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I purchase a Samsung 42" DLP TV about 2 years ago. Within the first 7 months of ownership we found out the light engine was defective. Samsung covered the cost due to the TV being under a year old. Nearly 7 months after the light engine was replaced the DLP lamp took a dive. The replacement cost with labor costs $350 for the lamp. Samsung did not cover this repair. Now about 6 months after these repairs I am having loud popping/buzzing noises come from my speakers regardless of the TV being on/off or volume muted. I have had all 3 of these major issues within a 2 year timeframe. I contacted Samsung for assistance with the problem. The Customer Service department escalated the problem to the Executive Customer Relations department. For questions as simple as how to use your remote the Customer Service department can help. But when you have problems with your product & need help you are transferred to the ECR department with hold times averaging between 30 - 45 minutes. The ECR department will pretend as though they are trying to help you with issues after numerous requests for additional information they tell you they cannot resolve your problem. The Samsung TV issues forum on CNET contains over 3,000 posts about problems with all Samsung models after about 2 years of ownership. The forums also outline the horrible customer service the company has when experiencing a problem with their product. Please consider buying a different brand for your own sake. Samsung needs to recall all their TV models for repair them then STOP making TVs. They will not keep getting away with ripping comsumers off. Please spread the word. Thanks.

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If you didn't want to pay an extra price for out of warranty repairs, the best move would be to purchase an extended warranty. The company is responsible for the in-warranty issues you experienced while in-warranty - and you were taken care of for the duration of your warranty. Your complaints are based on out-of-warranty repair issues.

If this forum outlines the "horrible customer service" we offer, then that's fine. Your opinion is as valid as the next, but I'm helping people where I can. I think most people here see that, and if not, that's okay too.


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"OUT-OF-WARRANTY" is a ridiculious response to the issues Samsung is having with their products when the TVs are lasting 2 years or less. A well made HDTV set should at least last 5 years before any major issues especially when you pay over a $1,000 per set. The hold times are long because of all the issues with the company TVs. You would figure the company would try to resolve the problems with their models so they could provide better service to their customers not ignore them. Nice try!! Samsung is trying to make more money off Samsung HDTVs but forcing the consumer to purchase a warranty to enjoy their TVs for at least 2 years. The entire company is horrible. I have started a the dispute coalition against Samsung for the reason list above. I have over 1,000 people forwarding information TV issues across America because Samsung has yet taken advantage of another customer. Thanks Samsung!!

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Defective LCD TV

Thanks. I wish I joined this forum a month ago, it would have saved me from wasting 748pounds on defective Samsung products.

I bought my Samsung LE40B551A6W LCD TV and a Blu-ray disc player on July 1, 2009. I set up the TV for use only this stopped working last night! It worked for only 5 days Happy It won't power on.

Unfortunately I live in Nigeria and bought the TV while on vacation in the UK. I've now been told the warranty does not extend to Nigeria although I made it quite clear to the salesperson at Currys that I live in Nigeria and intend to ship the LCD TV there. Its unbelieveable that I have to pay to repair a brand new TV!

Pls add my name to the list of dissatisfied Samsung customers!

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It's not ridiculous. A one year warranty covering parts and labor is a warranty that covers the unit for one year - parts and labor. If you wanted 5 years as you noted, then there are ways to attain 5 years worth of warranty. Otherwise, expenses incurred to repair outside of the warranty are out of pocket. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything.

I might as well include some of the facts for those who are following.

1. The gentleman from Nigeria didn't get denied assistance because he wasn't in the U.S. - in fact, the U.S. has nothing to do with this. He purchased it in London and tried to get it repaired in Nigeria.;posts#3087617

We don't cross-warranty televisions from different regions because there are differences within regions for technological reasons. For instance, power supplies, wattage, internal parts, tuner and broadcasting issues (50Hz vs. 60Hz, NTSC vs. PAL, etc) and the resulting processing technologies that vary for these formats are different. As well, there are rules that pertain to content being allowed in some countries (and not others) for legal or cultural reasons - among others - are reasons why units purchased in one region can't be serviced in a different region. Based on the response posted above, they likely determined that the parts aren't compatible and the parts in one region aren't a perfect match in another.

