Samsung s50fh-yb03 Power loos

We have Samsung s50fh-yb03 and Early today i was watching the news TV went dead outa no where, Reconnected to different Power outlet and it remain the same , 20 minute latter TV back to life , Now its dead again . I checked Power board Supply and all capacitors checked OK along with the fuses , I noticed by disconnecting and connecting the Ribbon cable that ties the Video /HDMI input to the power board , The TV gets power restored, However TV loose its power after 10-12 minute .I tried disconnecting the Speaker , Side touch key with NO luck All help is greatly appreciated ,

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Reporting: Samsung s50fh-yb03 Power loos
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As you are inside the TV
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Power board Test Pass but TV still powering it self

According to the link you provided power supply and the Ymain should be ok and NOT SHORTED.

Read more:

What is happening is that after i power the TV and let it run for about 12-18 minute it power it self down similar to like loosing complete power in the house or if some one unplugged the cored . It might take up to 30 minute for it to come back on it's own , Some times it doesn't so i i noticed by unplugging the ribbon of the Main board ( the one contain the cable feed, Hdmi ) as a desperate measure it gets power cycled .


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What's next would be in the service manual.

As a TV tech I don't have to remind you that without it, you are throwing darts in no specific direction. Also, I don't have this models SM. Service manuals aren't free so you may have to find or buy one.

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Power condition Update and Service Manual Source

After testing the power supply and Ymain , Xmain .Technically the Power shut it self off and go on standby and i can see the Red LED glowing up front . I can power it back up and run it only for 15 minute then it goes back down ( I do not have the Coax or HDMI connected to it ) i am simply testing the functionality of the component .

As far as the Manual goes , I would like to find out where or what is source to obtain this manual .


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In the USA that would be For other countries you'll have to ask Sam.

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Bought the Service repair manual which is not much of a Help
Confused So i have the manual and the best part about it was how to enter hidden service mode ..Yah ,It also walked me into disconnecting few cables to isolate the Power supply .
SO i done the following :
- Disconnect all cables from the SMPS, operate the SMPS alone ( Not possibile without the Main Board connected to it ) and check if the SMPS works properly and if
each voltage output is correct.
- If the symptom continues even when SMPS is operating alone, replace the SMPS.
- If the symptom is not observed when operating the SMPS alone, find any defective assemblies by connecting the cables one by one. <----- So this leaves only 2 Boards the Power supply ( SMPS ) or the main board . Trouble shooting the main board instruction does not exist in that repair manual .

Any tips
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No maker today

No maker today troubleshoots boards. Yes you may find some voltage test points but the current boards are way beyond what techs can test and the industry didn't implement BIT (built in test) due to, well, you know that consumers will not pay for it so it has to go.

To figure this out it looks like you swap the last board.

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