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Samsung TV won't turn on

Nov 28, 2008 12:40AM PST

We recently got a tv from our neighboor who complained that it wouldn't turn on. We got it, plugged it in, and it seemed to work fine. After about a day we noticed the mentioned problem. We thought it might be a bad power button so we got a new remote. That didn't work either. The problem was initially that the tv wouldn't turn on at the first try, it would take several, now it won't turn on at all remote or button. When we try the tv will make a power up noise on occasion and the power light will either flicker or stay lit in between attempts. On a side note we left it in the on position and tried shaking it a bit(stupid I know) and surprisingly it turned on for a second with sound and picture before turning off again. Any help would be great, I'm not afraid to get inside it and replace parts, I have some experience with electronics.
Its a Samsung Dyna Flat Pro
Model # TXN3245FP

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Not sure...
Nov 29, 2008 6:51PM PST

I'm not sure what the problem might be.

Though I would respectfully suggest that you have a qualified technician diagnose it.


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There is a Firmware upgrade for similar issue
Aug 31, 2010 7:07AM PDT

I have a Samsung 52" LCD 650 and it does not turn on right away and after 10 to 20 mins and a lot clicking on and off it does turn on and all is fine. This now happens everytime I try to turn it on. After doing some looking on the web it seems to be related to another issue which Samsung did do a fix for. There is a problem with the tv just turning off all by itself - called phantom Auto shut off - it is a firmware upgrade - this may fix the issue. I am going to try it and see what happens as I did have this problem as well.

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off & on tv
Mar 29, 2011 6:17AM PDT

Who do you contact for getting a firmware update?

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off & on tv
Mar 29, 2011 8:10AM PDT


If you post your model number, I can link you to the support site on the website where you can download it.

You can call 800-SAMSUNG, and ask, also.


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Clicking noise - 52" Samsung
Jun 14, 2011 10:51AM PDT

Reading through all the posts, we are not sure if our issue is a capacitor or firmware. Our TV will click for about 15 - 20 seconds (not minutes) and then the TV turns on. Serial number AK2V3CFPB01912Z. Model LNT5271FX/XAA We had to have our panel replaced 2 months after purchasing the TV, but it has been working fine since then. Can you send link to Firmware to determine if that might be the first thing to try. Thanks

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Clicking noise - 52" Samsung
Jun 15, 2011 6:48AM PDT

The LNT5271 didn't have the option for firmware updates.

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Having the same problem with TV not turning on
Sep 25, 2011 12:24AM PDT

Have spoken with customer service twice (2109149677 and live chat #LTK5640150229X) and placed a service ticket #4112400441

Model LN40A550FX2A

The Samsung customer service rep would not allude to the fact that they are problems with the caps even though I questioned him about it. My fear is that if we have a service rep come out and it does end up being this problem is that we will be stuck paying for it.

Will the service tech be able to tell us if it's something that Samsung with pay?

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I don't know the service tech.
Sep 25, 2011 1:35AM PDT

But you can learn about what BAD CAPS look like with a little research. Google's first hit finds the usual site with the pictures and the story of how this came to be. It's a shame that the industry didn't band together to extinguish the companies that made this problem. If anyone writes it was Samsung, they didn't do the research.

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Forget Samsung - they're hopeless -
Jun 13, 2012 11:20AM PDT

I have a two year old 58-inch plasma that just sits there clicking like a pair of arthritic knees -- I let the customer service (the first joke) listen to the clicking after giving him my model, serial number etc. -- "sorry, but you would have to pay to fix that yourself" because there are no capacitor problems with that model . . . But, I said, doesn't the clicking indicate that yes, indeed, there is a problem with the capacitor in this model.

"Well, we don't feel there are any problems with capacitors in that model, so you'll have to pay to fix it yourself . . ."

So here's the BS Samsung drill: If they don't think there's a problem, then there isn't. Simple! Of course I'll never buy another Samsung product, but my house is already crawling with them -- washer, dryer, camera, etc. etc.

I'm thinking Panasonic next time . . .

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Jun 14, 2012 12:33AM PDT


Do you have a transaction number from your call to Samsung Support. I'd be happy to further investigate this issue for you, but I'm gonna at least need this information to proceed.

-- HD Tech

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Samsung service is BAD
Aug 21, 2012 1:07AM PDT

I agree, I have problem with my Samsung TV PN51D800, its a software problem for sure, I have 2 PCs connected via wifi to the TV, I have video files on these PCs and I watch them on the TV, when deleting few Files from the PCs their names still appears on the TV files list!
Samsung Tech told me to reset TV to original setting, I tried this 3 times with PC off, with wifi off and with both off, all didn't work, but Samsung cancelled my request for service because they don't know how to Fix it!

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Same problem as heyalabama - tv clicks and clicks
Oct 15, 2011 2:13AM PDT
My Model No. LNT405HA
Code X/XA
I searched the Samsung site using this model number, found and downloaded a file LNT 32,42 Series Firmware.exe. I have no idea what to do with it. Can you help, please? (The link to instructions won't open.)
Thank you for any help.
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To speed things along.
Oct 15, 2011 4:56AM PDT

1. Call 1800SAMSUNG and ask them to clarify how to use this.
2. Report the bad link here and at 1800...

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didn't upgrade firmware
Jun 29, 2011 12:02PM PDT

I have the same problem. I called 1-800-SAMSUNG (I actually had an American talking to me!) My TV is out of warranty(I purchased it over two years ago), but its a known capacitor problem. Samsung is sending out a technician. If its the capacitor they will replace it (the capacitor). If not I will have to pay the technician the fee to take look at it. I will keep you all updated on the problem.

