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Hi all.

I've recently contacted Samsung Tech Support in regard to a monitor I have: the XL2370HD.

I wanted to find out if you (I'm guessing "yes") have ever contacted Samsung Tech Support, either through telephone or e-mail, and what your experience has been like.

Whether personally or professionally, I know you can get varying opinions, depending on who you ask; some will have praise while others will have condemnation.

I suppose I should come right out and say that my experience with their tech support has not been exactly.....gratifying.

I've been building my own custom computer systems for 15 years, so, I know my way around a motherboard.....if you get my meaning.

I've had contact with Samsung Tech Support both through telephone conversations and e-mail correspondence.

I wanted to hear how any of your experiences have been with their tech support; I look forward to hearing your experiences and input.


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Reporting: Samsung Tech Support
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Why yes.

But it was all about their gear. When it comes to getting something I built to work with a Samsung display I could bet they would not be as helpful.

Why should they?

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R. Proffitt: I'm not exactly sure what to make of your response. When you say, "But it was all about their gear", do you mean they (Samsung) only care when it comes to their bragging rights on what wonderful equipment they have?

And that when it comes to troubleshooting a piece of their equipment to work with what you currently have, that all of the sudden they're not as helpful?

Is this what you meant?
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I see another member spelled it out for you.

When I talked to them it was about their products. If I expect them to help me with something I made, I know not to expect much.

Does that clarify it?

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I was about to say..

You never mentioned the problem with the moitor except in the first sentence of your post. You only mentioned your experience and the fact you know your way around a motherboard. I could trump you on the years of technical experience but that has no bearing here. However, it is my recollection that Samsung does not build motherboards and therefore the agents in tech support do not troubleshoot them. It is a liability issue. If an agent told a customer to do something to their motherboard and it was wrong and fried the board - who would you hold reaponsible?.. SAMSUNG!

You say your experience has not been gratifying. Why? Did you call and go online to speak in chat with an agent about a bonafide SAMSUNG problem? or was your experience not gratifying because you spoke to them about a product they don't support. Last I checked, Customer Care is there to solve problems and/or point you in the right direction IF they don't support the device/part.

You never mentioned what your product was, specifically, nor did you mention exactly what the problem was with the device. If your call or chat with Samsung was the same as your post, I can see why it was not gratifying - because you gave absulutely no information. You only want opinions of experiences with customer service? You should give specifics as to why you were not "gratified."

My experience with customer service at Samsung has always been satisfactory. Yes, you may get one agent that knows more than another; one may be tenured and the other may be new. Many customers are frustrated when calling Customer Service of any comapny and feel that if an agent doesn't resolve the call immediately they are stupid of don't know anything. Many customers cry, "BAD Customer Service!!!!" if the agent or agents do not say exactly what the customer wants to hear, whether right or wrong and this is impossible. An agent may only follow company policy. They don't work magic.

Next time you call any customer service or support line, put yourself in the agent's shoes and honestly think about whether your are being fair or not. Who is to say that your call may be the very first an agent ever answered?

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techno-q: Wow!! After reading your reply to my post, I feel like I just got "flamed" by you. This is my first time posting on these Cnet forums, and gosh, what a welcome!

You say I never mentioned what the problem was with my monitor: How observant of you. That wasn't the reason for my post. I wanted some feedback on what people's experience was with Samsung Tech Support.

And, by me mentioning that I "know my way around a motherboard......", that was just my way of letting those know that read this post that I am not a noob to areas of computer technology.

And you could "trump" me on years of technical experience? Gee....good for you. And then you mention that "that has no bearing here"....but of course you don't neglect to mention it. This can make you come off as sounding like a braggart.

And I think you took my motherboard comment literally; like I mentioned, I just said that to let people know that I have some idea what I'm talking about tech-wise. I didn't talk with Samsung Tech Support about motherboards; I talked with them about a monitor.

You said, quote: "You never mentioned what your product was, specifically..." Wrong; I did. Remember, it's within the first sentence or so: "I have: the XL2370HD." I did not give the exact problem I was having with the device because, like I said, that was not the reason for the post. Like I mentioned, it was to get feedback on people's experience with tech support.

So want details? Fine. It wasn't my original intent, but here you go:

[Note: I spoke with two techs on the telephone, a "Jeffrey" and "James"; what I asked of Jeffrey seemed to be beyond his knowledge, so, he moved my case up to a "level 2", and then I spoke to "James". I saved the text from the e-mail I sent, so I'll be able to just Copy/ Paste it here without having to type it all over again.]

I mainly use your monitor as my viewing device for my computer. I also have a satellite set-top box from DirecTV that I use to watch television on this monitor, too.

My receiver from DirecTV is an HD receiver, and it has an HDMI output on the back. This monitor I have from you has an HDMI input on the back.

