Samsung Smart TV not getting EPG data from cable provider

I have a relatively new (5 mo. old) model UN60H7150AFXZA 60" TV. Until about a week ago, EPG data from Charter, my cable provider, populated some very nice guide screens on the TV that could be selected using my universal remote. Now, it's not available on the TV, and my universal remote's STB channel list says "The current channel list is empty." Samsung tech support says there is nothing wrong with the TV (based on several chat hours with them, restoring factory defaults and setting up the TV again, ensuring that the firmware is current, etc.). Charter says that nothing has changed in my service. I have noticed that when I configure the TV for Charter's STB, I am no longer asked for different Charter services in my area, or to enter a STB make and model number. Previously, I was. I have swapped STB's, and have had Charter send reset signals to them. I don't have another TV to swap for the Samsung to see if it can get the EPG data. Does this seem like a service provider problem, a TV issue, or perhaps both? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Reporting: Samsung Smart TV not getting EPG data from cable provider
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Update on MISSING Samsung Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)

Hello, lomafan:

I am happy to have found this Samsung-oriented forum. Please, allow me to share my scenario with you and other Samsung “Smart TV” owners, too. Like you, I recently purchased a Samsung “Smart TV,” a Samsung UN55HU8550. I purchased it on 4/2/2015 and I absolutely love it!!! I subscribe to the most basic cable service, from Comcast. From the first evening of setting up the television and from my many months of research, I knew this television was going to provide me with the beautiful guide (EPG) that your post described. In addition, the Samsung On TV panel, allowed me to schedule the changing of channels, ahead of time, providing me with another smart benefit of the investment I had made, into this Samsung television. I was able to see and edit a channel list and, more usefully, the awesome, yet simple, Samsung guide. The guide, the channel list, and the scheduling of channel changes were all wonderful smart TV features of this wonderful television; these features and others confirmed that my research and patience paid off, along with my investment, in this wonderful HDTV. Then, I began to smell a rat.

In May, Samsung pushed out an announcement, via this television, that they were discontinuing the “On TV Panel” and that they apologized for any inconvenience; the scheduled date was June 1, 2015. From my research, the On TV panel goes back to, at least, 2011 or 2012 Samsung TVs; it is one of five Samsung Smart Hub panels and, in my opinion, the most useful of the five. In reading that Samsung was discontinuing this panel, I was concerned that it may affect our guide; however, since Samsung never mentioned that our guide would be affected, I didn’t worry too much. But, around the 2nd or 3rd of June, when I pressed the Guide button on my Samsung remote, that morning, nothing happened. Research demonstrated that my channels were still on the television, within the Channel List feature; however, I noticed that the On TV Panel icon had been removed, when I pressed the Smart Hub button, on the Samsung remote. So, I started thinking this was related to the discontinuation of the On TV Panel. Hoping that Samsung would not take away such a wonderful feature, without fully alerting their customers, I thought that the decommissioning of the On TV Panel had messed up my channel listing and decided to reset my newly-installed Samsung “Smart TV.” Well, after doing that, not only was the On TV Panel still missing, as promised by Samsung, but, my guide was still not showing up and, now, after the reset, my channels were no longer showing up, via the Channel List, either!!! Needless to say, after spending thousands of dollars on this television, I have been extremely upset and disappointed in this “Smart TV,” which, in my opinion, Samsung just dumbed down, by a lot.

A few days later, I contacted Samsung support and detailed what I had discovered and asked why I no longer have these wonderful features (full guide, programming scheduling of channel changes, and a Channel List). As multiple customer service representatives have said to me, this IS related to the decommissioning of the On TV Panel, which Samsung did near June 1, 2015. Plus, another announcement has been pushed by Samsung that a second panel (Movies and TV…panel) will be decommissioned on July 1, 2015!!! So, while I do not care, as much, about this second panel, the five panels that I counted on Samsung providing me, via my new Samsung Smart TV, for great features, and which have been around since 2011 or earlier, Samsung has now decided to remove two of the five, including the much-loved On TV panel!!! Again, this On TV Panel, as the Samsung customer service representative confirmed, is interconnected with our Samsung guide and the decommissioning is why you, I, and other Samsung Smart TV owners are no longer able to view our cable- and satellite-based electronic program guides. And, it is why we can no longer schedule program channel changes (reminders) and/or have a Channel List. Personally, I feel incredibly taken by this change, when Samsung did not provide an alternative for us, after their customers have invested hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars into their Samsung “Smart TVs.”

