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Are you guys at Samsung able to tell me if the packaging of the LCD TV's has changed recently?

Every Samsung LCD that I have ever purchased (or exchanged) has been packaged int the box with all of the protective styrofoam + the nylon or styrofoam bag, with the plastic bag over that.

That has always been consistent. Great protective packinging by the way.

My question is about the bezel, and more specifically about the informational sticker that is always in the upper left hand corner of the bezel. The sticker that easily peels off and displays the features of the tv, such as HDMI, 1080P, etc.

In any of the tv's I have had, they have all been packaged this way.

However, a family memeber just purchased a LN46A650 from one of the Circuit City liquidation stores here in Phoenix. When I went to help unpack it and set it up, all of the styrofoam, and double bag protection were in place, but on all facing sides of the bezel there was that protective cling plastic that I have previously only seen on the base.

I forgot to mention that, that there has always been that protective cling plastic on the base on any tv I have purchased.

Anyway, this 46" 6 series had this plastic cling on all the way around the front of the bezel around the screen, not on the screen, just the front of the bezel.

There was also no informational sticker on the upper left hand corner.

And on this tv, the plastic cling was missing from the left side of the bezel, and there were fingerprints and two 1" scratches on the bezel.

I got Circuit City to agree to exchange it, since it's an all sales are final type of deal, and I inspected the tv that they brought out to exchange it for.

This tv had the plastic cling on all 4 edges of the bezel, and appeared to be new, but again, it lacked the informational sticer on the upper left hand corner.

So, my longwinded question is, has Samsung changed the way they package their LCD's? Do they no longer have that informational sticker on the bezel? And do they now put that protective film on all facings of the bezel?

I have read in some other forums that others with this particular model and size have received it in the same manner, and realistically, because of the design of the packaging box it is very easy to repackage that tv without having to cut open the box, just by taking out the plastic flanges on each side of the bottom of the box and lifting the top of the box off of the tv. The straps on the box can be slid off and back on as well.

So if you guys can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.

This tv was sold as new, and I'm just trying to determine if that is the case.


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In reply to: Samsung TV Packaging


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Did you answer your own question?

In reply to: .

I was wondering if you answered your own question with that second post, or if you were bumping it back to the top.

Let me know.


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In reply to: Did you answer your own question?

I was bumping it back to the top. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Let's see where we are with this...

In reply to: Sorry

Okay, from my experience and understanding (and I've unpacked and repacked a liberal share of televisions in homes, trade shows, retail stores, etc. in my time with Samsung, as well as visiting a manufacturing plant and watching these being put together, programmed, boxed and packaged...) that there are a few ways you can tell if you have a new package.

First and foremost, the remote and batteries would be packaged in a sealed plastic bag, along with the manual. The batteries would be strung together in a shield of plastic. In even a demo model, the remote and batteries are usually the first thing to be broken into.

Second, as you mentioned, there are usually plastic tabs on the corners of the bezel, predominantly the top left and the top right. I'm not sure if this is the case with every television, but they are usually there.

Third, the screen blanket is the hardest thing to put back on in a professional manner. If you can recall, try to remember if the screen blanket was surrounding the television, or at least underneath where the foot of the teleivion would meet the styrofoam. If you pulled out the television, and it was bunched up, it might be questionable. Neatly folded, fine. Bunched? No.

Fourth, it was my understanding that most televisions ship with the silver bezel sticker. I'm not sure if that is the case, so we'll go with a "maybe" on that.

There may be another way to check if none of the above fits your needs, however, it will require a service technician to come to you.

Hope that helps.


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In reply to: Let's see where we are with this...

Well, it does help. Somewhat.

I too have done my share of repackaging, and with the exception of the batteries and the sealed bag of manuals + batteries, the rest of the repackaging of the tv can be done very well if one cares to do so.

