Samsung UE55MU6449 DCI P3 or BT.2020 for HDR?

I am quiet confused about this because I read very different things on different forums, and well, new to HDR content and this TV as only one source, I cannot compare things to anything else. Some say, that the "right" color space to use for HDR content is bt.2020 because it is the more "realistic", some say the right one is DCI P3 because bt.2020 washes out the colors while DCI P3 brings them out.
Indeed it seems to me that P3 is more colorful, brighter, but I have no idea how the picture I am seeing SHOULD look like, or "intended" to look like so I do not know if P3 is too oversaturated, OR bt.2020 is too washed out.
For this TV, which one is the "correct" choice for realistic, proper image?

(The default option is DCI P3, by the way, but that could mean anything, seeing how the manufacturers want to sell the TV with "bright and vivid colors")

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Reporting: Samsung UE55MU6449 DCI P3 or BT.2020 for HDR?
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You are in a debated area.

Only you can choose what you think is right for you.

As to what the TV makers want to sell, that's about to change again if I'm reading CES 2019 right with 8K HDTVs about ready to roll out.

I've seen HDR side by side and sometimes it's better, sometimes it's a wash. For me it's not a deal maker or breaker.

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Yeah I guessed I could choose what I like better but I was curious, if someone can tell which one brings out the "Intended" colors from HDR videos, in the case of this brand, this series of UHD TV-s.

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Now that I may upset folk on.

I've seen better results follow the make/model of the LCD used than the HDR system. There are many ideas how to extend the LCD range but the real fix is to move to OLED and for that you are in the next product price range.

Samsung is trying to extend the LCD product line as long as possible with every possible tweak.,15700022,15700124,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700237,15700248&usg=ALkJrhiLHiDiaYPaR0OnA5JpcDQKAf82Vw shows this is another LCD.

-> About "intended" is a rough area since to get there we still have to calibrate the set in the viewing room since the color of the room affects the color you see.

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No new TV needed, for now XD

I do not wish to buy a new TV for now this is already a great upgrade for me. I just thought I could have definite answer about which color space is closer to the true colors in this TV, the more vivid
DCI P3 or the more "washed out" bt.2020. I did not mean a 100% accurancy, maybe I was putting it wrong. ^^"

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I have to write "go with your eyes."

There are specs and then you have what ships and is measured in the reviews and finally the maker can change the panel and blow all the reviews out of the water.

As to "true colors in this TV" we would have to get into the deep waters of what does that mean. Are you referring to what this TV can do with reviews measuring the TV's color space or how humans see color and how few of us see the same as others.

Here's what I learned. Calibrate then see if you like it and if not, try it yourself. For me I find current models do a pretty good job out of the box so I rarely call for calibration unless the owner is going on and on about color space, etc. It's their call.

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If you want to break into a debate about this.

Head over to AVSFORUM. I bet you'll get more debate there. Here I'm going with the advances are great and go with our eyeballs.

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PS. More about "intended"

I worry here about "intended" again since the color may be as intended but people tend to like to change that to their own liking. You have encounter some video producer that has their view that it should only be shown as they intended. Sorry folk, I have the remote and may change the color a little.

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Which color space the TV does better, than?

Ok well, I guess to try and reformulate the question, with this particular TV, which of the two color spaces it does better, as in, either, the bt.2020 has washed out colors because this TV cannot actually show that much colors in that color space, OR, DCI P3 is vivid because the TV cannot do that color space well so it substitutes colors with it's "Nativ" color space's vivid colors? Which of the two color spaces this TV has more accurancy to the actual color space with? Because I heared things like bt.2020 is something that new models need for to visualize properly...

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You'll have to test for that.

As to your posit about washed out colors, that's a common complaint about HDR and I tend to not repeat that story.

So that's a bit of work for you. Find the review with the measurement of the color space then overlay the specs of those spaces.

Remember I don't get into 2020 and such because I have to work with what is here and now and what the set delivers. Then again, folk complain a lot about dullness in HDR which was intentional.

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If you want bt.2020

The ONLY way to get there would be a 12 bit panel, and OLED according to what I read at

LCD is starting to hit its limits so my take is it's nice to see those advanced specs but reality is that to get there we won't be using LCD panels.

Be sure to hit the AVSFORUM if you want to keep going on about 2020.

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DCI P3 is it than.

Okay, again, I am not planning to buy new TV, even this one was a high price for me, and it is way better than watching movies on a HD Gaming monitor next to the bed XD
I'll stay on DCI P3 than, as it is than more accurate and looks nicer anyhow. I like pictures bright anyway (not necessarily vivid, but (not washed out) bright, I use Contrast Enhancer on High with HDR, otherwise it looks dim to me, and that is the only option to make it brighter without washing out the colors (with "brightness" setting) or crushing them and losing picture detail(with putting Gamma on max)
Anyway, Thanks.^^ I guess this topic can be locked as well.

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