Further, I am trying to communicate this to ALL Samsung “Smart TV” owners, so that they, too, can communicate their frustration to Samsung, in hopes that what we have paid for, will be returned. I will also add that while I have contacted Samsung twice, regarding this issue, on only one occasion, the Samsung customer service representative said that Samsung has planned “exciting new features,” including a guide; however, there is NO TIMELINE on the implementation of these “exciting new features.” And, I believe that to take away such features that Samsung customers have learned to rely on, for years, without a replacement ready to go, is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Plus, after this experience, I have a difficult time believing that such “exciting new features” will make their way to my newly-purchased Samsung “Smart TV.” In other words, I feel a “shakedown” happening, unfortunately. Therefore, I would appreciate it, as one Samsung customer to another, if you would do your part (And, I ask others to do the same.), to please, communicate to Samsung your dissatisfaction with this decommissioning of Samsung Smart Hub features and alert other Samsung customers of this happening and encourage them to communicate their feelings to Samsung, as well, whatever those feelings may be.

Additionally, while Samsung stated they understood my feelings, they suggested that I use my cable provider’s guide, in the meantime. But, if you are like me, I much preferred the Samsung-based guide; plus, my cable provider does not offer a guide, either. And, after investing in my Samsung “Smart TV,” I do not believe that expecting a guide and all other features that I had researched and expected from the leader in “Smart TVs” is too much to expect. If, as Samsung customers, we cannot expect to have the features we paid for, what more should we NOT expect from Samsung? Next month, should I expect Samsung to take away my “Smart TV’s” ability to reproduce color images?

As one would expect, I am very, very disheartened and dissatisfied with this, my first experience owning a Samsung “Smart TV” and I would appreciate hearing other owners’ experiences, as well. I hope my post helps to bring others up-to-speed, as to what is happening with their Samsung “Smart TV.” Again, I would also appreciate others communicating their own feelings about this and/or other issues they may be experiencing, to Samsung; it’s the least we can do, after investing our money into their products. Finally, please, communicate your experiences with the rest of us, here, on this forum, so that, we may help educate other Samsung customers as to what is happening. Good luck to everyone and thank you!

P.S. Based on your thread title, I want to clarify that the electronic program guide (EPG) information does not, actually, come from the cable provider; it comes from free information sources, via the Internet. What specific program information you get is based on the information you provide, when you set up your Samsung television and your Samsung universal remote, etc., such as your zip code, your cable/satellite provider, etc. For more information, review my other response, to this thread.

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Additional Response...

Please, append this to my original thread response:

Until Samsung decides to do what is right, by its customers, if you would like such EPG-based information, go to this website, to see such information:

Zap2It TV Listings

Keep in mind, this URL will direct you to a classic version of this website, but, the information is still up-to-date, based on the USA’s Eastern time zone. Again, it would be GREAT if all Samsung customers could still have access to this information, simply by pressing the Guide Button, on our Samsung remote.

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Samsung and EPG no longer available.

Thanks so much, shamorris. Samsung's tech support has told me, among other things, that (1) the EPG data comes from my provider, and (2) that it could not be displayed by my Samsung "Smart" TV unless my TV was connected to my STB with a coax cable, that it wouldn't work if I was using an HDMI cable. Neither is true, of course.  Charter, my cable provider, told me that the EPG data must  have been coming over the internet. My TV is under warranty, and I'm thinking about returning it to the retailer, Best Buy, on the basis that it doesn't perform as advertised. Maybe we should all do this? I like the picture quality, but I'm beginning to believe that Samsung is not a brand to be trusted.

