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Samsung Smart TV unable to connect to internet (suddenly)

Feb 23, 2015 10:45PM PST

I have a Samsung smart TV (40 inch) unsure of the model number as i am at work. It has a wired connection to my BT Infinity router, up until this morning it was working fine when accessing the smart hub, Netflix etc. This morning when accessing smart hub the TV said that it could not connect to the internet, I ran a test, TV said cable to router fine, but no internet. WIFI on all other devices is working ok. I have reset the router, disconnected tv from the mains, swapped the ASDL filter for a new one and changed all cabling (wall-router/router-tv). The TV is still giving me the same error message. I'm unsure of the next step, any help would be appreciated.

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Did you call Samsung?
Feb 24, 2015 12:02AM PST

Because of how they designed their software, if Samsung services are on the blink or down this can happen. I've yet to find Samsung putting up a status page so we're left with calling their support lines.

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No, so maybe just Samsung
Feb 24, 2015 1:09AM PST

I didn't have time to call them this morning but based on what you have said, it may well be Samsung end that is on the blink.

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Same problem on 2 Samsung Smart TVs
Feb 24, 2015 3:51AM PST

We have 2 Smart TVs, both connected via wired connections to the router. The router is working fine and is providing internet access to a variety of devices.

Today, started getting the same message, as others have, on both TVs, that the connection to the router is fine, but not beyond that. What's really annoying is that this problem also stops us accessing our myth app, and programmes stored on our Myth PC on our own network, as well as not giving us access via the internet to Netflix etc.

We've had this problem a few times before, and it's always been the Samsung servers,which they eventually do something about and the Service comes back up, but it's pretty poor that this problem occurs regularly.

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Same problem (but in Mexico)
Feb 24, 2015 9:06AM PST

I have 3 Samsung Smart TV's.
Two UN46D7050 TV's and one UN48H5500 TV.
The problem started this morning (24/02/2015).
One of the Two UN46D7050 TV's is in my dining room and didn't want to connect with my internet (wired).
I also have two Blu-Ray players connected in my dinning room. Also wired and those devices where working as normal. Then I tried to connect my TV wireless, and still not working.
From this moment I thought my TV was broken, because my Blu-Ray players where working fine.
Them I was checking my other UN46D7050 TV in the TV room. This one is wireless connected, but also the same issue... Can't connect to the internet. Also no problem with the Blu-Ray player here.
I both this two UN46D7050 TV's about 3 years ago on the same day, and now they died on the same day?
Then I checked my UN48H5500 TV on the bedroom and no problem with the connection on the internet.

I never had problems with the connection to the internet before, and now 2 of my 3 TV's wont work anymore.
Looking all over the internet to try to find out what is the issue I came to this forum, and it is a relieve to find out that I am not the only one.

Hope that Samsung will solve this problem soon...

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Connected to wireless but not to internet
Apr 5, 2016 9:51AM PDT

I had this same problem.On the remote go to
Scroll down to support
Click on software update
After it updates, you may have to wait for Smart Hub to update also.
This worked for me.
Good Luck

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can't update without internet connection
May 14, 2016 10:16AM PDT

You can't run an update unless connected to the internet, which is the problem to begin with. So frustrating!!!!

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Time to check with Samsung.
May 14, 2016 10:22AM PDT

Many Samsungs use some USB stick for updates. DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT SAMSUNG'S GUIDANCE.

What you wrote is false here and I've lost count of updates I did with USB sticks and with wired connections.

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DNS Server error
Sep 27, 2015 8:10AM PDT

Probably you already fixed the issue but this may help other ppl with the same issue. Go to Menu-network- network settings, tv will show that is connected to the router but not the internet, select IP settings and only change the DNS Server numbers from auto to manual and change the numbers to or
That usually does the trick, good luck.

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Thank you!!!
Oct 4, 2015 12:03PM PDT

Changed the DNS and works fine. Saved me from having to call tech support.

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Thank you
Oct 27, 2015 7:37PM PDT

It Worked! Thank you so much Grin

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not for me
Oct 27, 2015 8:51PM PDT

the DNS changing trick didn't work for us; tried multiple permutations of it, no luck. Dang.