The retailer gave the customer bad information. Had we been asked, as we have been before, I'd have been able to provide accurate information regarding this.

Like this post earlier this week:;search-results#3086043

Yet, the inaccurate discription of the actual issue was posted in no less than 15 threads so far:;profileBot#3088953;profileBot#3088920;profileBot#3088892;profileBot#3088897;profileBot#3088950
And at least 10 others.

2. As for the person who is just days outside of the warranty, they've requested my assistance and I've already reached out to assist several people who are just past the warranty. There are several who have asked, and I help when asked. In contrast, you complained about a consumable part (DLP lamp) and a different issue that appeared 8 months out of warranty. It didn't seem like you were requesting assistance in your post.

Likewise, on a car, tires are considered consumables and aren't covered under warranty, and no dealership I know of will replace a transmission or even a water pump 8 months out of warranty. Even on a $35,000. car. So any extention on a warranty would be a gift, and not an expectation. And if not granted, is an out of pocket expense.

3. We might have extended hold times because we offer phone support for the life of the product - another perk that many companies don't offer for free. Try getting technical support for your router after a year, or an operating system. Those can cost $20.00 "per incidence" and upward with no guaranteed result. We offer it for free, and toll free for every product we've sold in the past 10 years and longer. Our support is also based in the U.S.

4. I'm proud of the company I work for, and the dedicated people I work alongside of, and the state of the art products we manufacture. If you want to announce that we need to recall everything and stop making TVs (your original post), I can't help with that. I take a lot of pride in resolving issues and helping people.

If you want assistance or a review of your case, just ask and provide a service ticket number. I can't guarantee that it will result in a repair, but I can assure that it gets reviewed and considered. Most people ask, but in this case, I'll even extend the offer.


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To dlware. Posts deleted.

Yesterday, July 25th, you posted 18 different times, to 18 different threads/discussions about your problems with your Samsung TV.

I have deleted them all.

I will not interfere with your discussion with the Samsung Techs in this discussion as long as it does not contravene Forum Policy for inappropriate language, harassment or flaming, spamming, or any other content that may cause posts to be deleted.

But spamming other discussions in this forum with details of your problems is not acceptable, and I will remove such posts if you continue in the future. Please also note the following, which is clearly stated in Forum Policy;

"CNET reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to any part of these forums. If you violate any of the rules stated in this document or any other terms of use documents, the offending messages will be removed. Any member who violates our policies and refuses to comply with the policies of these forums will be banned. For more information, please read CNET's Terms of Use".

I understand that you have a problem with your Samsung product and with the service you have received. But continuous harassment in these forums will be dealt with. If you cannot find a satisfactory solution to your problem in this forum I would suggest you seek guidance elsewhere about what further action you can take. I cannot suggest what action or where to seek guidance as I do not know your location, but here in the UK we have various organisations, the Department for Trade & Industry, the Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Groups, and of course, legal advice. May be you have similar options in your location.

I am sorry I have had to resort to this action and this post.


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Another ridiculious statement.

What do a car have to do with a TV? If you want to talk about the car warranty. These warranties now come with up to 10 years/ 100,000 miles because the companies want their customer to be COMPLETELY satisfied. My statements are very accurate. These are the known facts about my problem & the problems Samsung is having with their defective HDTVs listed all over the internet & this forum including class action lawsuits. I should NOT have to pay more money for a warranty to enjoy my Samsung TV for at least 2 years with no problems. I will abide by the policy of this forum by not posting the duplicate messages in others discussions. I do understanding the policy of this forum. I do have the right to freedom of speech and/or my opinion in Amercia. So I will reply to additional discussions based on their specific post. If a company is taken advantage of many customers this needs to be known. Cnet is a great place to visit for information. I will get help on my issue at the cost of Samsung losing many customers. Image these possibilities. Thanks again Samsung.