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Additional Update

Hello, again, lomafan:

Thanks for your response. Yes, it is very disconcerting, to have such responses and lies from Samsung. I am curious, did Samsung question how you were getting the Samsung-based guide, via an HDMI cable, since you were, in fact, getting the Samsung guide before? I love how such organizations simply ignore the truth, the facts, etc. Plus, this morning, I noticed that my UN55HU8550 was still on Samsung software version 1101, yet, there was an update, version 1111. As I always do, I had the automatic software update feature disabled, as I prefer to update my devices, when it best suits my needs. However, this morning, despite the fact that my television’s automatic software update setting was and has always been turned off, the “Smart TV” updated, itself, to version 1111. Now, my Smart Hub interface has changed from the Samsung 2014 Smart Hub version to the 2015 Samsung Smart Hub version, which deprecates the panels more and highlights colorful tiles, instead. So, since Samsung pushed this out, despite the fact that I had configured my “Smart TV” NOT to automatically update, itself, if the updating had crashed my television or worse “bricked it,” I’m sure Samsung understands that this would be covered BY THEM and NOT ME!!! I like updates and appreciate them; however, anything can happen, which is why Samsung should honor the configuration settings of its users. And, Samsung should honor the wishes of its users and bring back the Samsung-based EPG, Channel List configuration, and scheduled channel changing capability, as was, originally, available on my television, when I purchased it, only two-and-a-half months ago!!!

By the way, in researching this issue, I found a Samsung Troubleshooting Guide article that indicates back in May of 2013, the Samsung EPG guide was not, originally, able to work with cable/satellite adapters/boxes, etc. Samsung’s article mentioned that this feature would be forthcoming; and, of course, it did arrive, as we have been using it, up until a couple of weeks ago. Before someone removes this article, here is the URL to prove this point:

Samsung Troubleshooting Guide

Samsung knows this Samsung-based EPG was doable, via an HDMI cable; my guess is that big cable operators do NOT like this feature, as it goes against their profit motive of selling such features to their customers, at an additional cost. Unfortunately, it seems as if Samsung cares more about the cable operators than its own customers. I would be extremely happy if Samsung were to prove this theory incorrect. They would be hard-pressed to do this, as the fact that in the USA and Canada, those Samsung customers are also unable to record their own television programs, via the Samsung-based guide, unlike the rest of planet Earth. While I will admit this may be due to laws passed by the United States and Canadian governments, on behalf of the big cable companies, disallowing the ability of Samsung customers to have their Samsung-based EPG (along with the other previously-mentioned features), when they had already been accustomed to using them, given the amount of money we have invested in these Samsung “Smart TVs,” is simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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The EPG always worked with my digital adapter from my cable company till this update.
Consumers need to stand up to Samsung.

Customer service at Samsung is just horrible. Mostly they have just phone operators who know nothing.

Does anyone have a good contact number for high level tech support to call Samsung regarding this problem?

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Time to Contact Some Federal Agencies, Regarding Samsung


Regarding a high-level tech support...I wish that I did have a contact in this area; unfortunately, Samsung does not even have forums, which customers can communicate with each other, regarding issues. Thankfully, we have this forum. However, it is not the same as being able to communicate with the company, something that should be possible, given how much money we have invested in our Samsung products.

At this point, my suggestion would be for all of us to go to and post reviews, describing our experiences with Samsung dumbing down our "Smart TVs," one feature at a time. We should also encourage others to do the same. Moreover, we should look into contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), regarding our experiences with Samsung. We may also want to look at contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB), regarding Samsung. It is ridiculous that we invest so much money into these products, only to have features, important features, taken away, on a whim. And, for customers not to have a way of communicating with the company, that is unacceptable. It is almost as if we purchased a new car, then, the automobile company or the car lot contacted us and said they were coming to our home, to take away our axles! And perhaps, someday, in place of axles, we may receive a shiny new seat belt!!! Of course, there is no timeline on this, either! Oh well, thanks for paying us thousands for the privilege of ripping you off.

Finally, here is the website for the Bureau of Consumer Protection, at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

Now, that we have this information, pass it around, as much as possible, and let's make certain that Samsung knows we do not appreciate them dumbing down our "Smart TVs." Let's make sure these organizations know about it, too. I cannot promise anything will happen, but, we can make certain that we express our outrage, regarding these terrible business practices.


