Samsung UN46D6000SFXZA won't connect to Netgear Router

I've read all the samsung posts and nothing seems to point me in the right direction. I've been googling for hours and no luck. Called samsung but you know how that is. I can't seem to connect to my wireless network. Here is what I have

TV: Samsung UN46D6000SFXZA TV
Router: Netgear WTG624 v3 using auto 108mbps
Currently using auto settings to find a dynamic ISP and Auto for the DNS

When I scan for my router the TV sees it. I select it and input my pass code (using WPA2 [AES]) for security. From there it searches for the IP address but errors out. I tried manually entering the ISP, SubMask, Getway and DNS (using google DNS) but still won't connect

The error code says verify router is powered on and then tells me to recycle the router. Also it tells me to verify my passcode for router.

I've recycled the router multiple times - and even shutoff the router security but still won't connect. If anybody can provide ideas what the issue is and how to fix it would be appreciated.

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Reporting: Samsung UN46D6000SFXZA won't connect to Netgear Router
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Over in the Cnet Networking forum are ideas.

But if this is out of range or if the password is indeed wrong or the firmware is ... You get the idea. I can't tell if you tried the usual or read other folk's woes with this model.


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Good Router to use as alternative

I'm currently able to access the internet with my PS3, Blackberry, and was able to get on using the Samsung 46LNB650 TV so I don't know if this router specifically is not compatible with the newer Samsung LED's since it works with other products.

So far I've confirmed I'm broadcasting my SSID, my name and password are only 8 characters long. I tried changing the ISP and DNS to auto. I tried making them static. I recycled the router, and turned of firewall to PC, firewall to router.

Nothing seems to work. Also the TV manual says a network connection cannot be made with an uncertified device. I'm not sure if this netgear router falls into that category.

If anybody has a good alternative to the Netgear router that is proven to work with the Samsung LED Series 6 model I'm looking for recommendations.

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ISP and DNS change?

Something odd is going on here. I've fixed too many setups and lost count.

Let me state that 99.99% of the time in the US/Canada I reset the router and change ONLY what is needed to get internet access plus turn off the firewall in the router (some don't know why it's ineffective or busted!)

Maybe we need to put the TV into the DMZ but I have very little to work with here except those very odd changes of ISP and DNS.

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Full Specs

I'll try to be detailed about what I'm doing. It's quite possible I'm making a slight error which is causing a connection issue.

First off I can connect to my PS3, Blackberry, and a Samsung LN650B TV. I did not have to touch my router these products configured themselves.

Here are my current settings on the WTG624v3

Using Static IP Address (ISP as provided by Comcast) and GoogleDNS ( and with Router MAC as default.

Regarding the Static Ip on TV - when I access my router it gives me an IP address within the router statis page under heading internet port. I believe this is the IP address the router is using to connect my PC to the internet. From there each wireless device is given an IP address from the router which usually is something like 192.168.2.# (I have reserved numbers 2-252) When I input a static IP on the TV am I using the IP address the router is using to connect to my PC with the subnet and getway listed or should I be assigning the TV an IP starting with 192 and choosing a final digit to separate this product from my other ones.

Wireless Settings: on channel 6 with Mode B and G active (I was told to turn off the auto 108MBPS)

Security WPA and WPA2 active - (I did try turning these off but no change in connection)

Under advanced options I have enable wireless router radio, enable broadcast SSID, enable extended range checked. No port forwarding setup

Under WAM setup - connect auto and disable SPI firewall checked. Rest on this page not checked.

Under LAN IP Setup - have use router as DHCP server checked. Then it gives me a range of ISP's to use which are through 252. Router default is

Dynamic DNS off, Remote management off, UPnP on.

I don't know what you are referring to when you mention put the TV in the DMZ? Also when I scan for my wireless signal using the TV it gives me 3 bars of connection while my PS3 is at 95% so I'm wondering since the two products are at the same location why one signal is alot stronger then the other.

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I'm unsure if I can help.

"First off" you lead with what else works but that's not what we are trying to fix. It's interesting but let's try the DMZ.

I see this router has a "strict NAT" feature. My advice, try the defaults FIRST.

As to the DMZ, that's on the WAN page and in the manual.

Something is not stock here but I can't see what's up. Sometimes a member will fixate on "everything else works" and we get nowhere closer.

After you try the DMZ, see if the has new firmware. Sometimes that's required but we all wish we didn't have to update firmware in our toasters.

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Connection problems...

I'm not certain if this will help, but I hope it does. The password/security key is case sensitive. If you have caps and lower case letters in the security key, you have to remember to shift to CAPS/lower case.

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Jun 1, 2011 Upgrade File(USB type) (Firmware) (ver.1012.0)

Jun 1, 2011 Upgrade File(USB type) (Firmware) (ver.1012.0)

That's very new. Is this set running the latest Firmware?

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Set to This

WPA2 PSK is the correct Security Settings, not AES YOU will get problems with that setting. Then all devices have one PASS-CODE to sign in. The keys are given automatically.

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Best 80 dollars I've spent in awhile

After playing with the WTG624v3 for hours I went to bestbuy and bought a Netgear Dual Band Router WNDR3400. It has WPS ability and so doesn't the samsung tv. I pushed button and everything worked. Problem solved.

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Heres the fix

My samsung tv was dropping the network password every time i turned power off and i would have to retype it whenever i restarted smart hub. To fix it I...
1) Changed my router to use WPA2 Personal (dont use any special characters in the passcode)
2) Made sure my computers etc could connect to the internet
3) Set up a NEW network in smart hub. aka, instead of choosing my network I manually entered my ssid. To be on the safe side, i also manually entered a static ip, gateway and dns.

TV now holds the network settings and automatically connects when i start smarthub.


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