I guess my biggest question was about that plastic info sticker on the bezel. Again, every Samsung LCD that I have purchased has had this. I have never had an LCD that had the same type of protective cling plastic that is always on the base, on the bezel - 4 pieces - One each on the top / bottom bezel + One each on the side bezels. I have always had it on the base, but never the bezel. The double bag packing system has been the only protection of the screen and the bezel (along with the styrofoam to snug the tv in the box).

You said about the plastic info sticker 'maybe'? I had 2 52" 6 series that I returned before I went to the 7 series. Both of those, and the 52" 7 series had the sticker, and no plastic on the bezels. I then exchanged the 7 series for the 8 series, which again, had the sticker on the bezel, but not the plastic cling.

I also have the 4061, which, when I purchased it, came with the sticker on the upper left, cling plastic on the base, but not the bezel.

I have helped several friends get their Samsung LCD's set up, and upon unpackaging the tv's, they too had the plastic info sticker, but no plastic on the bezel.

I just found it extremely strange that (2) of these 46" 6 series were packaged with no info sticker, and protective plastic on the bezel, and also to see other people in other forums questioning the same thing.

Is there any way to find out if the packaging process has been altered? At least for the 46" 6 series?

Thanks for listening to my babble Happy

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Bezel Sticker

In reply to: Thanks...

I'm probably not going to be able to come up with a difinitive answer from our manufacturing plant in enough time for you to take action on this issue.

I guess the only light I can shed on this issue is that the bezel stickers are (mainly) for store displays. Figuring that most of the stores that are displaying the unit have the bezel stickers, it's probably not a "production halt" issue if those run out. The fact that you're seeing this on other forums suggests to me that we may have ran a shipment without the bezel stickers.

If your concern is that you got a repackaged television set, I would definitely address it with the store and be open about your suspicions. But retailers generally don't have fit plastic cling that they could apply to the televisions, and wouldn't typically take the time to do it even if they did.

If you are concerned, perhaps there's a way to see how many hours your television has been run. That will require a service tech. If you're interested, let me see what I can do for you.


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In reply to: Bezel Sticker

Thanks for taking the time with me. I'm not concerned with timeframes, but if you can ever determine if any of the LCD's are EVER packaged and shipped without the bezel sticker, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again.

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I will ask.....

In reply to: OK

I'll be happy to send that up.

I'll let you know when I receive an answer. Happy


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I had the same experience - hope we get an answer.

In reply to: I will ask.....

Hi exsvcsinc - I've just experienced the exact same problem that you posted. I could not have written it better myself. I noticed no stickers when I got home and all four sides of the bezel were wrapped in the "sticky" clear protective plastic wrap. I was concerned because there were some scratches on the screen, not bad, but noticeable if you got up close and definite scratches on the upper left corner on the bezel where the sticker would have gone. I called up the sales person immediately and asked if this was a re-sell or re-packaged TV and he absolutely denied it was. Although I have my doubts so I hope we can get an answer to this. By the way, are those fine scratches on the screen pretty common, again, they are not noticeable unless you get right up to the screen. Certainly nothing that would impair the picture, but I would have thought they would have caught that on quality control before it shipped, unless there is some leeway on those kinds of things. Regards and thanks.

PS - I joined the Cnet forums when I saw your post. So I'm a newcomer. So hello to everyone.

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In reply to: I had the same experience - hope we get an answer.

This forum seems to be very good. The Samsung personel reply very quickly to most postings.

I hope they can find some answers for us, and others who have the same question.

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Hang with me...

In reply to: Well

I'm working to find out. Happy


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In reply to: I had the same experience - hope we get an answer.

I do have a question.. the original posters unit was an LN46A650. What model did you have?

Scratches on the panel are NOT normal. I would address that immediately with the retailer.


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Same Model # LN46A650

In reply to: Welcome!

Hi - It is the same model number; LN46A650. Also - this may be important to you, the stand was also wrapped in the clear "sticky" plastic, and in the front, on the right hand side and attached to the clear stick plastic, there was a Red sticker, about 1 inch by 1 inch, that said "AMBER L650/L610". Admittedly, the stand and the TV was very well wrapped (no bunching, etc) and this Red sticker, if it does belong there, would have been difficult to replicate so perfectly and most likely overlooked if it was a re-packaged unit unless it was done professionally. So I guess another question comes out of this, does Samsung include this Red sticker in their packaging? Hope this helps...and thanks so much for all your help and investigation. I should note there are no other stickers on the TV except for the Seriel Number sticker on the right hand side. Regards.