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I was hoping you can share with us if you felt the Samsung rep knew what they where talking about regarding your statement below...........

customer service representative said that Samsung has planned “exciting new features,” including a guide; however, there is NO TIMELINE on the implementation

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Unfortunately, No Concrete Information from Samsung Rep

Unfortunately, edmundmeyer, my feeling is IF the rep knew anything, it was to get me off the phone, as soon as possible, by telling me any generic thing, to "make me happy." Given the amount of people who have been affected by these dumbing down practices, I would expect a more specific response, from Customer Service. Since that was not the case, a few weeks ago and, given the fact that we do not have 1) our EPG, 2) our scheduling abilities, and 3) our Channel Lists anymore, right now, we need to get more people communicating about these terrible practices. And, we need to communicate to Samsung and to outside agencies, like the ones I listed above, if we are to have ANY possibility of regaining these smart features.

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Not so Smart TV

I have just purchased a Samsung not so smart TV here in the UK. One of the selling points was the Smart Hub and the ability to record to USB and record Sporting Highlights all of which is still advertised as being part of the 'On TV ' Panel which now no longer exists. I emailed Customer service and was advised to refer to page 114 of the TVs PDF Guide, they provided me with a link to this page which explained how to access these facilities from the 'On TV' Panel. Not very helpful. yes the picture is good but the features taken away make me consider returning this set. I am waiting for a second response before I decide the fate of this not so smart TV

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We Want Our Features Back!

Hello, smithmp3:

Thanks for responding to this post. Yes, these televisions have wonderful pictures; I love the picture. I simply cannot get over the notion that we now live in a world, where people pay such money for products, only to have features of those products taken away, after the sale. As for the ability to record those programs that we have already paid for, customers in the USA and Canada have NEVER been able to record anything, via the guide. These features are also listed in our manual, with the note that such features are NOT available in the USA and Canada. This was bad enough; however, now as more features are removed, at Samsung's whim, it certainly makes these "Smart" TVs much less economically sound, as a financial investment. Soon Samsung customers will be lucky if we do not end up with very expensive televisions, without audio capabilities, but, with a lot of crappy applications. Given their record, Samsung may try and market this as the “new Smart TV.”

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Legal complaints from the cable companies is the only explanation provided by the Samsung CSR I called. I agree it is not right to retroactively and arbitrarily remove features after selling people a product boasting such features. AND we, the lowly customers, were never consulted or informed. Im not happy.

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EPG Data

The same thing happened just a few years ago, when the TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS) data was abruptly shut down, effecting many brands of TV's, including Toshiba and Sony, causing their EPG feature to go permanently blank.

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Samsung Smart TV EPG Data Issues

What you are describing would be correct at best. I have a Samsung 46" television that I purchased in April 2015 to use strictly for over the air broadcasting with nothing hooked up to it but my roof antenna. All of the programming features and EPG worked perfect until I decided to scan and run my television again in early July. Suddenly the EPG began working with delays and the screen stalls. Also channels that begin with 30.0 can no longer be removed from the set so you are forced to scroll through them. I spent several hours with Samsung Customer Service which is the most frustrating experience. Each time a different operator would question what I was trying to do and of course each one claimed it to be a different problem. Then I was told I needed to hook my set up to the internet and their remote service would fix the problem. Of course that took another two days to get this scheduled for service. Once the tech was logged into my set, he insisted there needed to be a firmware update and did that. Behold, now the problem was even worse so he then did a master reset of the set and claimed there was a glitch in the firmware and did not know what else to do. Two more days of Samsung Customer Service calls and I was finally able to get them out to my house to repair the set. The tech replaced the main board in the set, but alas, he said they have been having this problem and there is no fix.
Back to Samsung again, two more days of pleading and yelling and they still insist the problem is with the FCC and how television signals are being sent over the air. When I questioned but the set scans and locks the channels into it why cant I remove the unwanted channels, they just fall back on their first excuse, its the FCC causing the issue and there is nothing wrong with the set. They refuse to admit there is a firmware issue and to refund my money.
The best thing is to file a Small Claims Lawsuit in order to get your money back on the set. Do it this way and they can not have their high paid attorneys defend them. Once enough people do this maybe they will figure out that consumers are tired of being ripped off.

