I guess some may get dazzled by the various names it's been called but to me it's all the same (UHD 4K).

As to better, there's always better but what price? For example the current high end might be the new 8K TVs. CNET covers some of that at https://www.cnet.com/how-to/should-you-be-worried-about-8k-tv/ but I suggest you plow through the CNET article since it gives you a heads up on HD, UHD and maybe beyond.

So what to buy? I can't answer. But I can write that to get 4K content you might have to change your service. You don't have to as all models I've seen accept the 1080p input and upscales it to fill in all the pixels.

That said I need to update my living room TV last year and bought a plain 1080p TV for cheap. I don't watch enough TV and for me, 1080p looks great.

Also check out https://carltonbale.com/does-4k-resolution-matter/