Samsung Smart TV - YouTube Rewind & Fast Forward functions?

why doesn't rewind and fast forward work in the YouTube app on Smart TV?

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Reporting: Samsung Smart TV - YouTube Rewind & Fast Forward functions?
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Re: Samsung Smart TV - YouTube Rewind & Fast Forward

Hi Isd9,

Those functions would have to implemented by the app maker, which would be some portion of Google. Sorry for the inconvenience.

HD Tech

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Re: Samsung Smart TV - YouTube

OK but, the YouTube app is "top rated" by Samsung but I can't work out how to give the app maker feedback - please advise

and some feedback for Samsung
I'm probably going to take the TV back to the store as not fit for purpose as the BBC iplayer app is also deficient
and I'm having other various problems with playing media files. More like Dumb TV than Smart TV.
Samsung need to take some ownership and responsibility for the quality of apps on the device including their own.

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I hear you.

The new system is more like your Windows PC today. If you get a Windows laptop and you don't like the supplied apps, then you install apps you like. But on these devices there isn't such an open system and the maker of the TV is not the author/maintainer of the apps.

This can result in a lot of confusion as buyers figure this out.

I wonder if this was such a good idea?

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Samsung has a responsibility

I agree.

However, there is only one youtube app available (not like the many on android market for mobiles devices etc). I assume that the youtube app vendor went through some sort of approval process to get its app up there on the TV and that Samsung are the sole approver of apps on the Smart TV.

Who would approve an app that plays media that does not at least support play, stop, pause, ff and rew?

I would contend that only an organisation that is contemptuous of its customers would do that. I may be wrong but the silence is deafening.


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Here's a picture.

I'll tip my hat that I go to developer conferences and more. Here's the setup from app writer to you.

As you can imagine, while Samsung does act as gatekeeper they can't mandate much. And since Adobe has pretty much declared the end of Flash as we know it, I would not count on any new features.

-> I will take a bit of ire or heat if I wrote what I thought about the current Smart TVs. But in short, not something to get excited about. I've seen many versions and they all fall a little short of consumer expectations.

What's doubly sad is the developers seemed genuinely excited about what they do and I don't have the heart to tell them it's nothing I'd buy.

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Sony can do it


But YouTube on Sony (Blu Ray with internet) is much better, the Sony YouTube "app" has all the functions one would expect - so its not impossible to write a good youtube application for a device be that for a telly or a mobile irrespective of Adobe.

Having been involved in the mobile industry I'm not sure I can agree with the statement that they "can't mandate much" particularly when its the only youtube app available on the device. They surely can mandate a basic level of functionality. I'm sure Apple would tear it down off itunes in heart beat - that is if it ever got approved in the first place.


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Say "me too."

I'm an author and maintain mobile apps. In my world the users set what my apps must do. In this system I've tried to lift the cover a bit so you can see how this maker deals with it and how there is a canyon or gap from users to the authors.

As to your statement about it can be done, we can't really tell if it can. For example some TVs have so little memory that you only get so much before you can't add anything.

TVs are not "PCs" or even close to today's smart phones but they are getting more CPU horsepower with newer models sporting dual core CPUs and more RAM to let the developers do more.

Dare we open the discussion to what other issue I see? That is, you rarely see the apps updated after the product ships. The reason why is in plain sight.

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Back to the beginning

Again, a very interesting perspective

If Samsung ship a "thing" that says it supports "youtube" and it doesn't support play, stop, pause, rewind, fastforward then I don't really care who wrote it, why it doesn't work, who's job it is or isn't. I think you know where I'm going with this...

and don't get me started on iplayer or media file support.

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I'll cross the line a little here.

If the product has a defect like this, then play your consumer card. Return it.

Don't accept any "return fee" or charge because you are going with "it's defective."

We know it's software but as it stands all the makers are not actively updating apps for a very simple issue. I didn't write it because it's a well known issue/problem/ouchthathurts.

Put simply, once the set is sold there is no recurring revenue to pay for the programming staff to go back and fix this or that. So you are stuck with what they issued in most cases.

This is just another reason why Smart TV is worth nothing to me. It's a closed system where even as a developer and even if I go to the trouble of joining up at you find they really are looking for the next angry birds.

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in assensu

As we are in violent agreement I will end this thread and take it up with samsung


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