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ATTN: ndft

Hello, ndft:

Thanks for your response. I have been quite surprised at the number of issues people have with Samsung "Smart TVs." Your issue is a little different, in that you are only using OTA (over-the-air) connections. Do you know what firmware/software version you are currently running? And, are you, currently, using the latest version? If you don't mind, I have a suggestion, if you choose to follow it:

Watch for the next firmware update. Whenever you are ready to update the firmware, shut down your TV and pull the power from it and all connected devices. Leave everything like this for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, power your TV back on and RESET the entire TV; this will cause you to have to go through the initial setup configurations. Depending on your model, this will NOT reset any network/Internet configurations/settings! You will not have to reconfigure everything, at this point, but, you want to be able to connect to the Internet. Once you can connect to the Internet, check for a firmware update and update the firmware. After the update has completed, your TV should reboot/restart. After it does this, turn it back off and pull the power on the TV and all connected devices, once again, for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, plug the TV back in the electrical outlet and turn it back on. Now, reset the entire TV, once again; this time, after the reset, go through the initial configuration and modify your settings, to your desire. Hopefully, this will resolve your issues and get you on a stable firmware version.

I hope this helps, ndft; we Samsung victims...customers need to stick together. Happy

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Samsung EPG Menu

Thank you for this information. I will have to try it later this week to see if it will work. Since I only use the set for OTA, it is quite a chore to run an internet cable in order to hook up the set in order to check for updates. Since they just installed a new main board with the last update; I am not sure how long it might take for them to issue another one.
I have found that I am unable to remove the following channels from the channel lineup.
30.5, 31.1-31.8 which confirms there is a firmware issue. When in the program menu and upon attempting to check on any of these channels, the screen will flash; the program menu disappears and you begin watching the next channel in the lineup. While Samsung will not admit to the problem, I had two different technicians say that is what is causing these issues. I suppose the only hope is a firmware update fixes these and other EPG problems and Samsung can quietly make this disappear.

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Just so you know. ROVI pulled the plug.

It's in the news about ROVI (that's the stock symbol too)

They pulled the plug on Sony and Samung so that leaves a big gaping hole. May take a while to see when or if Sony and Samsung fills it back in.

Some folk don't know who killed it. Thought you might want to know.

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Any change?

Hi ndft and others,
Thanks for all the great info.
I bought a UN556203 in April 2015.
It seems to be running s/w 1127 dated 11/5/2015.

We DO get an EPG which I don't believe is connected to my FIOS stb. I powered off the stb and the tv's EPG still filled in.

I do notice the channels in the 30's are NOT working - haven't tried removing them.

Wondering why I'm lucky enough to have an EPG - did Samsung finally respond to all the legitimate complaints? Or does the Mohu leaf OTA antenna have something to do with it?

Thanks again for all the info!

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It's not black and white.

There was a big outcry when Rovi lost the court case and Sony, Samsung and possibly others removed features they had outsourced.

Maybe there's a lesson here?

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Thanks, R. for the reply.
So does that mean everyone has their EPG back? I mean Samsung users...

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I never found a document that answered

Which lost the Rovi apps. It was pretty heated in the Sony and Samsung forums around that time but my view is that is the breaks when you outsource a feature like that. YouTube, the app is same boat. Google zags and these smart TVs may lose YouTube. There are long discussions about it but the battles continue over EPGs.

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That's a shame!

Thanks again R. for the reply.

Seems like cord cutting can be rough. I have a Roku, so I'm not too worried about a YouTube app on a smart tv. But I would hope that the EPG for OTA tv is here to stay. It would be a shame to have to check an iPhone or something to know what's on OTA. Thanks again!

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EPG AOK In Canada

I would like to clear up some confusion, but keep this short.

Firstly, the "panel" style Smart Hub layout, did not start until late 2013 with the F-Series. I know this because I have a 2012 E-Series. The EPG was not available in Canada, in 2012, but there was a channel guide, which provided about 12 hours of data. This was collected by the TV through the antenna; OTA, as I do not have cable. I have since upgraded my 2012 TV to the 2014 H-Series, with the addition of the SEK-2000 Evolution Kit.

I now have the EPG, and the service works, by providing me with about how 12 hours of programming for my OTA channels.

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