Here is my best calibration utilizing over-the-air HD, Blu-ray thru PS3 (HDMI), and Xbox 360 (HDMI). This is the best general settings I have found, though some tweaking for lighting is always suggested Happy

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 10 (this can be increased for darker rooms)
Contrast: 100
Brightness: 44
Sharpness: 5
Color: 51
Tint (G/R): 49/51

Advanced Settings:
Color Space: Native
White Balance: 25, 25, 25, 0, 30, 30
Gamma: -1
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Black Tone: Off
Flesh Tone: 0
Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options:
Color Tone: Warm 2
Size: Screen Fit
Digital Noise Filter: Auto
HDMI Black Level: Low
Film Mode: Off (greyed out)
LED Motion Plus: On

I hope this helps, as there hasn't been a definitive setting/calibration on the net so far. Very nice basic set that forgoes all the bells and whistles of SmartTV, 120hz, Wifi apps. etc... and brings a very nice picture!