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Guess I have a cap problem now
Oct 1, 2011 1:29AM PDT

All u have described is now happening to my Samsung. I hope I'm as fortunate when I call 1-800-Samsung.

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I can't guess if you
Oct 1, 2011 2:35AM PDT

When you call you get the transaction number and if they don't fix it if you went to the new Service Issues post at the top of this forum.

I also can't guess why you put this in an old 2008 discussion. It's buried.

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(NT) I have the exact same issue. Did it work?
Aug 22, 2011 2:43PM PDT
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Clicking noise
Aug 23, 2011 6:17AM PDT

Happened to our TV. Clicking got longer and longer. Soon was about 4 minutes of just clicking. Samsung repaired. It was a blown capacitor. Replaced with a much better quality capacitor. Guess they can blow out in storms etc, and just wear out.

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Same issue
Oct 24, 2011 9:16AM PDT

Where can you get this firmware upgrade. I am having the same issue with my samsung. Thanks

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Samsung Flat screen TV capacitor problem, would not turn on
Sep 23, 2010 11:24AM PDT

We actually had a very positive experience this week. Our 3 year old 42 inch flat screen LCD TV starting having issues and by Monday would not turn on. We heard a clicking sound. We researched the problem and after reading many comments it did not sound positive. I called Samsung Monday eve. and she said our model was not on the list for free repair but told me to call back the next day. I did and the person was very helpful and said they would repair it for free if it was the capacitor. If it wasn't we would have to pay. She connected me with a company in Lancaster, PA, Radio Active Repair. I received a call that day. The repairman came today, Thursday and replaced the swollen capacitors and the tV is working like new. All this occured in less than a week. Samsung did stand behind its product.

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Samsung Flat screen TV capacitor problem, would not turn on
Feb 28, 2011 2:46AM PST

Samsung really does stand by their products. Our 42 inch flat screen was working fine we swithed it off went out to dinner and when we came back it would not turn back on just a red light right next to the green on light. called samsung and they said it was a bad caoacitor and for a one time send out a repair free of charge. Samsung you rock!

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Level of service depends on model number#
Jul 21, 2011 7:52AM PDT

I was excited to see these post after striking out last year on my call to Samsung. I was told the then issue posted on YouTube, CNET, and all over the internet only represent a small number of customers and did not mean my tv was bad. I was given the number of a local repair center and shelled out the 50.00 just to have them look at it. It was one of two things, one cost 1000. The other 300 but they weren't sure until they started work. I put the tv in the closet and bough a Sony. After seeing your post I called Samsung again and was told it does sound like a capacitor but my model (LNS4051DX/XAA) isn't covered for free repair. That's garbage! They have a known design problem that impacts all there older models and they can't stand up and correct it. The sad part is they don't apologize. My mother in law is Korean, she told me last year when all this started that SHE was very sorry on behalf of the Korean company I bought the tv from. Wow. My mother in law made me feel better than they did.

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While it's not a design issue, it is well discussed.
Jul 21, 2011 8:17AM PDT

First, add the TRANSACTION NUMBERs to your post so the Ambassador can have it looked at again.

As to the bad caps issue, 2 million dead Dell computers later we know what happened. There are folk that don't want to know the full story but it had nothing to do with the electronic design or values the engineers picked.


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Jul 21, 2011 10:20AM PDT

I could care less about the why. I'm not a repairman, nor should I need to be. If I spend that much money on a product I expect the manufacture to stand by the product. I for a longer warrenty on my watch. Thanks for the insight. TN?

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That's what I meant.
Jul 21, 2011 10:49AM PDT

Few care to know what happened and the plague that has spread from PCs to HDTVs and more gear. But to claim it's a design issue is off the mark so that's enough of that.

Please take advantage of this forum and add the following. Country, about the date of purchase and the TRANSACTION CODE.


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thanks again
Jul 21, 2011 12:24PM PDT

Bob, again thank you. I think talking about this is great but the bottom line is all that matters. I work for a software company and the last thing I can say to a client when we have a release that has issues is "let me tell you why", no one cares. They pay for a product and service and they are correct to expect it works as it should, nothing else.

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ok lets see what happens
Jul 8, 2012 2:59AM PDT

Alright Bob, here we go again. My first call to Samsung resulted in transaction number 2010244803 for model LNS4051DX/XAA. My home projects are complete so I started looking at that tv on the bedroom wall that doesn't work. I pulled it down and opened it up to look at the capacitors. Nothing wrong there, no bulge no breaks. I've seen a number of other things listed, ideas from anyone? Again my issue is no picture but sound. I picked this post because its the only one that seems to get traffic. Thanks all.

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I'd try a TV repair forum.
Jul 8, 2012 4:09AM PDT

If you look over the posts you see the common reply is arrange for service. Maybe that AVSFORUM is next?

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Clicking bad caps
Jun 13, 2012 11:29AM PDT

Maybe it's a Samsung design feature, Vivid picture, ok sound, and capacitors that blow out!

And maybe, as their ads says, this is what they mean when they promise: The Future of Smart TV Now -- it's the next step in the evolution of TV -- TVs that wont turn on . . .

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I wish it was that.
Jun 13, 2012 11:33AM PDT

Google BAD CAPS to find millions of dead PCs (2 million Dells alone) and now the plague has hit all the makers of HDTVs.

I know everyone hates what happened but you gotta wonder how this came to be and why the FTC hasn't done a thing.