Samsung SmartHub Updating daily

I've been having an issue with my Samsung Smart TV for the past few weeks, specifically with the smart hub (version 4.568-5.0) application loading, sometimes I just get the loading icon (top right) displaying for a minute or two then smarthub never loads, other times nothing at all happens when pressing the button on the remote; Restarting the TV once or twice allows me to finally start smarthub.

My first thought was maybe a bad update, but the second part of the issue is it's updating overly often, daily, for the last few weeks, and this is just as unusual; additionally the updates are taking about 10min before downloading and notifying the update install has completed.

Is this a current issue others are experiencing? I've tried reinstalling and resetting smart hub, are there any other suggestion troubleshooting options?

Tech details: (TV model code: UN55ES7500) (Smart hub ver. 4.568-5.0) (Space: 533mb/755mb) (TV Software ver.: 001057 - T-ECPAKUC-1057.0, BT - S/I/G)

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Reporting: Samsung SmartHub Updating daily
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Always call those in.

Common things they have you do is reset the TV (they'll tell you how) since firmware updates have been known to need a reset after the update. Don't ask me why they don't do this for us.

They'll also have advice about check date/time of the TV as well as possible changing of the DNS setting.

In the USA that's 1800SAMSUNG.

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Re: Smart Hub Updating

Please try going to the main smart hub screen, where all the apps are located. Press fast forward, 1, 8, 2, rewind on your Samsung remote. You should get a message come up on the screen. Select okay, and power off the television and power it back on. It may do one more update on your smart hub, after this it should stop updating daily. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope this Helps,

--HD Tech

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Button Combinations & Feature(s) Removal

Hello, HD Tech:

Exactly what are these button combinations doing to the TV? And, why has the Samsung Guide, Channel List, and Scheduling Manager features been taken away from us?


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By doing the combinations of buttons above, it's a hard reset of the smart hub. This sometimes helps with people who are having theses symptoms, and resolves it completely.

The features that have been removed off of the unit, more than likely are part of the signature services that ended.


HD Tech

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Thanks, HD Tech

Thank you, HD Tech, for your quick and informative response. By chance, is there a website that lists these hard reset codes? And, regarding the "signature services," I remember Samsung announcing that the On TV Panel and Movies Panel were being removed, but, what I am describing is the Samsung electronic program guide, the guide that appeared when I clicked on my "Guide" button, from my Samsung remote. Since this disappeared, I have also lost my channel lists and my ability to schedule my channel changes, all which I completely enjoyed. These appear to be more basic and "expected" services, from such expensive pieces of equipment and I am surprised they have been removed.

I am hoping to get more information on the removal of these features and/or on the signature services you described. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on these; again, thank you.

Finally, your participation, in these forums, is a wonderful resource for Samsung customers; thank you for being here.

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Disable updates

Is there a way to disable updates altogether? I hate it when I want to use the Smart Hub and my TV tells me it's updating so go watch TV for a while. It's my TV, I should be able to use it when I want. As for the Schedule Manager, that's still working on my TV, but the idea of losing it is horrifying. It's not a "service", it's a function of the TV. The main reason I bought the TV was to get that function. They can't just take away a function from a device after you've bought it. That would be like Ford breaking into your house and yanking the radio out of your car. Aside from taking it off the network, is there any way to disable updates?

Samsung UN32EH5300

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Agree, rperlberg!


If you go into your TV's menu system and look under Smart Hub, there is an option for automatic updates or automatic updating, specific to the Smart Hub. You should be able to switch that to OFF. Now, I will say that while I have always kept this setting OFF, I have noticed that apps will, sometimes, update themselves, even with this set to OFF. Sad

Regarding your Ford comment, I could not agree more with you. Unfortunately, Samsung has done this, by removing the Guide feature/function, by removing the Scheduling Manager feature/function, and by removing the Channel List feature/function. Personally, I am appalled by this and cannot believe it has come to this. Since you are still using the Scheduling Manager, I would assume that your source is set to either an over-the-air antenna or to a cable set-top box (STB), which, natively, has a guide. In either of these cases, the Guide, the Scheduling Manager, and the Channel List features/functions still work. Samsung removed these features/functions for customers using cable set-top boxes (STBs) that do NOT have a guide, natively. Apparently, such features/functionality was simply too much for those who paid thousands of dollars for our "Smart" televisions or it was too much for our cable service providers. I would still like to know WHY Samsung did this.