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FREE Technical Support

The tehnicial support is free because of the many issues with Samsung HDTVs. Try to charge for technical support with this issues & the company will go under as fast!! This is still ridiculious to post on behalf of a company. Hold times are NOT suppose to be 30 - 45 minutes with a company when you need help. The other companies charge because their products are not defective. They do not have long hold times & their customer support is there to offer a solution to each individual situation that will satisfy the customer. Not tell them we cannot help you at all. At least the company can send special offer coupons or something for the inconvenience. Stay proud of this defective company. It will not get another re dime from me & ALL the people I will tell about Samsung. By the way, my entire home theater system WAS Samsung. Now hello Sony......nice to meet you.

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Warranty issues

It does not matter what a company warranty says when a brand new Samsung HDTV is dead in just 5 days. This is what you call an exception to COMPANY MADE POLICIES. This guy should not have to pay for a repair when a BRAND NEW Samsung HDTV call it quits in 5 days. Samsung policies are to rip the customer off to obtain a profit. The another gentlemen was JUST 1 day out of his warranty do to Samsung not calling him back until the next day & Samsung denied to cover his repair. These are not the actions of a company that cares more about their customers than profit. You can try to defend the company but the facts are facts. Samsung sales defective HDTVs at the price of the consumer. I will make a T-shirt with this on it & stand in all the local electronic stores. Times are too hard for people to spend all this money for Samsung HDTV sets for them to quit on them in under 2 years with some many more problems to come even after the TV is repaired(Samsung HDTV defects on all models are well documented throughout this forum & the internet). Samsung HD Tech, man I'm not directing this at you. This is between me & Samsung.

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Ticket #

Samsung HD Tech here's a chance to prove that my statements are inaccurate. Ticket #3000513778. The company has contacted the service place where a Samsung rep told the service place "the repair is economically immpossible to fix". I was willing to pay for the repair myself but was told this by Samsung. I have contacted Samsung over 7 times in the last 2 months for just simple assistance with this issue. The response was "we cannot help you. The TV is old & out of warranty"( My Tv is just over 2 years old. Old?). The actual words to my wife on actually held on the phone for an hour for help.

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Do Samsung really care?

Still no resolution. Samsung don't care about the customer but do care about profits. Samsung HD man, I didn't read the forum rules about posting. That's okay. I will continue to spreaded the word about Samsung defective HDTVs by other means until Samsung correct their problems with their product. Hope the meetings all last week were about how to correct Samsung defective HDTVs.

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Samsung ignoring the problems about their defective products

I have continued to be ignored on thess MAJOR issues. I will continue to fight for all consumers who have bought one of the many Samsung HDTV products. Samsung will not get away with this on my watch. I will contact every media outlet,consumer agency, & law office(in my area) in America until Samsung fix their serious issues with HDTVs. I have made free "Samsung makes defective HDTVs" T-shirts for consumers who have a defective HDTV from Samsung. I will ship to residence for free. Serving over a 100 consumers so far. Thanks.

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Samsung company

I will continue to inform the public about the defective Samsung HDTVs. I have a worldwide audience now via text, email, myspace, twitter, facebook, etc. involve in spreading my experience plus others with Samsung from this site & varies of others. This will not go away(Samsung rip customers off then wish problems just go away)until Samsung fix their problems with my TV & others who has experienced the problems with their HDTVs. Samsung is losing a lot more money than if they just repaired the issues with their TVs. Marketshare will decrease by year's end. Mark the words.

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Sorry dlware, but tracking your thread I see that you are now posting simply to continue to show your dissatisfaction and annoyance with Samsung.

This is serving no purpose in this discussion, and you now need to consider what other action you want to take outside of the forums. I am locking this discussion.


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