, but is clearly noticeable (unless you're nearly blind like my wife). It is roughly like splitting up every 2 seconds of time into 20 buckets and replacing the 20th bucket with a copy of the 19th. On ABC it is more like 18 through 20 are the same while CBS, CW, etc... are more along the lines of just that 19th and 20th being the same.

2.) Time Adjusting: That is not the problem. The problem is consistent on channels like ABC. It does not appear in commercials on that channel, but it does appear during every show I've watched on ABC.

I should note that other (much older) HD TVs attach to the cable box do not show this 'lag/jump/hiccup' effect. The TV is definitely a component of the problem, although that may just be because it demands more of a flawed transmission system rather than being a flaw in the TV itself.

Regardless, I will post when I resolve this situation, whether that involves returning the TV or getting the picture fixed.

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Not sure if you understand...


Okay, was just trying to think of things that would make the picture jump like you were describing.

One last thing I might consider is changing the output resolution from the cable box (assuming there is one) and seeing if that affects the picture in a positive or negative way. I'm reaching deep into the suggestion box here, but I'd like you to be happy.

Keep me posted.


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Still problematic...

I am still having problems after a half dozen visits from Comcast to try to deal with the issue. I am going to have to work with Samsung to see if this is a TV defect...

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same issue

I have the same hitch/stutter/jerk problem. Samsung sent out a tech who had never seen the set before. He sat here for over a half hour watching the t.v. I pointed out the issue about 50 times and his response was "I don't notice anything" He refused to service the set. I called Samsung again and know they want me to pay for the tech to come out to see it. I guess paying over $3,000 dollars for a faulty set isn't enough. This is my 3rd Samsung set. I don't have a problem with amp on the other 2. Thanks a lot Samsung. I should have just waited for the new Sony 3d model.

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I'm the original poster and...

I'm the original poster and it sounds like you have the same problem I do. Is your cable provider Comcast, by any chance? Do you also live in the SF Bay Area, perchance?

The first thing I tried was replacing the cable. That did nothing. Then I had Comcast out to check things out and they changed out a few connectors and replaced a short length of their cable. As the problem is intermittent for me, and is usually only there during prime time transmissions on major networks, we could not confirm whether it was fixed when the tech was there during the day. The tech left, and we discovered the problem still existed that night.

This began a long chain of Comcast visits. Either I or they have replaced EVERYTHING between my TV and four blocks away. Every cable, connector, chip and box. However, the problem is still there and as bad as ever.

I have been trying to get Samsung to send a tech to check things out, but so far that has been a nightmare, too. The first visit was canceled, without notice to me, after my wife canceled plans so that she could be there for it. The next opportunity to get someone out there to take a look is next week when she gets off work (she is a teacher).

It seems to me that this problem is a combination of the TV and the way that certain major networks are transmitted to my TV. It is worst on ABC, but is also visible on CBS, CW and NBC. This problem never occurs on Fox, ESPN, or any of the other channels I've checked. The problem was not there when I had my old HD tv (a 780). It is not there on the TV that the last cable guy brought with him. However, it is not there on every channel - only on certain channels.

And, it comes and goes. I at first thought it might be worse for shows that had a larger audience - but that theory was crushed when the Lost finale was recorded to my DVR with no evidence of this problem while the second to last Flash Forward episode (which had nearly no audience) was amongst the worst jumbled shows I'd seen.

Another thing to note is that this doesn't seem to ever impact shows like Reality TV that are filmed 'live' - perhaps the data on those shows is recorded differently and the TV has no problem handling those?

One promising note:

The last tech guy that came out brought a cable box with no DVR with him when he came out in the evening. At that time, the problem was barely visible on my current DVR box. However, when he swapped out the DVR box for a normal box, he couldn't see the problem anymore. Unfortunately, I could not be there to see the difference myself (and my wife's vision is so bad she can't see the problem), so I could not say whether the switch actually solved the problem. Regardless, due to my work schedule I need DVR, so we kept the DVR box.

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