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No joy

Thank you for your response, shamorris, but could you be more specific? I've looked through the entire menu structure and I can't find the function you refer to. The closest thing is "Standby Mode Upgrade" which I already have Off, but the unit still updates when it feels like it.

As for the Scheduling Manager, I think I see what you're talking about. My use of the Scheduling Manager is limited to entering channel numbers and times manually, so it is not dependent on guide data. But I still wouldn't put it past them to just delete the app on a whim.

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No Smart hub in menu

At least on my model going to settings does not have a smarthub option (The logical place would be "System" but it's not there). The only place in the menu it shows is under Support, but even clicking that only opens the smarthub... and does nothing else. (Great "support" there)

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They removed what?

They removed the Samsung Guide, the thing that helps you with TV issues, because it's part of the signature services that ended? Sooooooooooo Samsung doesn't want their customers to be able to read how to operate their TV after they buy it? That's a good way to get repeat business. NOT!!!!!!

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Actually it was in the news. Links about it follow.
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In the News. Rovi lost a court case and
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Samsung's problem to solve for THEIR customers??

This is a very old post to reply to, but I came back to this page because the comments were so spot-on. I have a 2014 (really 2013) PN60F8500 which I love BUT I also feel like Samsung came into my car (to use your Ford analogy) and ripped out the radio, and maybe the A/C too on a hot day!

So, the fact that Rovi loses a court case is supposed to make it MY problem and not Samsung's? Meaning Samsung should have to provide some sort of compensation to their customers for the loss of features (not "services") that we paid for!! Or perhaps find some sort of replacement "services" for the ones lost?

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I wish you would have top posted this.

I like your car analogy but yes, the US Patent system is broken. Since Samsung didn't write the code or hold the patents, you see what happened.

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That didn't do anything for me.

This did not do anything for me. After following your sequence on the smarthub main screen nothing happened on my end. I attempted in different menus of the smarthub in case a step was missing, but no luck. :-/

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Smarthub reset works!

This combination works for me. Thanks so much!

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This worked for me-we'll see how long

I have been having the same constant updating problem with my Samsung TV, like so many others. I was poking around in the settings, trying to figure out how to turn the update feature off completely, since I don't use any of their garbage apps. I noticed that one setting, the date and time, was blank-don't know how that happened but it was. So I entered the current date and time and, at least for the last 2 days, the problem is gone.

BEWARE!!! these two fields, date and time, do not want to hold the data you enter, so I had to do this more than once. It might have something to do with the remote control, another outstanding Samsung piece of junk. Try this and see if it helps you. Ya got nothing to lose.

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Giving it a shot

Although this is an older post, it still happens fairly often; not as often as when I made the post, so I've been dealing, but it updates a few times a week still and randomly hangs still at startup. I had my clock set to auto, but switched it to manual tonight and set the date and time, so we'll see if that makes a difference.

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Worked for me

After experiencing the same issue as other posters, I changed "set clock, date and time" to the manual setting, then did just that. I did this several months ago and the worst seems to be over. I also manually changed it recently for daylight saving time.

Although the SmartHub (NOT smart at all!) still updates way too often, the process no longer hangs and goes on forever like before. Sure hope it works for you and anyone else willing to give it a shot.

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re: Smart Hub constantly updating - simple fix worked for me

My Samsung TV( Model UN46D6420 / software v1031.0) started doing this a few days ago, after I disconnected and reconnected a network cable, as well as unplugging it for a bit. I think it may have messed with a few settings, so I went in to the menu and checked things again, to see if anything was different.

Under the TV menu Support -> Software Upgrade -> 'Standby Mode Upgrade' was set to 'On' which I don't recall setting as 'On' in the first place.

Changing this to 'Off' removed the constant 'Connecting/Downloading/Installing' prompt cycle when using the SmartHub. I didn't have to change the time manually, though I am glad to hear that that fix works as well.

Hope that helps to fix some people's issues.

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