Samsung tv apps not working due to new modem.

I was told by my cable provider that i needed a new modem because our internet speed would be increasing and the old modem would no longer work. I installed the new modem and now my apps (netflix, youtube, etc.) will not work on my Samsung UN40H5203AFXZA model tv. My network status and sertings say i am connected to the Internet. I called Samsung support and on 2 occasions was on the phone with them for 2 hours trying to fix the problem with them working on the problem themselves through the remote management problem. We tried every solution you can think of, wps codes you name it. Finally they determined it must have to do with the new modem. So i call time warner and we trouble shoot with new modem, the apps on the tv will work when hard wired straight into the new modem but will not when hard wired into the old router. All my other devices are connecting to wifi on my old router, the only issue besides the tv apps not working is my playstation 3 which is connecting to the internet thru wifi on the router but i have issues with the playstation store such as the tv apps. The support tech from time warner said that my old router needs to be configured to the new modem. My router is about 10 years old and time warner installed it when we switched from dial up to cable Internet. We never bought the modem or router and on our bill every month we have a charge for the modem but not the router. The tech gave me a technical support number for my router which is a D-link router by the way but the number is a support number that you have to pay for and you have to give them your credit card before you even ask a question. Ok now, can anyone help me? Does it sound like all i need is my router to be reconfigured and everything will be good or something else, alsi should i have to pay since i never bought the modem or router abd pay a fee for the modem monthly, i thought i did for the router too. WHAT SHOULD I DO NEXT? WHAT CAN I DO? WILL BUYING A BRAND NEW ROUTER FIX THE SITUATION? ARE THERE ANY TECHS I CAN CALL THAT KNOW ALL 3 (TV, ROUTER, MODEM) AND FIX IT FOR A PRICE SO I WILL BE DONE AND GOOD? PLEASE HELP, ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED.

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Reporting: Samsung tv apps not working due to new modem.
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Re: Help
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Help with smart tv/router/modem problem

Sorry about posting twice. This is my first time on here and was not sure if post went thru. I can't try the old router because i turned it in to time warner and as for the 8888 code on the wps that among other codes have been tried when i was on with tech support. Samsung tech support did basically everything possible with the remote control setting where they took control of my tv. I've hardwired straight to the modem and tv apps worked but hardwiring straight into the router, nothing. I have not changed a thing on the old router with the new modem. The router is 10 years old, could it be with the new modem that the old router is not compatible? Ok without the old modem since time warner has that, can i plug in any router and see if it works or do i have to do anything. The time warner tecg said the old router needs to be reconfigured.

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Re: reconfiguring

I've never configured a wireless router apart from the ssid, the password type, the password and the channel; all of those have to do with wireless and not with the WAN (the connection with the modem). If the tech didn't say what exactly needs to be reconfigured to have it not only working on your phones and laptops, but also on your playstation and TV, that might be difficult to do.

I'd first see if one of your friends or neighbours has a router you can try. I assume you know how to connect to it another router on your TV and playstation.


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Router help

I know how to hook up to the router, my neighbors are 0 cuz they are all older folks and i don't know them well. I'm contemplating buying one from best buy but making sure about their return policy first so if it doesn't work i can just return it. You think if i buy a new router that will fix the problem with everything? I'll have a new modem and a new router. Cuz it's weird that all this happened as soon as i hooked up the new modem and when i hook up the ethernet straight into the modem it works but ethernet into the router does not work.

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May have figured out issue

I spoke with a buddy and he told me that my old router and my new modem may not be compatible so i called time warner and they trouble shooted a few things and said that sounds like thr issue. So tomorrow im going to time warner tomorrow to swap out the new modem with a new modem/router combo and ditch the old router. I am glad my buddy told me that before i wasted money on called the d-link tech line to have the router reconfigured when that wouldn't have done anything. I swear, they made us upgrade cux they knew we'd have to spend more money cuz the new modem wouldn't work with old router. I know they new it. These companies are a bunch of swindlers, I'm telling you. Will post tomorrow if this works

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Let me write this.

I see a long story but missing the exact models so I can't check if the cable modem does this or that and offer a possible setup solution.

That said I don't see any swindle here. I've been kicking around that IP based networks, while fine for most things may be asking too much for "the rest of us."

Yes, I wrote router code in the 90's so I have an edge on most folk and techs but it's like you want me to fix this blindfolded. And there's a bomb attached. You bet, I make for the exits.

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