Samsung Smart TV and recording problem

Oct 28, 2016 3:02AM PDT

Please can I ask for some advice.
I have Samsung Smart TV model UE32K5500AKXXU and have the Seagate Expansion 1TB external hard drive connected to it to record programmes. I've had these about 4 months with no probs. But in the past week I've had problems recording after midnight.
Over the past few days I've scheduled it to record a variety of progs - some in HD, individual and series, on different channels - all have started after midnight and all have not recorded.
However, on Tues I set 4 progs to record, one started just before midnight, the rest after and on that evening, it recorded all 4.
I have no probs in recording during the day, whether the TV is on or in standby.
There's loads of space on the hard drive as there's only about 20 hours worth of recording.
The clock on the TV is set automatically to U.K. time.
I don't understand why it's happening and so would be grateful for any advice.
Thanks very much.

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Reporting: Samsung Smart TV and recording problem
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For software bugs.
Oct 28, 2016 9:59AM PDT

Always call them in. Otherwise they don't get logged and looked at.

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Good advise
Oct 29, 2016 4:14AM PDT

Thanks very much for this.
I've done that. I've emailed and spoken with Samsung. They were a bit stumped too and said they'd call me back. They haven't done yet.
I've also emailed Seagate. I think it maybe a problem with the hard drive as I was doing more experimental recordings yesterday. If the TV was on standby at the time to record, the light on the hard drive would come on (as if it was receiving the message to switch on from the TV) but it didn't flash as it does when recording. However, if I then switched the TV on, the hard drive would then start recording from that moment. So I think the fact that the problem seemed to be after midnight was just a red herring.
And the problem seems to be extending as last night, although the TV was on and scheduled to record a prog, the hardrive didn't start recording until 10 mins in.
I'll see what they all say on Monday but I think I've narrowed the problem down a bit.

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Seagate USB external drive
Aug 19, 2017 6:53AM PDT

I can confirm the Seagate external drive was not related to original post, nor was it a result of drive going to sleep, nor was it 'not using One Connect USB socket' labeled "high output". nor was it TV station broadcasting company updating epg database.

See my other post on original post, before which I exhaustively tested several external drives, including USB connection on back of TV and USB sockets, on One Connect Box, incluidng reformating drive, assigning drive letters, unassigning drive letter, assigning drive name, etc. After all this time wasted, I set about trying user menu settings each night until issue disappeared,

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Similar problem
Dec 24, 2016 2:01AM PST

Did you ever find a fix to this? I've encountered a similar problem with a 49" KU6400 Samsung TV.

It's happened once so far: scheduled a film to record, left TV in standby: time arrived and HDD light came on (WD elements USB powered drive plugged directly into the 5V 1A port on TV). Did take a while (10 mins?) before HDD light started flashing (read/write). When I turned the TV on an hour later, the programme said it was recording but the recording time clock reset to zero. When TV was next turned on, the same happened. I checked the resulting recording at the end and it seemed to have only started recording from the last time the TV was switched on. I'm pretty sure it was recording before this, but seemed to have erased everything it had recorded and started again each time TV was turned on.

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Samsung Smart TV and recording problem
Dec 24, 2016 2:48AM PST

Not entirely. In my case it then developed into a further problem in that when I tried to schedule a recording, I got the response that it was 'unable to record'. I can't remember what the exact words were but it implied that I'd asked it record too many progs. But this wasn't the case because I'd only got five scheduled recordings.
Although the emails I received from Samsung were extensive, the staff really tried, nothing was fixing the recording problems. In the end, I reset everything. This had a number of positive results. It fixed the 'unable to record' problem. Interestingly, although my software had been up to date, my TV did not have BBC iPlayer or My 5 but when I reset, they suddenly appeared.
With regard to the problem of it not recording when in standby, there is no difference. Sometimes it will record, sometimes it won't. I was wasting so many hours of my live writing emails to Samsung that I stopped doing it. I've rectified the problem in a way that suits me. If I really want to record a prog when I'm not in or in bed, I set the timer for the TV to come on and go off during the period of the prog so I know it will then record it. I know it's a faff but life's too short to be battling with tellies!!
I hope you get it sorted. Merry Christmas!

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Samsung SUHD TV fails to record programs whilst I am asleep.
Aug 19, 2017 6:42AM PDT

I solved the Samsung after-midnight recording failures on my K8000.
Samsung were told of this several years ago based on their issue of EPG being updated out of sync with recording schedule file happening after TV is turned off at night. After changing Samsung default settings and testing over seveal days, I found the following to solve the issue fully. The required settings are:-
MENU: Broadcasting:Auto Tune > OFF
MENU: Broadcasting: Wakeup Timer > 2:00 (mine was set 2:00 am)
These were the key settings, but my other settings could be relevant too:-

MENU:Broadcasting: Channel Lock > OFF
MENU:System: Sleep Timer > OFF
Menu:System:Eco Solution > ON
Menu:System:Eco Solution :Energy Saviing > OFF
Menu:System:Eco Solution > Auto Power OFF > 8 hrs
Menu:System:Expert Settings: Autorun Smart Hub > ON
Menu:System:Expert Settings: Autorun Last App > OFF

I also discovered software auto update was configured wrongly and was not working. I changed s/w update source location from USB to network, and this enabled s/w auto update to function. This setting is in MENU:Support.

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Are you reporting that Samsung support
Aug 19, 2017 7:34AM PDT

Wasn't able to go over their product settings?

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Samsung TV Recording Reservations
Nov 2, 2017 1:51AM PDT

Hello All,
I did have the same problem described by some of you here regarding unable to pre-schedule TVrecordings.
I was able to fix my problem by clearing the free to air channel list and re scanning the channels.
Hope this works for you also.


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(NT) Samsung TV recordings error
Jun 20, 2018 11:38PM PDT

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