Samsung Smart TV Unresponsive to Remote While in App

Wednesday (three days ago) I purchased my very first smart TV and so far I have found that it is not very smart at all. The reviews I had read seemed positive so I thought I was making a wise purchase. LOL!

I have a Samsung LED Smart TV Series 5300 (I believe) and whenever I am within an app - so far I have only used YouTube and Netflix - the TV is VERY unresponsive to the remote control. While I am watching "regular" TV (satellite) the remote and TV work fantastically. Everything is very smooth and the TV responds to the remote - volume, change channel, etc. - very promptly. When I load an app, Netflix or YouTube, the TV is still very responsive within the app until I start playing a show or video. As soon as a video is playing the TV is almost completely unresponsive.

When I first set the TV up the TV did not respond whatsoever to the remote while watching a show, movie, or video within the apps. The longer I have had the TV the more responsive it has become but it is still very clunky and difficult to use. Sometimes I have to hold the volume button down for 10+ seconds before the volume starts to change. Once it does, it jumps around. Often I have to mash the Pause or Play button multiple times in order for it to react, and once it does it overreacts and pauses and plays the show, movie, or video repetitively. Fast forwarding or rewinding is almost impossible as it is so clunky and unresponsive. I have had episodes of freezing while trying to get the TV to listen to a command while in both apps. I think it has frozen three times so far and I have had to shut the TV down completely. (once I had to just unplug it.

The only time the TV is even slightly unresponsive outside of the apps are when I am in the guide. It is pretty slow and unresponsive as well. Also, now that I think of it, the Smart Hub library (where it shows you your apps and you can download more) is pretty slow and unresponsive to the remote as well.

Let me clarify, load time of movies, shows, videos, or new content is not slow; the time between pressing a button on the remote and the TV reacting is what is so slow.

I have talked to Samsung both over live chat and over the phone. I even had a remote access session with them. They had me reset the TV, reset the remote, reset the Smart Hub, and had me put new batteries in the remote. None of which helped. The TV is supposedly up-to-date as well. Samsung said, "Give it time. The TV and the remote need to get acquainted with one another." That makes no sense to me. I will admit, however, the longer I have had the TV the better it is getting.. oddly enough..

I only have 14 days to return the TV though so I need to know if this is common and fixable or if it will never be as quick and responsive as it should be. I paid enough money for it.. it should be much better quality.

Last bit of info - I have found very few threads on the internet talking about this exact same issue and I have read what I have found extensively. So far there hasn't been a definite fix. It seems back in 2013 there was an update that helped some people but I would assume my TV is far beyond that update.

Sorry for such a lengthy post, I just want to get to the bottom of this!


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Reporting: Samsung Smart TV Unresponsive to Remote While in App
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Clarification Request
Full Model Number

The full model number of the TV is UN40H5203AF. I should have added that in the original post. Sorry!

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Just to be sure.

Head back to the store and test drive their display model.

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Thanks for such a quick reply!

I have two concerns - I am not sure the display model is connected to the Internet. Also, the nearest store that sells these TVs in my area is Best Buy and it is about an hour away from my home. It's not easy to just drop by. Any other ideas or should I drive out there?

Thanks again!

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OK, how about YouTube video reviews?
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It seemed there were only a small handful of people with any sluggishness issues in the reviews on that site. I had read them before buying the TV as well. The majority of the people like the TV.

Does that mean a handful of the TVs are not designed well or is there something we are missing? Samsung has not been any help in figuring this out. The TV has phenemal picture and sound so I would hate to return it for something that isn't as nice, if this sluggishness is fixable.

Thanks again for the quick response!

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Here's the ugly bit.

Most folk don't use the Smart TV it turns out. It's much lower than you and I suspect so the TV part is fine but the Smart TV area is a work in progress. But here's the ugly part. Unlike a PC where we can tinker this is all locked down. If the maker delivers it this way we usually only can avoid the model or send it back.

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New Samsung TV

FYI - I just received a new Samsung 32 inch smart TV on Friday. I used the remote without any problems for 2 days. This morning (3rd day) some buttons didn't work and if they did the TV responded very slowly.

Being a retired programmer, I just turned off the TV and turned it on again (nothing works better than a hard boot) and now its fine. Seems that the TV was in some weird state.

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remote lag

I've had a UA48H6400 for over a year. After an update started experiencing a slow response on the remote. Contacted local samsung support. They have no clue. Replaced main board twice but every time the TV updates itself the problem reoccurs. Bluetooth module replaced as well. Basically new tv components put in but they still think it's a hardware issue. Am trying to demand a refund since still up l under warranty. Pity. Really liked the TV. Use it mainly for smart hub and watching movies off hard drive or you tubing stuff. Most frustrating.

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Don't feel like the Lone Ranger...

I purchased my Samsung Smart TV back in February of this year (2015) from Best Buy. I love the TV, and since I have a PLEX server, I thought using the Samsung created app for PLEX would be just dandy....boy was I freaking wrong. TV ran fine with the PLEX app from Feb. to August, then something started happening: the TV would become suddenly unresponsive to the remote, meaning I could press a button on the remote, see the red light flash on the lower right corner of the screen, but no response. Once this occurred, I called Samsung. After much waiting on the phone (2 hours), I was able to go through every step they had to try and resolve it; you know the usual stuff....remote batteries....factory hub reset...etc. Nothing worked. Finally Samsung agreed to send someone out to do repairs. The gentleman showed up and replaced the remote receiver module and motherboard in the TV (all covered by Samsung I might add) and magically the TV was working great again!!! No issues with PLEX loading movies, remote works fast, you name it.....until now. Now it's December and it has struck again, same damn issue. After calling Samsung back, they mentioned that on the 3rd repair within 1 year of manufacturer date, they would happily replace the TV with another model to avoid any further issues. Now I have to wait for another tech to come out and throw the same crappy parts back at my TV they did before.....only sad part, hopefully it will break that 3rd time before the 1 year warranty runs out in February 2016....or I guess I could "help it along" so that I can ensure I get something better.... Devil

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