The other day I disconnected the monitor from my computer and instead ran an HDMI cable from my HD receiver directly to your monitor. I was able to get a clear picture.....but no sound.

James told me that with this particular monitor, if you're going to use an HDMI cable from a satellite box, that in addition to it you also have to hook up audio cables, too. Usually these cables are red and white in color.

Whoever is reading this: If you know about HDMI, one of the main selling points of this cable is that it carries BOTH video and audio. How, then, does it make sense to use audio cables in addition to the HDMI cable with this particular monitor? Doesn't it defeat the purpose of an HDMI cable?

The whole point of an HDMI cable is to carry BOTH video and audio streams in ONE cable.

If James was correct in what he told me....then this is a disappointing feature that I found out about your monitor.

When I first purchased it and hooked it up to my computer, I couldn't get a "proper", clear picture.

My computer's graphics card has an HDMI output, and I ran this cable to the back of the monitor. However, the picture that showed up on-screen was blurry with no clear definition.....and this is supposed to be HD, 1080p.

I found out that an adjustment had to be made with the on-screen menu of the monitor when hooking an HDMI cable from the graphics card to the monitor: You have to select: "HDMI DVI PC".

Even though there is no DVI cable hooked to my graphics card or your monitor: I find this kind of odd.

I've had many different brand monitors through the years: Sony, ViewSonic, and Sceptre to name a few. This is my first Samsung.

With this "HDMI DVI PC" setting for hooking an HDMI cable from the computer's graphics card to the monitor....and then this audio cable hook-up in ADDITION to an HDMI cable when going from an HD receiver to the monitor.....well, I'm not too thrilled with this Samsung monitor so far.

It basically works fine, and I get a crystal-clear picture when using it with my computer. I am just not very fond of the "settings" in having to choose "HDMI DVI PC", nor am I happy with having to use audio cables in ADDITION to an HDMI cable when going directly from my HD receiver to the monitor.

And do you know what Samsung's reply was to this e-mail? Here it is:

"We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. To get the information you are looking for, we recommend you contact Samsung support at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864), they are available 24/7."

Uhhhh......I just told them in my e-mail that I had been on the telephone with their tech support department with two of their techs (Jeffrey & James), and their e-mail reply is to tell call them again??

Well, techno-q: Since from what you say you can trump me in years of tech experience, do you have any thoughts or information on what I mentioned?

Is it true about this particular Samsung monitor (XL2370HD)? When running an HDMI cable from an HD DirecTV receiver to the back of the monitor, do you have to use audio cables in addition to the HDMI cable? Even though an HDMI cable carries both video and audio streams?

And what about that setting of "HDMI DVI PC"? If I'm going to run an HDMI cable right from my HD receiver to the monitor, then how do I get rid of this setting? How do I get it to say just "HDMI" without the "DVI PC" part? Neither "Jeffrey" or "James" knew how to do this with the remote control that's supplied with the monitor.

And techno-q: if you do deign to reply to this post, do you think you could be a little more gentle this time? I feel like I got bashed over the head by you in your initial reply.

Through the years, I haven't really the need to call any kind of tech support too much; I take care of most of my own needs. As a matter of fact, many of my friends and colleagues come to me for tech help, even though I've only got a measly 15 years of experience Wink

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Gosh! The 'motherboard' got me....


Sorry if you felt like you were being bashed as it truly wasn't intentional. Yes, I did see that it was a monitor and in editing my post, I meant to take out the line that said you didn't mention the product. My bad, and I do apologize. When you mentioned 'motherboard' I thought you were complaining because Samsung wouldn't support you. I sincerely apologize for my mistake.

It's obvious you have a monitor/TV unit; basically a monitor with a TV tuner inside. You should not have to use separate audio cables because you are correct, HDMI carries both audio and video. The same should be true when you have the unit connected to a computer, however, you will need to go into your operating system and set the sound device to the HDMI device. The most recent one I have set up, the OS was Windows 7 (so it depends how you set the sound in the OS. I went to Control Panel and Sound Manager. The OS shows all the sound devices and you simply pick HDMI as the default if it is connected that way. There is also a check-box in Windows 7 that will allow you to have the computer choose the external HDMI device as the sound device every time it is connected so you don't have to go in and change it every time.

I'm not sure what you are meaning about the setting "HDMI DVI PC" unless you are speaking of the Source setting on the monitor/TV. If so, here's how it goes: if you are using HDMI, your Source setting would be HDMI. You would only use DVI setting if you were connected with a DVI cable and PC would be the source if you were connecting with a VGA cable. Neither DVI, nor VGA cables carry sound so you would THEN need the extra audio cable.

I do hope this information helps you. I see why you had a bad experience with customer service. I hope any future calls to Samsung Customer Service are positive ones.

Hope this helps.


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