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Thank you (Muito obrigado)
Nov 8, 2015 5:52AM PST

Change the DNS works fine on my TV. (parece um pouco estúpido, mas a verdade é que alterei o DNS para e a ligação ao wifi ficou a funcionar perfeitamente.)

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It Worked :))))))
Nov 11, 2015 10:48AM PST

@Nando314 ......OMG!! I used the 8888 and This WORKED!! I Have NEVER EVER Used a site to Fix a TV Problem! because I Barely know how to work a TV Remote Control Let alone a Cable Remote Control! Thank God for this HELP!! Yay!! It Worked! Grandkids can NOW watch Netflix!!! Yes!


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Infinitely grateful. Thank you so much!!!!
Nov 21, 2015 1:36PM PST

Infinitely grateful. Thank you so much!!!! It completely fixed the problem. Thanks for taking the time to post this info.

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it worked like a charm :)
Dec 5, 2015 10:32AM PST

thank you so much for providing this information....way better than spending too much time of hold to talk to a person to help with this issue

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Thank you, success!!
Dec 19, 2015 11:11PM PST

[/I had tried everything I could think of but without success. I had thought everything had become disconnected following a new router but it was only when I chnged the DNS server numbers to 8888, that my tv reconnected. Yoday, I am going to try to reconnect my wireless hifi, which also refuses to stay connected & that is a Philips Streamium from 2006.i]

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Dec 22, 2015 4:47PM PST

Thanks for posting Samsung DNS numbers, worked for me.

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DNS Server error
Jan 5, 2016 10:45AM PST

We have paid two tech companies come out and try to fix the internet error on our Samsung "smart" TV. Many thanks to Nando314 and the DNS server number trick, because Netflix and the internet works again.

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Internet don't work
Jan 11, 2016 8:54PM PST

I tried it through wireless and direct internet but don't work, what should I do?

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Make the call to Samsung
Jan 22, 2016 8:32AM PST

If all internet connections fail, call it in. Sometimes it's a bad board, outdated firmware or "other."

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Very helpful
Feb 9, 2016 6:25PM PST
worked like charm.
I don't understand this, but will do more research.

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Nandi314 is a Genius and a fine human for sharing.
Feb 26, 2016 1:26PM PST

Thank you for walking me thru this process. 8888 fixed the problem. Before you, I contacted: Internet provider - Cable provider - was told to contact Samsung and I did. Samsung sold me a Lan adapter $50. Didn't fix it. Do I need it? Stress and Big pain for 10 months. Now I'm watching "Better Call Saul" Seriously eliminating cable-going for Apple TV with a Roku. I'm done Wasting money-time-effort. Thanks for this forum and CNET.

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Watching Netfix.
Feb 26, 2016 1:28PM PST

Compliments to Nando314

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Advice provided by their support line
Mar 5, 2016 11:10PM PST

I actually called their support line and eventually we got to the 8888 into the DNS - manual and it worked - thanks

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Worked like a charm!
Apr 2, 2016 12:46PM PDT

Changed DNS to worked for me. THANKS a lot

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Worked like a charm!
Apr 2, 2016 12:55PM PDT

Changed DNS to worked for me. THANKS a lot

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Clarification Request
(NT) Stickied for the meantime till the Ambassador reports in.
Feb 24, 2015 5:10AM PST
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Clarification Request
Jan 21, 2016 11:55PM PST


I have 55inch 6400 Samsung TV
I use google to watch online movies.
Unfortunately I cannot adjust the scrolling bar of the movie screen, to skip or to start from a place I want.

Kindly advice.

Thank you


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Re: google
Jan 22, 2016 12:56AM PST

What service of Google do you use: Google Maps or Google Earth or Google Translate or still another?
And what app in your TV do you use to access that google service?

Generally, a good solution is to use your PC or laptop or some Android box, wirelessly connected to the TV using Chromecast, so the TV is just used as a dumb monitor in stead of a not so smart TV.


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Clarification Request
(NT) I am having the same problem but I have a wireless router
Mar 19, 2016 7:49PM PDT