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That's Funny

In reply to: Same Model # LN46A650

I forgot about that, but there also was a reddish sticker on the plastic packaging around the tv (the outermost clear plastic bag).

It said the same thing "amber" w/ some numbers after it.

I just assumed it was a persons name who did the final packaging on the tv, like a quality control identity.

I am in Arizona. Where are you located?

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Red Sticker...

In reply to: Same Model # LN46A650

Ahhhhh... A red sticker with a code.

I'm about 99% sure I know what that means, and it's a good thing.

However, to maintain my 99% accuracy rating here on the board, let me add that information and get a confirmation.

(sorry for the secretiveness, but if I'm wrong, then I have to go to 99.33%, and that's my credibility pledge to the forum). Happy


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I'm in New York...

In reply to: Same Model # LN46A650

I'm on Long Island, New York. I hope that "Red" sticker with "Amber" on it is a good thing and not a "red" flag...I guess we'll know soon....Regards.

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I Hope It Is

In reply to: Same Model # LN46A650

I curious to find out about this good news regarding the red sticker w/ 'amber' on it.

I still would really like to know if the lcd tv's are EVER packaged without the plastic info bezel sticker though.

Maybe your answer regarding the sticker will answer all questions.

We await your reply Happy

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Got The Answer

In reply to: Same Model # LN46A650


Here's what we have.

One of the critical firmware updates was released after the units were manufactured and packaged. As a result, we felt it was in everyone's best interest to apply the firmware updates to every unit in the distribution facility.

So the packages were opened, plugged in, firmware applied, re-packaged with the Amber sticker noting the correct firmware was applied, and released.

So hopefully, I'll hear a collective sign of relief in this thread. Happy

As for the fellow with the scratches, I'd still address that with your retailer.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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Plastic cling wrap

In reply to: Did you answer your own question?

Hello.... this thread has been very helpful to me... but I have a question.

Do I understand then that some Samsung TV's don't come with the plastic cling wrap on the bezel?

Mine is a LN40B530 and it did not have the cling wrap. It also has tiny hairline scratches all over the bezel. You can't see them unless you really look close.

I'm just wondering.... are these two things normal?


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Your packaging should be fine.

In reply to: Samsung TV Packaging

I bought my LN52A650 exactly a week ago from SEARS and it was boxed exactly like you described. I, too, did not find the sticker on the top left corner that I saw on the in-store models.

I'm confident it was a brand new tv as all the usual telltale signs were there (unopened batteries and remotes, neat packaging, etc).

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Got the Answer...Thanks HD Tech :)

In reply to: Samsung TV Packaging

Appreciate the great investigative work and getting us an answer. That is good news and I am relieved to know that. Also good to know we have the most recent Firmware as well. Was the update for the issue posted in the support center regarding auto turn-off problem for this model number. Here it is...that was back in May 2008, so I guess that means this TV was sitting in the Store for a while.

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In reply to: Got the Answer...Thanks HD Tech :)

Thanks for your quick turnaround time regarding this issue. Your customer service efforts go a long way.

I really appreciate it Happy

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Samsung LN46A650 packaging.

In reply to: Samsung TV Packaging

I bought a Samsung LN46A650 on March 14th and it had a build date of Febuary 2009, so it was very recent. The entire TV was in two bags and the stand was fully peel-wrapped as was all four sides of the front bezel around the screen. The long Samsung sticker, showing the main features of the display, was also on the left side of the screen on the bezel portion and was perfect.

The back of the TV had no peel-wrap which I though was strange considering how well Samsung wrapped the rest of the TV.

The box itself was utterly perfect and the straps were fairly snug around the box.

I hope this helps.

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